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  1. I have no idea who. But apparently they were happy with his play, since they gave him a new contract. It's water under the bridge now. I hope they have a better plan for his replacement--instead of settling for the status quo.
  2. Find a CB that would have fit Quinn's defense better. Because it wasn't--and still not--Trufant. Nothing big or physical about him. AND he is avoiding tackling now it seems. Must have an injury clause in his contract.
  3. True. It seems the most likely thing they'd do, but none of us are privy to Quinn's actual plans for the defense. Off season speculation.
  4. Your starters at CB are set: Trufant, Oliver at Kazee at Nickel. Any other CBs will be depth--or if they're really good could compete to start.
  5. It's not that black and white. A lot of it has to do with the player's availability (where another team drafts first) and the team's needs (if the available player isn't a need, e.g., Gurley vs. already having Freeman). I do get what Tarkenton is talking about though. We go to some of these schools that haven't won anything (Montana, San Diego State and San Jose State, etc.) over Georgia.
  6. Because he knows firsthand how many bogus flags and no calls he's experienced in New Orleans.
  7. Find some physical, nasty offensive guards to give Matt a pocket to step up in please!!!
  8. Love this guy's speed, physicality and attitude. He'd be a nice pickup.
  9. Yeah I see the refs started the B.S. then to help them.
  10. No it wasn't. Alford intercepted Brady in the 2nd quarter. The refs started the 3rd/4th quarter comeback with constant flags on the secondary to help them get back in the game.
  11. That's 99% of the games down in the Tidy Bowl. Especially their Katrina gifted season. It was ridiculous the amount of non-calls against the Aints.
  12. It's also how they (the refs) helped the Patriots get back in the game.
  13. The Taints are full of ****!