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  1. Dame Lillard is cold! Phoenix deserves to be in the play-in game instead of Memphis. NBA bubble season is looking very successful. The NFL doesn't seem to be as coordinated as the NBA. It seems like they are hoping the virus will be gone by the time the season starts.
  2. What’s news to you about Okoro? The fact that they like him or they think he has flaws?
  3. Whoa! That is a lot to take in. There is no reason for me to question your source because it is too detailed to be false. The Hawks position is surprising, however we still need to be cognizant of the smoke screen. I think Ben Simmons can be had. I think he would fit better here than in Philly. Trae and John must stay though. I am glad to see Wiseman is being considered. I like the idea of selecting Ball for trade bait. We could go so many ways.
  4. I don’t know about Embid, but i will take Simmons.
  5. I would probably go AntMan, Wiseman, and Avdija. It all depends on who has the most competitive fire. At this point, of the three it looks like Avdija. As I have said before though, if Wiseman checks out, he would make the most sense for us long term.
  6. James Harden is the best player in the NBA and it is not close.
  7. Thats the only thing that makes sense. They will also get the chance to get to know other nba players and coaches better and understand individuals better. This can help with team construct And offseason decision making. The safe infrastructure is already there. Teams like Phoenix are really benefitting from this extra run. We need our opportunity too.
  8. I can’t see the article but it doesn’t sound good. Meanwhile these same nba players are putting themselves at risk to run pick up games with guys off the street. If the NBA cared about all if their teams, they would create a safe environment for them to continue to develop. I really don't see why the cant go to Orlando and scrimmage and practice there.
  9. That sucks. They need run now and additional three weeks of OTAs
  10. Right around the corner. I hope we win the lottery, I just want us to be number one at something. Lol.
  11. Trae Young era uni’s! The only thing that will make them look better is winning in them. Let’s go!
  12. Anthony Edwards. reason: he can create his own shot and drive to the basket And finish at a high level. That is something the hawks really don’t have. He is really athletic and exciting. Aside from that, he can pass, he has defensive upside, he can shoot. He is also from Atlanta and wants nothing more than to be here and play for his home town team. My only concern is if he has more upside than Cam or Kevin. If he doesn’t, we will hamper their development.
  13. After rewatching some of the Hawks games this season, it is clear the next level of development is in offensive rebounding as a team. Sure Clint Capella will help in this regard, but the wings, Deandre Hunter in particular need to crash the boards better. In fact, Deandre Hunter should be designated Trae Young’s offensive rebounder when Trae launches from 30 feet or more. With the offense the Hawks run Hunter is usually standing in the short corner behind the three point line when Trae shoots. That is the shortest distance to the goal and is easier to get to the goal for an offensive rebound than it is to get back on defense. If you look at any game you will see the hawks including Hunter watching Trae in amazement when he shoots a long three instead of chasing the offensive rebound which usually comes off long. If we can get the team to buy into this concept our offensive and defensive efficiency will go up.
  14. Did Cam show enough for us to go all in on him at the starting shooting guard position? I am leaning toward yes. I wish we were able to play those last eight games to see Cam’s continued development. With the draft coming up, i don’t know if Edwards will be a better prospect or not. Cam’s length and defensive instincts make him special and it is the most important skill for winning teams. I would have loved to see a starting line up of Trae, Cam, DeAndre, John, and Clint for the last eight games. From a defensive stand point, that team would have been nice.
  15. Technically he drafted Doncic lol. That is interesting though. All the second rounders he drafted from oversees, he left them over there and never brought them over.
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