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  1. Lloyd Pierce is not going to make it thru the year if this team keeps playing like this.
  2. Julius Randle against the Hawks tonight
  3. I will give LP a pass right now. We have not had our whole team once this season. Injuries have just killed our team this year. It is not an excuse but a fact but the defense has to be better.
  4. Because this thread was not started in February. Terrion Arnold went to Bama (sarcasm off)
  5. Man, as a fan of sports in Atlanta and Georgia. When, when can this happen to us. Minnesota is the only franchise that is in a longer drought in all sports than us. their last championship was 1991.
  6. That Cheetos commercial was the funniest one tonight.
  7. Until you said this, I did not even think about it. This is totally true. This happened to Cincinnati when their FB was missing and overdosed the day of the Super bowl. IT happened when the OLman with the Raiders Robbins did not show up to the Super bowl that TB won.
  8. But the honey badger gets the unsportsman call. We know Brady instigates lots of stuff.
  9. That Gronk out of the flat play is killing the KC defense
  10. If he did more on his routes than just returns, would not have lasted.
  11. no an excuse but a fact. She is young in her ref career.
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