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  1. It would be much simpler if they just switched instead of fighting around a pick/rub. That's how N.O. and Minnesota scored on us.
  2. We're listening to what fans say? A fan? C'mon Man! You may as well listen to a Parrot.
  3. That's lazy analysis. Easier for them to say we run what Seattle does, so the same results should happen. See how well that worked for the Rams up against the same defensive scheme...NOT!
  4. I doubt it. For one, the Eagles don't have the smaller, shifty WRs that New England does. Our DBs struggled to keep up with the short, quick catch routes that started late third quarter of the game. By that time, our guys had played too much man. BUT, I'm sure Quinn/Manuel has an answer for it just in case they try.
  5. Exactly! Loss of the Superbowl left a bad taste in these guy's mouths and they want vindication
  6. They need motivation to keep themselves psyched up
  7. I agree. I like it when we're the underdog and no one is talking about us. Eagles getting all up in their feelings because of Vegas.
  8. I don't care which one we play, as long as we're back in the NFCCG for the chance to get back in the Superbowl. Quinn will have this team ready.
  9. Quinn: 'Zero chance' Sarkisian leaves Falcons for Seahawks The Seahawks have fired offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, and already there has been talk about Steve Sarkisian reuniting with Pete Caroll in 2018. According to Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, we can put that to rest now. On Wednesday, Quinn was asked if he had heard the reports about Sarkisian going to work for Carroll after just one season in Atlanta. Quinn, who like Sarkisian used to work for Carroll, says there is “zero chance of that” happening. While the Falcons had some serious growing pains after losing Kyle Shanahan, they find themselves in the divisional round of the playoffs after pulling off an upset over the Rams on Saturday. Sarkisian has plenty of tools to work with in Atlanta, so there’s no reason to think he would run off to a team like the Seahawks, who could very well be entering a rebuilding phase.
  10. Another one of Quinn's buddies.
  11. We need to maintain some type of continuity on this offense. Sark caused much growing pains this season, but most of it due to player and fan expectation to continue what Shanahan had started (unrealistic). Oh well, we shall see what happens.
  12. Norv is a Superbowl winning OC and has a track record of improving QBs.
  13. AND seems to be mixing a variety of other defensive schemes to keep offenses guessing.
  14. Morelli needs TO GO yesterday!!! He's either a crooked Vegas conspirator or has gone senile.
  15. No feelings hurt. I have no skin in the game other than a fan--you're reading something that's not there.