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  1. I'd still go Fowler/Beasley with the first pick.
  2. Rev...please check your inbox or messenger box or PM box or whatever it is called here on TAFT. Message for you regarding Daniel Cox running a story on this. thx.
  3. I sent Daniel a message. Will see what happens once I get ahold of him.
  4. You are totally on top of this. Sounds like it couldnt be in better hands. Thanks for setting this up and coming up with a great idea.
  5. And list yourself of a designated person as spokesman for the group who can be reached for comment.
  6. Once the fine is handed down, the account set-up and money rolling in....make sure you issue a press release to the Falcons and at least the AJC.
  7. Falcon Fans Stand Behind Coach November 13,2009 When Falcon coach Mike Smith walked into the scrum on his teams sidelines this past weekend he knew he had his players watching his back. Today he found out he has an even larger contingent lined up to watch his wallet. Fans of the Atlanta Falcons message board started a collection to help subsidize the fine handed down today by Commisioner Roger Goodell. While the fans were short of reaching the $25,000 penalty handed down by the NFL, the show of support for this team and its coach is something unheard of in todays professional sports. "I want to thank the fans for a wonderful gesture" said Smith. "This goes to show everyone that our fans are clearly the best in the league." While Smith declined to accept the money he was more than happy to direct the groups donations to his favorite charity. The braintrust behind this movement, RevHal, was more than delighted to send the money to (Insert Charity name here). "We just wanted Coach Smith to know that we support him and his efforts. He is an inspiration to many fans and we wanted him to know that we are all behind him." Well, this is a "what could be" type scenario. Good for the team, good for this board, good for the fans, good for a charity. Plus it sticks it to D. Hall.
  8. Here is an idea..... Smith or the organization will not accept the money. So....set up a paypal account and have the money go to Smith's favorite Charity if/once the team declines to accept our contribution to his fine. A nice donation to Mikes Charity from the fans at AFMB would be a nice gesture. Im in for $25 edit: I see poutlipper already made the suggestion of a charity.