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  1. I can't imagine he'd be that expensive. I'd like to have him back, but at a back-up/rotational price. I like him blocking kicks. I like him in rotation on the DL, both at LE and DT.
  2. Better than doubling down on stupid.
  3. All those teams are headed for the Superb Owl.
  4. Totally get those two plays leaving a bad taste in your mouth for both players, but objectively they weren't bad.
  5. He played for the Falcons for 11 years. You're citing one play in 11 years.
  6. Oh, I know. I'm not saying he wasn't. I'm just saying he can be both a little overrated, while still being really good. He's not a borderline HOF, or anything.
  7. The thing is, he probably was overrated, in the number of pro bowls he made; but he was still really really good.
  8. WTF is Brooking doing on that list? He was a routine, and well deserving Pro Bowler? Most likely a Falcons Ring of Honor member sooner or later.
  9. My takeaway was the extra practice they got in the playoffs. I was feeling bad about having fewer days of OTAs, but that takes the edge off quite a bit.
  10. The main rule change to effect our team will be the celebrations. We're going to have a lot of them, and they will have plenty of practice, so I expect them to be elaborate after the bye.
  11. Grady Jarrett thinks he's wrong.
  12. Borrowing money for under 4% if often referred to as "free money." If you're hyper conservative, you can get bonds or annuities that pay a guaranteed 5%.
  13. That's not a $220k house here in Atlanta, either. Even up in Flowery Branch, that's a $400k+ house.
  14. Same. Bizarre to me. I mean...take the money while you can. When you're done in a couple years, then go pursue whatever $50,000/year entry level role you dream of. Not that he asked me.