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  1. I would love him or Chubb
  2. Everything went wrong in Auburn. That was just a burn the tape game. Everything went Auburn's way. This game is in Atlanta on a neutral site. Different scenario. Swift has to be the decoy in that game. They focused on 7. We have to be check down charlie in that game. Hardman is a weapon and we can get mismatches and he will redeem in that game. I am not afraid of Alabama or Auburn. It is time to bring our talent forward. This is our time to start moving forward and be the hated team of college football. Time for our banners to start going up. I am ready. We just got to blast Tech in Atlanta.
  3. You are right but a man can ask for an early Christmas present.
  4. And Jake pulled "The Longest Yard play"
  5. Karma, Fromm throws the ball back to the ref and it smacks him in the head.
  6. Please run a sweep and take out the ref.
  7. I concur
  8. I concur
  9. I concur
  10. That is a catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I hope Ro comes back for his Senior year. I understand if he does not.
  12. He is saving himself for the NFL.
  13. this makes sense. 2011, LSU beat Bama, won SEC, Lost National title.
  14. SEC Championships 12 UGA SEC Division Champs 8 UGA /Auburn 8