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  1. I liked the trade when it happened initially until I saw what we gave up and what we got back. We did get Kemp from that trade down the line.
  2. Other teams beginning to explore sell-side moves, per Feinsand, are the Braves, Marlins, Mets, and Reds. Those clubs are all obvious suspects given their placement in the standings. Atlanta could be an interesting team, though, since the organization seems to be prioritizing improvement in the on-field results and doesn’t have a lot of clearly valuable trade pieces.
  3. A source tells Bondy that another possible Aldridge trade possibility to watch for is a sign-and-trade scenario involving Hawks big man Paul Millsap.
  4. This team is trending in the right direction. If we are .500 at the ASB then we have a fighters chance.
  5. "It’s going to be amazing." I wonder if he said it in his Donald Trump voice.
  6. And if traded adios
  7. If we move Bazeless then I could see them bringing back THJ and Sap. I see THJ coming back no matter what.
  8. Dang it, 30 teams, my bad. I always forget NBA and MLB have only 30.
  9. The only thing is the Plumlee contract is small so easily trade able. If the new GM can get Howard and Bazeless off our books then that is a good start. Get the assets to build for the future. Danny Ainge set up for the future and that fruit is coming in for the feast now. I hate the rebuild but if it brings young teachable talent then lets do it. The only thing I like about the trade back is that pick is not a guaranteed contact on the books now.
  10. Atlanta Hawks Woj: Hawks May Not Be Done Dealing June 21st, 2017 at 9:15pm CST by Luke Adams On The Vertical’s live show, Wojnarowski identified the Hawks as a team to watch on the trade market, suggesting that new GM Travis Schlenk may be looking to cut costs as he retools the roster. Kent Bazemore could be a trade candidate in Atlanta, per Wojnarowski. Just hearing this makes me
  11. Yes sir
  12. Yep, I hope we resign Millsap and not trade him. We need THJ also. oh well. Training camp starts in a little over a month for football. I am very optimistic about the Falcons and Bulldogs.