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  1. Career high against the Nets last night. The arrow is steadily pointing up.
  2. Trae is as well. If we had more of a veteran team and was winning more, he would be up there. Trae has that Mamba mentality. He also has the bravado and flash the city needs to rise out of mediocrity while being very entertaining. The reason why I think Luka is doing better in Dallas is because they already had a winning culture with an international fan base. Trae wants the challenge of bringing the first championship to Atlanta.
  3. I seriously prefer Trae over Luka straight up. Cam is the icing on the cake. Trae brings everything the city of Atlanta needs. I’m not sure Luka would have the same success he is having in Dallas if he were here.
  4. You do realize this is this guy’s 3rd year in the nba? Really 2nd with the time he has missed. I dare you to pull up the 2nd year stats of all the players you mention above and compare it to John’s. If you pull up 3rd year stats, only Anthony Davis has more points per game. Sometimes we just need to appreciate what we have.
  5. Agree, but it’s the rotation i am more concerned about. I don’t think we have had more than a 5 game stretch where the same starting five and the next three off the bench all played consistent minutes.
  6. The hawks medical staff seems to be very cautious with the players. They seem to keep players out twice as long as needed. I’m hoping this is because they just want to develop people. We definitely need to settle on a shorter more dependable rotation next year.
  7. My point is there might be 4 or 5 PFs that are clearly better than him but not many more. The league is not allowing anyone to play defense, especially in the post. I have watched every single play of his multiple times and can count on two hands how many times he was overmatched defensively. People cling on to predraft deficiencies and won’t let go. Not saying you are, but i get tired of hearing he is bad defensively when it is just not true.
  8. Cam is really starting to show over his last five games. He is averaging more than 15 points a game, shooting around 40% from three, and is playing stellar defense.
  9. We need to stop this narrative that collins can’t play defense. He is just as good as any power forward in the league. We are currently watching a league that won’t allow anyone to play real defense.
  10. 2nd in the league in scoring and assists. Luka who?
  11. Wow. What. A. Game! I saw a lot of good things tonight but the thing that stood out to me was the coaching. I was paying more attention to the coaching because Pierce can shorten his rotation now and play to win. He did a fantastic job.
  12. Loyd is in development mode. He is still developing guys like Huerter and Jones. Jones is only getting a little time and thats mostly because Bruno was nursing a hamstring injury. Huerter is a good defensive player. He is a good all around player but like most players, hey need consistent minutes to reach their potential. This year, he is kit measuring success by only wins and losses but by the growth of his young players. Jones probably won’t see the floor that much going forward because of the trades.
  13. Now thats true. Siakim played the whole 4th quarter too. I wonder why.
  14. Joel Embid went to the line four times in that same span alone. The Lebron hate is blinding you. There was nothing to dislike about that game. Best Allstar game ever.
  15. Half Court shot to end the half. In his first All Star game. That dude is special.