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  1. You know another word for "ALMOST?" "DIDN'T."
  2. I really hope the helmet works to prevent brain injuries. And to keep him from biting his teammates, for that matter.
  3. All posts are valid... right? I just remember all the folks taking exception to Schraeder since he wasn't drafted. That dude was a great find and was a really good player for a few years. ✨
  4. But Gono wasn't drafted.
  5. Health was huge. But I don't think he gets nearly enough credit for what he got out of Freeman. He made Freeman rich, when we should have just waited to see what he was when coached by Sark.
  6. He's 26. That should be his biggest contract. Julio is 30. Let's just say I'm wary about what we are going to do, and how it impacts our future.
  7. I hear you. I don't think you went overboard with anything specifically. I quoted you but I think I might have been responding to the overall tone of the thread. I hope we get a best case scenario and it plays out the way we all can rationalize. I've done that too much in the past to expect it again. Maybe a case of Falcon burnout. I dunno.
  8. Man, I've wanted to be high on the DLine for so long, and would love to be as optimistic as you are. But does this line really do anything for you on paper? The only one who's any better than OK is Grady, who I think is a top 5 DT. The others are a mix of 'just ok,' 'great potential,' 'role player,' and 'if he stays healthy' kinds of guys. I'd love for them to be a 'greater than the sum of their parts' group, but it's been a while since I've seen a reason to believe or expect that will be the case. I hate to be a downer at this time of year, but I think it would be a lot of career years and guys exceeding expectations in order to achieve what some of the hopes in this thread seem to be.
  9. When he loses his wheels he can extend his career as a QB.
  10. I totally get that perspective, and I would vote to move on (if voting for a HC was a thing) if we didn't see reasons for optimism. Changing head coaches is normally just a setback for success - of at least 2 years. For me, in Quinn's case, patience should be the rule. I think he'll get us there if we ride with him.
  11. It'll get back to top 15, barring injuries of course.
  12. I love what that would mean for out defense. But I'd be amazed if that happens.
  13. I'm in the camp of the closer to where the ball is snapped, the more important the position.