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  1. Any word on sizing yet? I ordered 2...My brother is a big Houston/Titans fan. Weird those were two of them he's making. I can wear an XL, but usually a XXL. I'm 6'4" 250lbs, so XXL tend to fit better for me. It suggests to order a size bigger but thought XXXL might be too big. Hope they fit....any input would be awesome.
  2. They seem to like him. That's why I voted Yes. Honestly though, I do not understand why we let Grimes go and keep Spoon. They both showed amazing ability and talent. I knew Grimes would recover and be the Pro-Bowl CB that he is. That's my only argument to this whole Spoon discussion. Woulda, Shoulda, I get it, but if we had Grimes in our backfield now, we'd be set on the DB side of the ball for the most part. Why get rid of Grimes and keep him?
  3. Based off of what I've saw on Hard Knocks and throughout the season he seems soft. Kind of like a guy that doesn't really want to play to the toughness level needed, but feels like he has to play football because that's what he knows etc. He obviously has the physical tools/gifts, but I really really question his inner heart and drive. He doesn't seem very self motivated and needs someone to fire him up. He showed a couple bright spots this year. I understand he was a rookie and he will get better but how much better and how much inner drive does he really have? Knowing the type of coach
  4. Makes sense. Some could argue it's sad that you have a better attitude when you wear something different, but we all do. When you look good, you generally feel good. When you look bad ***, you generally feel bad ***...Now we just need some talent that can reach the bad *** mark...particularly on defense.
  5. "Trade Julio" That's the dumbest thing I've heard in quite a while...and I work with criminals...and I'm married. I don't even know how to counter that type of comment without cussing a lot. Given what we gave for him and the type of player he is especially with our WR corps getting older. I have to quit commenting on this or I'll start insulting intelligence...or what's left of it anyway. People blew a gasket when we gave up picks for him...they'd burn down the stadium (old and new) if we got rid of him....just dumb.
  6. Suh will cost a king's ransom. However, I would love to have that attitude on our team. I don't want to be a dirty team, but with the cupcakes we currently have on the roster, he would bring the average up quite a bit to the nastier side. I think we could get a couple guys for what Suh would cost with lower risk...think Money Ball.
  7. This might have been mentioned...Did they bring up the fact we're going to have to PAY Julio to stick around at the end of the season? At least we better pay him...knowing us...who knows.
  8. We will get destroyed I know that's not a big news flash, but we need to start retooling and working on next year. We can't try and win the NFC South. The entire division is bad. We have to throw this season away and start working on the future. The rest of the season will be good to get players some experience, but we do not have a team that can compete for a SB, let alone a Wild Card game. We are bad. Really bad. No O line. No D line. No D really. No running game. That leaves a QB and receivers. Not a formula for success. I love my Falcons and will conitnue to do so. I'm just reali
  9. That's why I left. Too many illogical rants by Aints fans or people that must have been really unhappy with their lives. Side note: Don't be so lazy that you don't want to boot up your PC. Typing this on XBOX One keyboard made me angry...
  10. That's why I left. Too many illogical rants by Aints fans or people that must have been really unhappy with their lives. Side note: Don't be so lazy that you don't want to boot up your PC. Typing this on XBOX One keyboard made made me angry...
  11. Hate to do it...but just to reminisce a little bit. Called me and others that saw issues "Chicken Little" fans...and that was before Julio went down, etc. That's why these are so amusing sometimes. People can't look at this stuff and be brutally honest about it. The sky may have been falling. Collapse might be a better term. We need a team that will play with some anger. This blasé process approach worked and still works well, but we need some angry people. We need a guy on defense that will wear a Mohawk and those crazy colored contact lenses and run through people and make offenses ta
  12. I'm with the 10-6 crowd with the way our lines are playing. I'm holding fairly optimistic at 10-6 and taking second in the South. I know it's "only preseason" and I'm getting tired of hearing that. If our O line is getting destroyed by Tennessee, we're in trouble. We still can't get pressure on the QB which is something that has plagued us for years. I honestly felt we could have beat Green Bay in the playoffs had we been able to get to Rodgers and when we did actually tackle him. Our secondary doesn't seem much improved from last year and will only suffer more with no pressure on the QB
  13. I'm tired of the "bend but don't break" defense (team). We need a team that can get ahead and then crush their throat...both offense and defense. We don't have that killer attitude and that's what we need.
  14. Congratulations. It's not rocket surgery. Yes. We seem to have a bit of an issue there (actually so far the line hasn't blocked as well as we'd like) that will hopefully get figured out...if not, could be a long season for Matt. Great! Thanks....You're welcome. No need to reply even...to any of these threads....including my previous one. Be Safe.
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