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  1. It is April 5th and @Carter did not make the April recruiting thread. Carter is the good luck machine on this one. YOU CAN DO IT CARTER in my Rod Scheider voice in Waterboy.
  2. Gritz, Prayers for you and your family.
  3. The UGA won was funny. "You drive through Athens with your window down and they throw a diploma in your window. No, you have to stop first."
  4. Congrats man. there are things you need but the most important to stock up on are wipies, dipies, butt paste, A and D ointment (put it in the diapers and the pee and poop come off easier. Finally, if you use bottles then get the Dr Brown bottles. Those bottles will keep them from getting colic.
  5. If Ruggs is the BPA and we do not reach for another player. I can live with it. I might not like it but I can live with it. If we went a skill position then I would love Swift instead.
  6. I am insulted It took me 3 times (and I hold up 4 fingers) to pass the third grade.
  7. They got 600K from the state from the legal weed sales. (/purple)
  8. That is the highlight of this game. IT WAS NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 22 point lead gone. under 11 minutes in game. UGA leads 57-56
  10. Tak is a twitter killer
  11. Check out the 49ers board Some funny ones but some like "It is a game, what is wrong with you!!!" This ***** wysiwyg Veteran Posts: 13,485 Find deals on 49ers tickets ⇨ Kyle always falls apart at the end F**K YOU STEPHEN A I HOPE YOU AND MAHOMES DIE IN A HELICOPTER MOTHER******* Nice Facts Feb 2, 2020 at 7:17 PM #5607 rondoman Veteran Posts: 492 Kyle Shanahan has been oustcored 46-0 in the 4th quarter and OT in his 2 Super Bowls as an OC or head coach. Playing not to lose. Sitting on the ball with 90 seconds togo in the first half. Kicking a fg at the 25 on 4th and 2 in the 2nd half. Then on the most important drive of the season starts with an 18 yard run by Mostert and after that not a single run was called. Absolutely inexplicable.
  12. Reporter to Kyle Shanhan: How does it feels to blow 2 Super Bowls KS: Next Question
  13. Welp, on to the offseason with a smile.
  14. The city of Kansas city has seen two champions in the last 5 years. Atl still waiting.
  15. Damien Williams will get the nod.