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  1. “1st Round Dog Pound” will start. That’s right, the the new nick name for Jake Matthews, James Carpenter, Alex Mack, Chris Lindstrom, and Kaleb McGary. The first time in NFL history all starting lineman that all lineman are first round picks. Let’go!
  2. Man ole Harry Douglass. I forgot what an amazing personality he was! He and Matt Ryan were best friends when he was on the team.
  3. Let’s get it!
  4. Good for him. He goes from nba afterthought to cba superstar.
  5. This dude is already one of my favorite players. If i could build an offensive lineman, this is exactly what he would look like.
  6. Somebody needs to actually believe in this guy. As long as he is healthy, he will help your team.
  7. Interesting. Networks will regret not having more nationally televised hawks games. Our League Pass subscriptions will be throught the roof.
  8. I hope so. He has a chance to be an immediate upgrade over Prince defensively.
  9. When I say three year deal, I mean something like three years 15 mil total with a team option.
  10. Don’t sleep on Ito, he is the only real home run hitter in the backfield. He has freemanlike shiftiness but has better long speed. He can run between the tackles too. My only concern is him being able to hold up for a 16 game season with his small frame.
  11. Where is the offseason news on this guy? I can hardly find any content on him.
  12. So does everyone in the nba except Kawhi Leonard.
  13. I assume you all didn't watch any of the first games of the hawks season? He clearly fully recovered from his injuries and was playing the style of ball that made him famous. He was a great mentor to Trae (see Trae’s comments) and can serve in a back mentor role for for the next several years. In Toronto, it was hard to get a rhythm with the team midway through the season and Van Fleet clearly kept him at bay for the back up point guard spot. Toronto also shortened the rotation as they got closer to the playoffs. Lin is still a good player with a large fan base and if he can find a home here, we would benefit greatly.