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  1. Agree 100%. Haven't ya'll seen what karma has given the saints 2 years in a row? I personally would love to see the money donated to cancer research.
  2. Don't you mean Keith Brookings?????? Daddyknowsbest insisting that TJ Duckett was the man and Dunn sucked. Gazoo, Cap, Banker(mod) swift, daddy, they were all here the 1st time I posted as well as many more. I 1st came after the bowl in ...I guess that would be 99. Lost interest pretty quickly....this is the only social media I do.,,,,so I come and go I lost post in 1 or 2 of the migrations but never had a high amount......more of a reader I guess.
  3. Should have never come down to a coin toss, they were beat, until our coaching staff yacked. Remember, we were all in this last season, no preseason needed, then, it was injuries, then it was lack of depth, then it was coaching, then our O line wasn't right, then we need to get nasty, now it's all in baby...........................who are the 2 people who are responsible for the afore mentioned? It's freaking comical. Personally, I hope you process folks are right. I could care less who the owner, front office, coach or players are, I want a Lombardi.
  4. TB and the goat HC took us to overtime...........after wearing DQ's D out in the 3rd and 4th qtr.....and maybe some iffy coaching decisions.......... Not trying to be that guy, I want more than almost and wait until next year just like you I'm sure. Bad FO work is what generated my 1st comment. I respect your optimism and your opinion of Dan and Thomas.....I just don't agree. Love this team and I'm all in every year but it doesn't mean I have to agree with everything they do.
  5. With all due respect: I got 53 years invested. Our trophy case has 0 Lombardi's and a major choke job. Tired of stale rhetoric. Just 1 man's opinion.
  6. Vic could be replaced with a potted plant or an orange cone and you would get more production. Give him more money and time????????????????????
  7. WOW, you bang on Ryan. We have 2 1st round DE's that barely even show up on a stat sheet every week.......hand picked by Dan. We have a HC who picked the OC and DC, then let them go yet bears no blame. We have a HC and GM that put together a glorious OL and DL then the HC admitted......well, really I would only keep 2 of the OL. Yeah, it's Ryan.
  8. June and Jeff. Magnum PI and Mr. Aloof.
  9. This thread made me go listen to LCD Sound System North American Scum.......live. What a song "Because I'm North American scum"
  10. Our DE combo of Casper and the Instagram Sack Machine.....
  11. I want watch this marketing tripe. That's all this front office is good for, HYPE! Art, stop the hype and get it done. Your schtick is getting OLD!
  12. I don't know nothing about nothing but I know this. Matt Ryan put up the GREATEST STATISTICAL RUN EVER in the 16 playoffs. No QB has ever done it better. 2 more runs and a Matt Bryant FG and he's a 1st ballot HOF and JJ has the greatest catch in super bowl history.
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