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  1. Well said FFS1970. I don't understand that concept of even saying that sacks don't matter. Sacks can produce turnovers and that's huge. That's is about as stupid as saying interceptions don't matter and tipping a ball away or knocking it away matters more. When we draft a corner we are looking for play making guys who can change a game by getting some picks. Dimitroff hasn't found anybody resembling Kerney, Chuck Smith, Abraham so the spin is they don't matter. If Beasley suddenly finds his groove and gets a bunch of sacks this season they will change their tune but to cover their backside wil
  2. Rome's coach Randy Ingle needs to be fired. I have watched his teams in Rome for years and even with all the talent he has cannot consistently win games. Terrible coach.
  3. If we wait until the 4th round to draft a Guard we might as well not draft one at all.
  4. Thanks so much for sharing that. Brought back some memories for sure. I went to see the Braves in April of 91 and there were empty seats everywhere. I went back to work and my coworkers laughed at me for seeing them since they had so many losing seasons up to that point. I remember one of them told a joke about someone leaving two tickets on his windshield to see the Braves and came back to his car and other people left their tickets as well. By the end of the season I was having my fun laughing at them as suddenly they jumped on the bandwagon and were going to Atlanta Fulton County Stadium to
  5. So it is better to throw $10 million to a couple of marginal players than at a difference maker? Flawed logic... We threw more than that at Julio Jones and he proved he was worth every penny of it. We need a superstar on defense. Period.
  6. That's the way I see it FFS1970. Herock, McKay, and then LeBaron. Dimitroff had the benefit of getting a pretty good Oline and turning it into crap. When it takes a boatload of former GM's to do the job of one like we currently have that is all that needs to be said.
  7. Respect is something that's earned and not given because a guy finally admits what everyone else has known for awhile now and that is he is a substandard GM. When you need 5 other former GM's to help you do your freakin job you need to be canned. Period. No other team operates like this and it is an embarrassment to watch. How many more former GM's do we need to hire or when does the realization that on any other team all it takes is one good GM to make the decisions? Stop defending this jughead.
  8. Your wife appears to be the brains of the household. Lol. Just joking man but I think the way TD has wasted draft picks and money on substandard free agents he needs to be canned.
  9. One of my all time favorites along with William Andrews. Bartkowski wasn't afraid to throw the deep ball either..
  10. I believe all can accept blame here but to me Dimitroff is the main culprit. People gave him way too much credit for his first draft and subsequent ones. We needed a QB and he took the best one available in Ryan in 2008. Trading up for Sam Baker was a terrible move and like a lot of his other moves in the draft and free agency was born of desperation. Dunta Robinson comes to mind. He constantly reached on player drafted way too high, brought in players with chronic injury issues, could not draft or buy good linemen on the offensive or defensive side of the ball with the exception of maybe Matt
  11. ...and a worse record than us. Ridiculous how people think Gurley is the answer unless the guy can play guard, center, LB, and DE too. Freeman is just as good.
  12. You said it! I said the same thing when we resigned Biermann as well.
  13. It is only one preseason game. Next week he may win the game and the board will be getting on somebody else. To expend that much energy whining about a guy who I hope never has to take a snap this year be that Yates or Renfree is stupidity at its finest. If Yates or Renfree has to start for a prolonged period of time it is going to be an ugly season.
  14. I believe we will be drafting a RT and LG with our high picks in the 2016 draft, Hope I am wrong and somebody pans out but I don't see it.
  15. I would say Ledbetter sounds mentally challenged but that would be an insult to the people who are and can speak plainer English than him.
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