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  1. AJ Minter needs to go. Him and Sean Newcomb can take the next grey hound. they are just liabilities. They are in the Tyler Weeds category know. I guess AJ Minter just went to AJ Stanker or AJ Sourer
  2. Just like that, Braves pitching gives it away
  3. RBI single by Heredia 3-1
  4. Rick Kranitz is the first piece that needs to go. If Snitker pulls a Quinn and will not get him out of here then he needs to go also. It seems like every pitcher has regressed. If it was one, I get it but every pitcher then that is on the pitching coach. I would love to take advantage of Cincinnati small pockets and get Castellanos. We need a bat that can swing for power and get on base A player leading their league in doubles is a very good thing.
  5. I have been showing this at work and stating this is how an Atlanta/Georgia fan feels
  6. I got a Sixers fan at work. He kept saying go Knicks, now he said if his boyz go down. He will root for the Nets. I am going to wear my hawks stuff in tomorrow.
  7. You are right but that team needs to talk as a team and start policing each other.
  8. This bullpen has a couple of good pieces and the rest are a major part of one of the problems. I just feel this team is broken. The Ozuna news just broke this team. They need some new juice.
  9. I will steal some off your plate but I want to see most consistency and get some more bats going.
  10. BRAVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I already called myself a moron. Just pour it on (sarcasm off)
  12. I am stupid. I was about to say "No, That was Contreras!" Wilson is his first name. I am a moron.
  13. Do we just get an extra inning hit
  14. That is all I can do is laugh
  15. You are right but if you cannot recognize something is very wrong. I do not know what to tell you. There is something very wrong that might get fixed but right now, today, this is not a playoff team. You cannot win the division on May 8th but if the Braves do not identify what is up then the can definately lose this division.
  16. Do not look mad now Webb.
  17. Good ol Georgia sports. The state of empty trophy cases and "Wait till next year" is the mantra.
  18. This team looks broken with no signs of coming back
  19. #$%% $%^%$# #$%%^ Just stupid players
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