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  1. Well guys don’t get too optimistic yet. March will be brutal. I don't expect us to win more than 5 games. That eight game west coast trip is devastating. If the conservative Hawks medical team keeps Dre out for 7 to 10 weeks, we will not have him then let alone Dunn and Bogi. However, the last two months of the season, I think we will have an above .500 record over those two months due to the schedule and having guys back healthy.
  2. Wow. Pierce needed that. I love nothing more than a Boston beat down. That cures a lot of ills.
  3. I hope so. That means he will have turned things around and we will be in the playoffs. If that doesn't happen, it will be hard to imagine him staying. Which to be honest is not entirely fair to him but you got to win in this league.
  4. Interesting. Is that even allowed? Whatever he said worked.
  5. Did you see that left handed lob to Collins in this Denver game? Trae is other worldly. It was so casual. Love this guy’s game.
  6. To be honest, this is right where everyone expected the Hawks to be, a team fighting for playoff contention in this new play in format. If they can stay in the 8 to 10 range until everyone is back healthy, that would be great. I would rather get hot toward the end of the season going into the playoffs vs now. The key is to manufacture some wins until we can get our best rotation set and playing.
  7. Unfortunately I think you are right. I was in denial about Schlenk and Collins but now I jus don't think he values him that much. Hurts me to say that. Bu if ha is true, he should be communicating with Pierce so that OO can get some development time.
  8. I think all of us know who Nique was and is to this franchise and he will always be beloved. But he can’t talk and he knows it. 😂 Holman is great too although I don’t get to hear him much.
  9. Very interesting. I wonder if he is hinting at coaching?
  10. Where the **** is Kris Dunn? The medical staff is slow walking these guys again.
  11. This is not helpful. I wonder what Schlenk’s issue is with John? The fact that he would give Bogi and Danilo all that cash and then short change John seems weird to me. It is negatively impacting team dynamics right now.
  12. Teams just don’t respect us. All of the players on the other teams believe they can beat us. Our team doesn't quite believe we can beat everybody no matter who we put on the floor. We need to be smarter about how we use our fouls. The referees are going to call every ticky-tact foul so we might as well make them count. Let other teams know they can’t just go in their bag of tricks and waltz into our paint or hit triple step back three’s and then lean into our players for a foul and 1. The mentality has to change because there are a lot of teams competing this year.
  13. Agree. He needs to figure something out and fast.
  14. Skylar Mays might be a keeper though.
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