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  1. Nice crush Rod. Lets get this game back.
  2. He has one loss. So you say we have a chance
  3. Newcomb has faced 17 batters, 7 have gotten to 3 ball counts with 5 walks.
  4. That was a screaming homer. Walks are killing Newcombe right now.
  5. Fields can get free crabs from Publix in Tallahassee
  6. USMC education system
  7. Fixed, my bad. UGA...not ND
  8. You are reading that right. He is from Mass but he is a ND fan. This makes it even better. He is a Yankees fa. I was a major fan of Don Mattingly growing up.
  9. C B Bucknor's best call ever
  10. My best friend is an ND fan and a Patriots fan. UGA needs to win this one. I need to be able to talk some smack finally.
  11. CB Bucknor and Angel Rodriguez are in the same cesspool
  12. Saved it as my desk top
  13. Nope, I am riding this. I know that hurt feeling of losing in the playoffs. I see this team getting pieces back at a couple of areas. We are getting stronger and if we add or subtract. I just want us to be the team to throw a turd in the punch bowl. If we sell then we sell. If we go for this thing then go for it. I am excited to see where this team will go.
  14. If that is normal then evening on Saturday would work. Gives you time to recover from Friday and you can relax on Sunday but it is what it is. We will adjust and make it happen. Finishing up a paper before 2 am. Later bud.
  15. What timeframe, it might have to be 9 am on sunday.
  16. Saturday night, Game of Thrones is back on.
  17. Thanks, ready for the draft?
  18. Agreed but Albies could happen? Quintana showed us this.
  19. The next 10 games tell us if we sell or actually become real buyers. If we moved Jaime Garcia and somehow pulled Sonny Gray. I would not be mad at all as long as it does not cost us Acuna.
  20. Carter, Do you think people are waiting to make it easier to buy him out or getting the right guy then bring a mutiny to force him out?
  21. Ryan and O-line stay healthy.
  22. I guess the Kirby spicy ribs are to die for.
  23. Harvey needs a manager that is not going to take his bs. I live in Long Island, NY and listen to ESPN 98.7 everyday. The problem with the Mets is the prisoners run the asylum. That front office needs to let the Manager run the team but if the front office sees the team shifting into a different way then they need to talk.