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  1. Arkansas "I am going to crush it out there."
  2. Ryu is doing this to Riley
  3. When was the last time Flow...Weeds (cannot call him the other thing yet) had a two hit game.
  4. Our catching position I think has 3 Hrs and 8 RBIs.
  5. I agree with @AUTiger7222, If Albies is injured. HE needs to sit and heal.
  6. Big City, Big country, Big planet, what ever big he is smack a big home run.
  7. i can see us watching the Robbie Ray, Mike Clevinger and Michael Boyd markets. Those teams make a nose dive then we might make a move. I want to see Ian Anderson, Patrick Weigel and Kyle Mueller.
  8. I am bummed out. I do not drink that much any more but I am about to go and get the Maker's Mark.
  9. Just heard on MLB Network. Soroka out for season. Torn Achilles.
  10. That Freddie Freeman play just shows how this night has gone.
  11. If the Billionaire owner gets him that is a fan. Watch out. The Wilpons are the Rankin Smiths for the Mets.
  12. I just did a search. It would have been crazy what we would have gotten and given up. https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2016/3/10/11192510/the-yankees-and-braves-almost-made-a-blockbuster-trade
  13. Replace Weeds with Contreras at catcher.
  14. Folty, Newk and Chacin are just stealing money.
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