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  1. Yeah. Luka is water under the bridge. Trae is living up to his own expectations. Quite frankly it is fun to watch.
  2. Luka who? Did you see the hurting he and the Hawks put on the Thunder?
  3. Man what a game! We just got a glimps of the future! Trae, Huerter, Amari, Collins! That game deserves its own thread.
  4. I can definitely see this. It also helps that Huerter and Bembry have been handling the ball some and Trae is getting catch and shoot opportunities.
  5. Everyone is always pointing out Trae’s flaws, but let’s take a look at Doncic’s flaws. He is playing nearly 36 mpg yet only averaging 3 more points than Trae. Trae plays 30 mpg. Dallas has lost 7 of their last 10 games. Hawks have won 5 of their last 6. Lukas 3 point percentage has fallen over the last 10 games. Luka is barley averaging 5 assists and is supposed to be the one of the best playmakers in the draft. Trae is nearly 8 assists per game. Everyone knew Luka would be good early, but Trae has always had the highest potential.
  6. I not sure his ceiling is higher. Everyone knew Luka would be a good player early in his career due to his success on a professional level and his size, but his ceiling is a lot closer to his floor, which is pretty good. Trae Yound on the other hand always had the lowest floor and the highest ceiling in the draft. He has already proven he is not a bust and is second only to Luka as far as draft picks go. In my opinion we have already won the the trade because at worst we got the second best player in a loaded draft and a future draft pick. We also have have a shot at Zion Williamson.
  7. His team defense is actually not that bad. He is rarely out of position and has given good effort every night. I thought it would be much worse, but I believe this has been one of the more surprising aspects of his rookie season.
  8. True but teams aren’t backing off of him yet. They are still picking him up at half court or doubling him on the perimeter. If they start to call his bluff and back off of him and dare him to keep shooting it and he is still shooting at a low rate, that will be trouble.
  9. I agree with this. Although I believe he will keep shooting the 35 footers because even though he does not make them at a high percentage, it forces teams guard him out further and further. This opens up space for other players on the team and gives young the opportunity to dribble past guys and get to the rim or find open teammates. They have been preaching pace and Space. His deep three pointers helps create additional space.
  10. Folks 20 games in and I am even more impressed with this guy. Specifically his handles, ability to get to the rim, and passing. I would not be surprised if he led the league in assists by the end of the year. Right now he is ranked third! Not among rookies but the entire league! I’ll admit his 3 point shot is not falling right now. After his Friday performance where he scored 5 points, he stayed in the stadium after the game and worked on his shot for two hours with his dad. Then showed up two hours before the game on Sunday putting up shots. Sunday night he hit 4 threes in that game. He shot will eventually fall.
  11. The point is other teams know when he is on the field and they attack him and they usually win. On both those plays where the running back scored they set Duke up and he was totally unaware. That’s a 10 to 24 point swing. It changed the whole game. He hasn’t improved at the rate we need him to and at this point his special characteristics haven’t through.
  12. I was probably the one lone holdout that this guy could actually be good one day, but after seeing that, I’m done. He has no idea what he is doing out there. He missed both assignments that led to two rushing touchdowns. On of them was a 90 yarder. Smh.
  13. Yep. I was in the house!