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  1. I am cool with giving Jimmy Graham a one year prove it deal. That is the TE we need instead of what we got. He is a liability in blocking but he is a mismatch nightmare..
  2. Well., Season over. time to fix this oline. I hope Jacksonville wins the whole thing.
  3. Run the ball again and make them use their last time out.
  4. To jump on Cart'er's post, we forget. We won an SEC championship. We won a Semi final game and one play from a Naty. Our offense will be much better next year and with the Fields experiment. Other teams will have to game plan for both. The person I am nervous about is Galliard. We need that experience then we can work in a replacement. How we pulled Crompton in right before Fall camp. We see these guys are out to improve UGA. The empire is coming.
  5. Over the next couple of years, we have some tall guys in fold. Landers (6'5''), Haselwood (6'3''), Bush would be great for that back shoulder fade. I hope Holloman gets going next year. Him and Ridley could make our receiving corp dangerous if they catch on.
  6. At the beginning of the year, I was looking at 10-2, SEC East title. We forget, WE WON AN SEC TITLE. We lost the Naty but we won and we will add more. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. One thing I like if we got Graham. Can do post patterns to the back end zone of both corners
  8. It is all good. Let them enjoy it. We will see them and beat them very soon.
  9. I got through my tears. My son is not feeling well (really). He is laying on the couch playing his IPAD. I am glad so I do not have to see people at work and hear them say "Tough loss" I live in NY so they do not have he passion of college football.
  10. I thought the Falcons game hurt. I actually have tears right now.
  11. HE EFFFIN MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. or both and one blocks for the other
  13. strip that ball
  14. Give Sony or Swift a shot then a bomb.
  15. Kirdby told them to be disciplined, he needs to be disciplined also.
  18. ever
  19. Ok offense, got to answer.
  20. Ok, Kendrick Lamar is done UGA. Time to play a game.
  21. Do not go backwards
  22. Feed the TEs
  23. Time to make them pay.
  24. That is a first down!!!!