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  1. Sounds like what people said about Jimmy Williams. Lol. CB? Really? No LG and take a corner? Dimitroff is a dumbass plain and simple.
  2. Lol. If I paid that kind of money with the GM we have running the team into the ground I would be up at night in a cold sweat having serious buyer's remorse. I decided after many years of being a STH that the product on the field and the direction this team was headed was not worth me investing another nickel into. I wasn't going to get raped on PSL's either. I hope you got an economy sized jar of goob lube to go with that screwing.
  3. LMFAO. Well I guess we don't have take a pass rusher at 8 in the draft. This signing is the epitome of what we have done in free agency. Par for the friggin course.
  4. Did you get banned Bucman? Dang brother for how long?

  5. Bucman I am honored to be your friend. Stay cool and I hope to throw down a few beers with you someday soon.

  6. your a good friend, Fantatic. Thanks bro. :-)

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