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  1. Yeah, I'm not necessarily writing these guys off as just camp bodies. They may be back of roster reserves or Plan D guys.
  2. Garrison Smith 2014 Draft Profile UGA 6'1" 310LBS Overview 2013: Started in all 13 games he played in. Had 63 tackles, 10 tackles for loss and six sacks. 2012: Played in 14 games, making eight starts. Totaled 57 tackles, two tackles for loss and a fumble recovery. 2011: Played in 14 games with two starts, making 22 tackles and three tackles for loss. 2010: Appeared in seven games. Analysis Strengths Versatile -- lined up as a three-technique, played some nose tackle and base end. Flashes some strength and agility to keep working to come free. Weaknesses Short, squatty and undersized. Marginal athletic ability. Makes few plays laterally and is late to arrive. Struggles to control blockers. Is late to locate the ball -- does not feel blocking pressure and stays blocked. Motor runs hot and cold. Very limited closing speed. Minimal pass-rush potential. Draft Projection Priority free agent Bottom Line Tough, try-hard, slow-footed plodder. Make plays at him, but does not distinguish his play in any way. Offers some versatility and will have to fend for a job in a rotation.
  3. Justin Zimmer 2016 Draft Analysis 6'3" 292 Analysis Strengths Incredible upper body strength. Crushed out 44 reps at his pro day. Can expose blockers with core strength issues quickly. Uses pad level and hip snap at point of attack to generate leverage and pop when 2­-gapping. Carries his weight well across his muscled frame. Can power through a blocker's edge as pass rusher. Three year starter with booming production spike as a senior. Highly intelligent. Weaknesses Tests out more athletically than he plays. Plays with some stiffness in his lower body which limits his bend and suddenness. Inconsistent anchor. Average pursuit range and quickness when forced to move laterally. Was able to dominate his level of competition with pure power over skill. Will need develop a go-­to move and counter as a pass rusher. Bottom Line Muscular strong­man in the middle with the physical measurables to catch the attention of teams. With a little better bend and leverage, Zimmerman could become a more consistent anchor in the middle, but he might not have the athleticism in his playing style to translate all of that senior season production into anything more than a back-­end roster spot. -Lance Zierlein
  4. That I agree with. I've done about a million first-pick and fanspeak mocks, and I don't think any of them include me picking a RB in Rd2. But I wouldn't be upset with Chubb by any means.
  5. I'd think more on the RT side. Let McGlinchey play swing and let Schraeder play out his contract. He's getting to be fairly old (30 in just a couple weeks), and this is year 3 of a 5 year contract. But I mean- McG would be like a 10th contingency.
  6. First, 3rd string RB gets snaps these days. Especially since we have a pair of leading RB's who both have a propensity for injury. Second, he'd only be a 3rd RB for a season. After that he'd be a part of the starting duo.
  7. Shoot, they probably ruled out half the guys after meeting them.
  8. I am expecting Speaks to be a day 2 pick. I like him as a base DE who could reduce to DT on passing downs.
  9. I wouldn't have a problem with VE if he fell and our DT prospects were gone, but to give up picks to go after him and then not be able to get a later DT that we NEED - man, I'd be pissed.
  10. I really can't imagine a OG in the first. I disagree that Bryan is overrated, but I also think he'll be gone at 26. If we're able to go DT in the first it needs to either be a NT/DT who can move (Vitae/Payne - both likely gone as well) or a DE who reduces inside (Bryan). I really don't know who would be next that would fit one of those molds - maybe Green, or Harrison Phillips, but 26 seems crazy early for either of those guys. On the other hand Dimitroff has never seemed caught up on pundit projected draft position, so if they see someone as 'their guy,' I don't think they give a shiv about over drafting someone. So other needs in the first could be a LB/S tweener - we've been looking at a lot of those, per Falcoholic. Ronnie Harrison seems like a guy who could play either S or OLB. TE or WR seem like the other way we could go there.
  11. The problem (or one problem of several) with trading up in this draft for a player that's not a DT is that it forces us to hit on DT/DL later in the draft, and with fewer picks. Right now, it's a gaping chasm of a hole. I'd rather use a more likely to hit pick for DT, and then hedge by double or even triple dipping at the position than putting all our luck on a single second round or later pick.
  12. I'll be honest- I just checked their schedule in hopes that they played the Patriots, in hopes that that front would end Brady's career.
  13. I'm going to start using that phrase. I'm not sure how, but I'm just going to work it into conversations from meow on.
  14. Well, Poe did...
  15. I thought last year we should draft a DT looking ahead to this hole. I like a few of the guys this year- I could see drafting two, and wouldn't be sad if we got 3.