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  1. This is fantastic news. This means a lot for John Collins. His max deal will kick in that year if he is extended. I really hope we extend Collins because there likely wont be a better free agent on the market in two years.
  2. Schlenk definitely went best player available for both draft selections. It is apparent we are trying to compete now. Okungwu will be Capella's replacement when his contract is up too when have to pay Trae.
  3. Huerter is not that bad on defense. His team defense is what sets him apart. He is good at it. He is still improving with his individual defense. But like I said before, it is nearly impossible for anyone in todays nba to play good individual defense. The referees won’t allow it.
  4. Bogdon Bogdonovic on the way? 4 years 72 mil.
  5. I hear it is 13 and 17 now for 6. No Culver. Not sure how I feel about this.
  6. Cam’s offensive game seems to be centered around his jump shot. If he gets that a highly respectableg level, it will unlock the rest of his game.
  7. I am good with 1, 4, and 6 as long as they opt in for at least two years. There is also a rumor out there for Kelly Oubre and the 10th pick for the 6th pick. I like that too.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/_JordanJimenez/status/1327380109276237824/photo/4 This is what I was looking for from Cam. Him seeking out superstars to work to better his game. This shows initiative and drive to be great.
  9. My early Christmas present. Love it.
  10. https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/260120/Hawks-To-Hire-Nate-McMillan-As-Assistant-Coach
  11. NBA.com article on Cam https://t.co/gRphnKEgkM?amp=1
  12. I have look at Halliburton more. He seems too good to be true. 43% from 3, good defensive guard, great passer, gamer and good size and length. i just can’t get over that wierd looking jump shot.
  13. Yes. This is where things start to break even for the delete 8. Fully rested and healthy team. Youngsters had more time to mature off the court. Young legs will carry us through a 72 game season. I wouldn't be surprised if you see the draft affected by FA since it is so close. Agents will have worked out deals under the table with teams before the draft.
  14. Update since we know we have the 6th pick. Isaac Okoro. Winning pedigree, size and strength for a wing, excellent defense, and is from atlanta. We can develop him and his jump shot while he backs up Hunter and Reddish. Sign a veteran back up point guard and we are on our way.
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