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  1. They're still in preseason mode. That was game seven last night--but things look to be getting better. A little concerned with Ryan still forcing the ball in coverage. Gotta eat crow and say Trufant actually looked good last night and the work on catching the ball paid off.
  2. I just wish the NFL would cancel their NFL Sunday Ticket contract. I hate AT&T since the took over DirecTV that's why I cancelled my account and stream t he games.
  3. Personally, I don't think we have the roster (except a few) to play as physical as the teams you've mentioned. It all starts with the HC. He says he wants a fast and physical defense, but has he really drafted/signed players that are inherently that way? DQ inherited a team that was no where near the size and physicality of Seattle (which Quinn didn't select or build). If DQ can't see we still have players on this defense that isn't fast or physical then he's delusional. I say set the standard and if players don't meet your standard then replace them (when the salary cap allows you to do so). Make sure you replace them with better players.
  4. That's Koetter! It's not going to be his fault. The player didn't execute the play correctly.
  5. Exactly! But this team loses to teams they should beat at home as well. Oh well...enough venting. It just drives me nuts to see the same repeated mistakes that this HC keeps saying they'll fix. Plus this team has a tendency of starting the season slow and tending to get better as the season goes on. Just want to see them come out the gates hot for once.
  6. You're correct. It was a tight game and I'm just tired of being on the losing end to teams we are more than capable of beating.
  7. TBH I could care less about what other teams do. It's troubling to see the same mistakes repeated. It seems to take this team weeks into the season before they get their act together. We've been correcting these mistakes for a while now, but they seem to keep rearing its ugly head.
  8. I don't care if they lost by one point. Fact is, did they win the game or not? No shoulda, woulda, coulda. Quinn chose Sark didn't he? He's the HC and can have input on plays being called can't he? I said he made them look like "world beaters" because they couldn't win when they had multiple opportunities. No excuses for this team.
  9. The same outside zone and tosses that our defense goes against everyday in practice? This is what baffles me. We got some weak *** players on this defense.
  10. Forgot about this game. All that sticks in my mind is the last couple of times we've played them and made them look like all world beaters.
  11. It looked nothing like the offense we've been running. Koetter is taking us back to Smitty ball.
  12. A Quinn coached team won't be the Eagles--just like they couldn't beat the Vikings in four tries. At least as the Falcons HC he can't. Pitiful.
  13. I wondered where he was. Both coaches (OC & DC) did some really dumb stuff yesterday.
  14. Let me guess...the players didn't execute!? Attacking, physical style? Man please. I've been saying it for a while now...if you (DQ) think you have the guys on this defense to be physical, you're delusional. Grady, Debo, Neal and sometimes Kazee may be the only ones. The rest run away from hitting or get ran over.
  15. That's because the Vikings barely threw the ball. They were content running it down the Falcons throats. When something works, keep doing it until the opponent proves they can stop it. This team too light in the *** and has always struggled stopping the run. I'm beginning to tire of Quinn and his B.S.