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  1. Id trade Ryan for a blade of grass nice avatar kid only reason I chimed in.
  2. Based on the talent level on defence and the oline Im thinking your suggestion is futile but hey maybe a hug will make them feel better after they get burnt or run over won't help the scoreboard though. Press post once next time.
  3. Might be a curse how else do you explain getting to the Superbowl and having the other teams female fans holding up signs asking your safety if he has $40. The Taints also won a superbowl despite having the dome supposedly built on a cemetery. So theres hope I guess if its that. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/saints-shake-curse-superdome-built-top-abandoned-cemetery-article-1.194227
  4. I can't stand him terrible commentator but a lot guys love him think hes some great all time Falcon guys too young to have seen him play based on rep. Big mistake by Blank hanging his jersey up. Bothers me most SF would not have signed him if they had to give up the draft picks. They were over the cap at the time to needed "under the table deals" to get him under salary cap. Do you remember before the George pick game Tuggle called him about not being really committed to Atl playing baseball while his Falcon teammates sweated out in training camp. If Julio is let loose from his contract and si
  5. D Sanders Signed with our Div Rival for less Money than we offered after the 92 season You got it right about Sanders forget what comes out of his mouth now guy screwed the Falcons big time. Back then it was plan b free agency where players can be protected and if signed away teams receive compensation. Sanders convinced the Falcons to release him from this agreeing to sign with Atlanta if they matched his top offer from any team. The snake never gave them the chance screwed them out of compensation. Heard June Jones recount the exact story years later. Back then he admitted he wanted out of A
  6. Canadian born dimwit rode Brady's success and somehow managed iin a phone interview to convince Blank he was capable of running a team. The way things are going Dimi will be CFL bound in the near future.
  7. April 30th 8pm in Chicago they'll be on the clock with the entire 2015 draft class to chose from bar none. For months leading up to the event the pro football world will be talking about them full of speculation about what they will do just be a little patient.
  8. Bosworth moving laterally up straight about to take on Bo who has picked up speed theres not a human being on the planet then or now that wouldn't have moved back a yard. While his hype was over the top he was a good linebacker forced to retire due to shoulder injuries. Better the anyone the Falcons have now.
  9. Worrilow is pedestrian at best Bartu just floats start Stupar already **** start him at lt it be an upgrade at both spots.
  10. Bruce was possibly the least heralded #1 overall since the merger in 67 at the time despite their best efforts Atlanta couldn't deal the pick. Clowney comes much more hyped and some might argue worth Atlanta trading up to get him.
  11. I give them a pass in 88 they really wanted to dump the pick, even though they were desperate for defensive help they drafted lb again Marcus Cotton in rd2 but NOBODY wanted it. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0804/nfl.draft.busts/content.2.html Now to GO GET Clowney thats a whole different thing.
  12. They had the worst defence in the league 28th they were 3-12 if they believed they had LT do you think they would want to deal it, and nobody wanted the next LT. I watched that draft I remember it like yesterday.
  13. Herock needed to say it, unfortunately nobody bought it and they were stuck with the pick.
  14. He didn't have the hype Clowney has nobody called him the best ever prospect, he was compared to Cornelius Bennet who came out the year before and Paul Zimmerman said Bruce dosen't have anywhere near the motor of Bennet takes too many plays off. Nobody compared him to LT. Falcons really wanted to deal the pick but nobody wanted it. Not sure what a #1 over all pick made in 88 but he couldn't afford a buy pizza. http://articles.latimes.com/1990-03-02/sports/sp-1934_1_pellet-gun Glanville tried to make him a tightend despite all his issues he lasted 11 years in the league the Raiders were quit
  15. Lyman White Mike Landrum David Frye 3 game jersey's hanging in my closet.
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