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  1. I have been showing this at work and stating this is how an Atlanta/Georgia fan feels
  2. I got a Sixers fan at work. He kept saying go Knicks, now he said if his boyz go down. He will root for the Nets. I am going to wear my hawks stuff in tomorrow.
  3. You are right but that team needs to talk as a team and start policing each other.
  4. This bullpen has a couple of good pieces and the rest are a major part of one of the problems. I just feel this team is broken. The Ozuna news just broke this team. They need some new juice.
  5. I will steal some off your plate but I want to see most consistency and get some more bats going.
  6. BRAVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I already called myself a moron. Just pour it on (sarcasm off)
  8. I am stupid. I was about to say "No, That was Contreras!" Wilson is his first name. I am a moron.
  9. Do we just get an extra inning hit
  10. That is all I can do is laugh
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