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  1. McKAy is a snake and he is under AB thumb. McKay is smart and keeps everyone else away from AB so nothing comes at him. McKay can stay but needs to stay out of football operations after the GM is hired. He can make sure the stadium is good to go just stay away from ops.
  2. I get you could do this. _____________ had a butt of a game.
  3. I reread my post and I cannot give you a logical and factual reason. I think I was posting as just being a hurt fan of Georgia sports.
  4. I do not think it is the pick. It is getting rid of the a$$ hattery that we call a coaching staff.
  5. The playoff "dream" is over. Keep Koetter for the rest of the year then get rid of everyone right after week 17. Our future GM will see this stink. The biggest thing I want to see is who is playing and who has packed it in. Deon Jones seems like he has packed it in since he got paid. Grady, Oluokun and AJ Terrell came to play. Many others on that defense quit.
  6. Disrespect to you as a manager if they talk smack. Best I could get for you.
  7. Dude, we know we suck so you trying to rub it in does not hurt anymore. We have this junk the past two years plus. Plus we have seen the Braves fail us and some of us UGA fail us so we have come to accept the disappointment and failure. It does not hurt anymore when you are used to the failures.
  8. That was a hold. There are many areas the Saints have beat this team today but the refs have not called a fair game. These refs call the pety stuff on the Falcons but a blatant hold they let go. A blatant PI they let go. It has to be so evident that they call it on the Saints. DK and these refs can stay in New Orleans and rot.
  9. This team stayed in the half. This team quit. You can see it.
  10. Maybe he will zip up and get the franks stuck in the beans
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