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  1. We need players who can not only play tight coverage, but can also make plays on the ball.
  2. Love his hitting and ball hawking ability
  3. Like I've said...you don't get rid of a former MVP, franchise QB for an unproven rookie QB. Why do you think everyone is trying to trade for one? They don't come along that often.
  4. Why in the world would the Falcons trade Matt Ryan (a veteran, former MVP, franchise QB) for a rookie who has zero experience against NFL defenses? Does this seem like something Fontenot and Smith would do??? If they draft a QB, it will be as a future replacement to Ryan.
  5. Should be good for the Rams if Stafford can stay healthy.
  6. Just about every team has a passing game coordinator these days. Shanny had one when he was here.
  7. Some of the players do play hesitant like they are scared. That's a problem the new coaches will have to deal with.
  8. I know there are times when a defense has to run the zone scheme, but why do our guys seem to be unaware of a guy who sits down right in front of them AND doesn't attack the opponent while the ball is in the air? It bugs me when they'll watch the player catch the ball and then try and tackle them? They should always have an attacking mindset.
  9. Man I love this guy's yards after contact, catches like a receiver, and overall patience running the ball.
  10. From what my sources tell me, Smith chose Fontenot and then Fontenot chose Smith. They hugged each other and became one. Now they're one Falcon leading us to the big 🏆. And everyone lived happily ever after.
  11. Oh I see, you authored this thread. I guess that makes it ok.
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