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  1. At the Georgia Dome security would not allow you near the players entrance before games (wouldn’t even let you down the stairs to that area) but after the game it was wide open and accessible (we were behind a dividing gate) So we’re going to see if they allow post game access and allow us to at least get within arms length to get some signatures. Thanks for for the tips and advice !
  2. Thanks Tandy, appreciate it. I’ll let you know how we make out.
  3. Posted this in the dome forum and didn’t get any replies so I’m hoping someone can help out here. Traveling to Sunday’s game and my daughter would love to get some autographs after the game. Does anyone know which gate entrance the players use and is there any access (obviously standing behind fencing) where we could at least get close enough for signatures after the game?
  4. He's a nice guy and I wish him well. He was gracious enough to give me an interview back in 2010 and I always thought he would break out one of these years but he never did. Hope he had a post football life plan in place because he's done.
  5. I disagree with your assessment. Is bringing back Spoon limiting Tyler Starr? Two of the players I mentioned are linebackers and wouldn't even be in competition with Beasley and Jarret. Jarrett is a work in progress that may never pan out. Competition allows the cream to rise up!
  6. Lawson, Ragland, Jack, Nkemdiche...Any of these guys contributes more to fixing the pass rush than any safety.
  7. I'm busting your chops. Just that I'm old enough that when I see that 22 it gives me horrible flashbacks of toast dimry.
  8. So...two years with the Falcons and out of the league?
  9. Didn't realize Dimitroff had so many blind loyalists. Everyone has been screaming for pass rush for three years. TD drafts a safety and a fast but incredibly undersized LB and suddenly he is infallible. These kids might do very well in this league but you all know that pass rush has been and now will continue to be our most glaring weakness. Sure, being able to cover the TE and RB may help but nothing helps more than a vicious pass rush that makes QBs worry more about getting dropped over who is open.
  10. Ahhh, Charles Dimrys old number 22. This kid just doomed himself.
  11. He might be the next Ronnie Lott but with zero pass rush our secondary will get scorched. Opposing QBs can cook ramen noodles in the backfield with our rushers. And there were at minimum three top notch rushers available. Total SMH pick.
  12. Still two gaping holes at Guard. No real TE threat. Zero pass rush. Two gaping holes at LB. No safety. Toughest strength of schedule. Love the enthusiasm but we will be closer to the bottom 4 than the top 4.
  13. OP Might be onto something. The autographed ornaments for Children's hospital sold out in less than an hour. Reason? Falcons signed only 375 compared to the 1500 in past years.
  14. Expectations? 60% of the normal use of his legs. 4500 stitches 30 broken bones.
  15. 4. Already faced the best DLine we'll see all year. I think Clowney and JJ Watt might disagree with you come October 4th.
  16. So...correct picks are hidden or correct I'm the only one who picked?
  17. So, are everyone's picks hidden until after each week or am I the only one to have picked so far?
  18. Last years team lost 4 games by a combined total of 16 points. Quinn and the new draft picks alone could make up that difference. What a joke.
  19. All these reports from fans and the media and not a single word on Bierman. Is he even at camp?
  20. I assume your birthday is in January? I was born 5 months after Atlanta was awarded the franchise, 1965. Will be 50 in November (sigh) Been a Falcons fan since 1973. My age also coincides with the Super Bowl #
  21. As it stands today, our line will be better than last year. That's not saying much I know, but between moving to the ZBS, the return of Hawley, the maturation and improved health of Jake we should be better. Add to it a balanced attack that doesn't have defenders pinning their ears back on every snap should provide some wiggle room for Matt. I think I speak for most everyone who thinks Mathis is a no brainier and should be added immediately. His presence provides stability and leadership and I think all of us, including Matt Ryan, would rest a bit better at night knowing we had a player of his caliber on the line. An improved OLine will help but the revamped defense should make us very competitive. Get opposing offenses off the field to give our offense two or three more possessions a game is how we will see more production from the offense.
  22. And some people think Bleacher Report is the bottom rung of sports reporting.
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