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  1. I hope Crean ships our every current Junior or senior. They cannot be saved.
  2. Carter, shhhhhhh. Say he is good or Florida will get someone better. As Claude told Ray in the movie Life "Gas Money, Ray"
  3. I would love Kimbrel and Gonzalez.
  4. I like watching her work out better than Zeus.
  5. you are right. but with a talent infusion. It will change. I see us in the NIT next year and in the Tournament in 2 years. Major impact when this crop of freshman turn seniors.
  6. We are in a transition. It happened with CKS. That first year was hard. Once Crean gets his classes in. We will change. I am not saying a title but we will make it a lot harder for the SEC teams.
  7. I think this crew Will work for FSU. they have eligibility left
  8. bro, that had me dyin
  9. Livin the dream
  10. Been a while, how you been brother
  11. Shelton, I would like to get him.
  12. Give me Suh and McCoy for our defense.