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  1. With sharpie name and numbers lol. On the real, I love those MLK uniforms.
  2. 36 and 9 in a close out game in the road? Guts.
  3. I tried to tell yall!
  4. If he continues to play like that we can beat anybody in the playoffs.
  5. Great game. It feel like the hawks have been in control all three games. I hope our confidence grows and we get better.
  6. Trae M F ing Young!!!!
  7. Tis tis tis. Looking past the opponent in front of you. You can bet Trae is taking notes.
  8. Dude is amazing. Think about it this way. Luka Doncic is the most amazing potential player since Larry Bird, Magic, Jordan, and Lebron, etc. and the only thing that separates Trae Young from him is 5 rebounds per game. That would make Trae the second most amazing potential player since those guys. As you mention above, if he improves his three point efficiency and keeps his defense in the middle of the pact while winning significant games, he may pass some of them including Luka. That is just amazing to think about.
  9. I will be watching for new sets that he will incorporate. It will be fun watching the coaching match up.
  10. If these guys pop, the Hawks will be a team to reckon with for years.
  11. Great win! These boys are good. So ready fir some playoff basketball!
  12. NYK play the Clippers tomorrow. They not favorites in that game. That should level the playing field and the rest is in our control. We just need one more win than the knicks to get that 4th seed.
  13. Agree. Not gonna get my hopes up either. Plus he will need time find chemistry in Nate’s new system. It would look really weird though to have him fully healthy by the first round of the playoffs but he stills sits because the team is doing well without him and do not want to mess up the team chemistry.
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