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  1. Yeah, I think system alone will be the greatest improvement to the OL. Still a couple of questions at LG and Center, but at least our system will help them out.
  2. I'm more concerned about Center than what happens without Julio. Anyone remember that Person playing center before we got Mack? It was a disaster. I've never under estimated the importance of a good center since then.
  3. I'm not missing the point. I agreed that he's smart. We also agreed that it's unlikely that athletes would get their "academic scholarships" without athletics. Football, in his case.
  4. Right. Even their athletes are super smart. But without athletics, the academic expectations are veritably unattainable.
  5. No. But if the Titans were smart, they should be looking to deal Henry while he's hot.
  6. Totally agree. But while they might not have football scholarships, they often do use scholarships for other things on football players.
  7. What do you think dead cap money is? That's teams living up to their end of the contract when they cut players.
  8. Yeah, that's a lot. Probably more than just happenstance in a very physical game.
  9. Could be! But I do hope (and expect) that we check him out, and decide using all available information.
  10. It's a question of risk v reward. I'm assuming he's very cheap. If he's continued his recovery during the time he has not been utilized, he might be a solid contributor. If he's not as healthy and not recovered, I'd hope it wouldn't be a large investment lost. I'm not going to bat for the guy, but seems like a situation worth checking out. Could be like a Frank Gore type situation.
  11. I think he's been healthy for the last year or so - I think he just got buried by Swift.
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