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  1. Right now, instead of benching him, I think we ought to be looking at where he can still provide value. Try Gono at RT and see if Schreader can slide in and play OG. Maybe as he's getting older, he's just struggling with playing in space. He's not going to be easy to cut next year, but we need to have a plan for moving on from him.
  2. Why would we want this? They haven't been good since 2016. I get that we need to fix our OL, but these guys are both done. They are NFL RB's. They have a short shelf life and are replaceable. We need to move on. It's just a shame we married ourselves to Freeman at least for 2019.
  3. This thread really ought to be deleted.
  4. I think the deciding factor should be whether we're going to need to give Julio a new contract. There's no way we should be paying a WR who is 30 and has an injury history more money when that money could be spent on the lines or on defense. His on-field value to us is declining just as a factor of age. At the same time, I think his trade value would remain high to a team intrigued by his marketability value and his gaudy numbers.
  5. But if we are playing to see what we have on the roster, I'd really like to see what we have in Gono. We know that Sombrello is not the future of the position. Gono might be.
  6. We're working on the managing it part.
  7. I use the Falcons to teach my 6 year old about disappointment, and how to manage it.
  8. I think there's a chance we could either give Beasley another deal to save on the $12MM or possibly trade him to another team who will. He's an NFL player, but a severe disappointment for his draft position and probably more like a #3 pass rushing specialist, rather than the premier pass rusher we were hoping and expecting him to be. Fusco stays, and I hope we draft a couple of OG to come in and 1) start 2) push for the second Guard spot.
  9. Yeah, Julio is going to want even more money on a new deal this year. And meanwhile we're bumping our heads on the cap ceiling, and need to retool our OL AND DL. IMO, Julio is dispensable in terms of winning (maybe not in terms of marketing), and he has trade value - a lot of it. He's also getting to an age where decline in play becomes a risk. If we want to execute the strategy of winning in the trenches, it only makes sense to me to shift the investment dollars there, and using Julio for his trade value.
  10. See what Gono could do while we're at it. We know what Schreader can (and can't) do...
  11. I thought he was a #2 TE, but he's definitely turned out to be a quality #1.
  12. I think this is where we are missing Allen... but honestly, watching Trufant, it looks like he is lacking the 'want to.'
  13. If only we could get that year's running game...
  14. A lot of free agent acquisitions it takes me a while before I consider them "Falcon," but I'm thinking Irvin is already "Falcon."
  15. The Raiders are unloading EVERYONE.