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  1. Sounds like what people said about Jimmy Williams. Lol. CB? Really? No LG and take a corner? Dimitroff is a dumbass plain and simple.
  2. Lol. If I paid that kind of money with the GM we have running the team into the ground I would be up at night in a cold sweat having serious buyer's remorse. I decided after many years of being a STH that the product on the field and the direction this team was headed was not worth me investing another nickel into. I wasn't going to get raped on PSL's either. I hope you got an economy sized jar of goob lube to go with that screwing.
  3. LMFAO. Well I guess we don't have take a pass rusher at 8 in the draft. This signing is the epitome of what we have done in free agency. Par for the friggin course.
  4. I thought Morgan's visit was tomorrow.
  5. Did you get banned Bucman? Dang brother for how long?

  6. Bucman I am honored to be your friend. Stay cool and I hope to throw down a few beers with you someday soon.

  7. your a good friend, Fantatic. Thanks bro. :-)