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  1. DQ better get Koetter and his weak game plans in check early if he wants to go all the way this year. Falcons were struggling to score TDs once they hit the opponents 30 yard line and settle for FGs. Just like when Koetter was here before under Smitty. This is my main concern with this team--KOETTER!!!
  2. The current offensive players are designed for YAC (quick slants and other plays to get the ball in the receiver's hands quickly). Not dummy old, stale, archaic offensive play calling Koetter. He does just the opposite of a WCO play caller and not what the Falcons need.
  3. Even when Koetter was with the Falcons before, he was terrible at making adjustments during the game. Once his 15 scripted plays were over the team's offense was done. Back to being predictable, struggling to score in the red zone (too many field goals) and Ryan's interceptions go up because Koetter struggles to scheme guys open (curl routes that allow the DBs to stick like glue to the WR).
  4. Oluokon is a replica of Stephen Nicholas on the field...tackles okay but struggles in coverage. Ironically he wears the same number Nicholas did.
  5. Glad I'm not the only one to notice he doesn't use his hands or attacks it in the air consistently.
  6. I'd say you're pretty spot on with your observation/assessment. The coaches seemed to have finally made an honest assessment of some and let them go. There are a few more that can leave IMO as well. Guess you can't get rid of them all in one season.
  7. DQ is a motivator. Still hasn't grown that much in game management and sticking to a scheme. He experimented defensively and got away from the zone running and west coast style offense (best suited to the current players). He needs to stick to his vision of aggressive offense and defense; and hold coaches and players accountable when they don't live up to his standards.
  8. Tell me one DE taken in the 7th who's dominated?
  9. So many GMs, so little experience on an actual NFL team. How about just wait and see what the guy does on the field. It's a trade for a 7th round pick. Could we find a DE in the 7th with his potential?
  10. They actually gave a 7th round for him per 92.9
  11. He has speed and the potential to get at least two to three sacks per year. Everyone can't be a double digit sack artist
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