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  1. We need to start by not letting the guy have so many free releases off the line.
  2. Execution in this game versus the last game is the difference in winning and losing. The plays were there in the Eagles game and the team simply didn't execute (stay on blocks, deliver accurate passes, etc.) when needed. When you go back and watch the coaches film you see it was a multitude of things that caused us to lose. This is my understanding of what happened. Even though Matt did mention execution.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, on each deep throw Carolina had a man on Julio as well as a single high safety over top. I don't know what the Falcons was seeing on film so much, as they seem to just be chucking it up and hope Julio comes up with it. Again, when your QB's deep throws are off why are you calling these?
  4. It's about keeping drives going in my mind. Take your time, walk them down the field and get points. If Matt had been on throwing the deep balls then I'm for the deep shots. But like I said, Matt isn't on this year throwing the ball deep. Until Matt can show he has his timing and deep throws down then I'm just not going as deep with the throws. A mid-range crossing route might have been better.
  5. Yep. That about sums him up.
  6. Our defensive lines aren't violent enough with their hands. Play after play Carolina's OL continued to hold our players and the refs just let them play. New Orleans' OL is notorious for holding as well. Just as the offense gets going our defense is a big question.
  7. My only issue with the offensive playcalling is when you're moving the ball and it's 3rd and 1, why not call a play to pick-up the first down and continue the drive? Take a deep shot earlier in the downs. We need to be patient, keep moving the ball, and score.
  8. Duke is slow to react and takes bad tackling angles--still. He's watching the QB too much.
  9. The invisible man
  10. Exactly! He's not throwing the ball...he's chunking it like you said.
  11. Yeah BUT...where are the other pass rushers? AWOL
  12. Matt needs to take some of the air out of those deep passes. They need to practice that deep ball more.
  13. Made me have a Smitty ball flashback.
  14. Sark makes enough calls to consistently get the team in the red zone. The problem is once we get in the red zone Matt seems to tighten up. He's not going through his progressions, releasing the ball on-time (holding longer than need to), and making accurate throws (under or over thrown). This began last season and is continuing into this season. This is something that has to get worked out with Matt (find the open man), Sark (quicker tempo plays perhaps) and Knapp (fundamentals)
  15. This is the problem with Matt...he gets easily rattled. When pressure is on he cracks. He wasn't always this way. Issue is between his ears I believe. Better go see a sports psychologist.