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  1. Mike Smith got the axe for the same kind of stupid decisions that lost us the Super Bowl. Stupid play calls that ignore game situations and no understanding of clock management. Like the Detroit game in London. He's so likable, that people just don't want to blame him along with Kyle Shanahan. He's the head coach. He has veto power. The ball was snapped with 20 seconds on the play clock several times and he did nothing about it. Dan Quinn doesn't get a pass. That crap was unforgivable. That coaching performance was on par with the worst we got from Mike Smith. That's my opinion
  2. You nailed it. That's exactly what I posted to friends after the game. This franchise turns losing into a fine art, truly skilled masters of unique creativity. They will top this somehow. (Or is it "bottom this"?)
  3. Perspective. I feel horrible but I felt worse in 2012 when we lost to the 49ers. Fool me twice shame on me. While we were up 28-3, I did not dare assume the game was over. I didn't think we were going to blow it, but I was very aware that the possibility of losing still existed. I prepared myself for it from the moment NE scored to make 28-9, and the rest was just watching it unfold. I was at the game. I yelled for the D until the bitter end, then I shook hands with the Pats fans I had been annoying all game and left. I was pissed, I was disappointed, but I was not surprised and I was
  4. And let me guess, the conspirators gathered at Comet Ping Pong pizza in D.C. to plan this whole thing. So sneaky of them to not just let Julio fail to make that circus catch. But you still figured it out. Probably because the aliens probed you that time.
  5. Curious: How long have you been a Falcons fan? I'm asking because with a 28-3 lead in Q3, I was having a great time but remained aware that the Falcons could light it all on fire. My cousin texted me that it was over and I texted back that it wasn't. He asked when I would agree that the deal was done, and I texted back "0:00". My FB posts during timeouts and halftime had words like "hoping we're celebrating like this later" and "this is beautiful right now". All because I know this team. I'm 50 and have seen it all with the Falcons. I've thought in years and decades past about shutt
  6. Audibles aren't supposed to be a mechanism for the QB to change or basically veto the offensive strategy (i.e., we should be running instead of passing). So the whole discussion of whether he's allowed to audible is mostly irrelevant. Even if he is allowed, if he changed every pass to a run, that would be a revolt during the Super Bowl against the coaching staff that has been right all year. Of course, Matt and all of us would be champions today if he had done it and asked forgiveness later. (I don't want to get too far off topic, but I also wonder what he thought of being in hurry up with
  7. Honestly, I feel guilty. My dad had season tix and took me to games, so I've been suffering this team all my life. I started taking my son when he was 5, he's 14 now and I'm putting him through the same misery. He saw Packers no-show, Seahawks near-choke, 49ers choke, and Super Bowl choke. All live and in person. I'm releasing him from his contract. I dumped the Hawks for the Lakers over 25 years ago and it was the smartest thing I ever did, and that was before Shaq, so they weren't good at the time. Life's too short for this crap.
  8. Act like the fans of winners. "Act" as in "pretend."
  9. We need to clarify what we mean by worst. Losing by a bunch of points is horrible when a team is favored to win. It is a nightmare unfolding from beginning to end, and fans might even be gone by halftime (see for example, our division round loss to the Packers in the Dome a few years ago). But blowing a huge lead, in my opinion is worse. Fans go from hopeful, to confident, to ecstatic and smug, planning the parade, hugging strangers, etc. Then concerned, then creeping doubt, then frustration, then maybe anger or fear, then embarrassment and devastation, as the other teams fans are now
  10. This team has been breaking my heart literally my whole life. Native Atlantan, my dad had season tickets since 1968. After the choke against the 49ers in the Dome, I did what you said and "seriously questioned my level of fandom" as my son sat next to me in tears. I turned it down, I did. I stopped trusting them. With the Falcons, I basically act like a woman who assumes men are prone to cheat, that you can be with a man, and it can all seem perfect, but just know men are dogs and don't be surprised if it happens. So I booked a hotel after Seattle, and plane tickets after
  11. In the stadium, it looked like he was right on the line. Since he was looking up to field the ball, my thought was that he could not be sure where his feet were and could not risk whether he was over the goal line. I thought that he felt he had to run to be safe.
  12. Price watch: holy crap. Big bounce from the low of $1900 on Tuesday. Sitting at $2600 right now. That really burns, I was holding out. Can't watch this thread anymore because if they drop back down below $2k I'm going to vomit. If I was going alone I would wait until Sunday morning but I had to buy 3.
  13. Keep these negative articles coming! New Yahoo! Sports Article on plummeting ticket prices. The graph in the article is misleading because it's the average price, skewed by the introduction of high priced packages. A better comparison would be daily price of cheapest ticket for each year ("Get in" price).
  14. The Niners should reconsider. Shanahan needs a few more years of seasoning here in Atlanta.
  15. I'm more optimistic. Before fees, the $2k barrier has been breached at $1950. From $2100, that's about a 7% drop. Another 7-10% tomorrow puts us at $1800, about $2300 after fees. I'm holding out. (Not to mention the rumor of NFL breaking packages open and releasing more seats.)
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