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  1. I'm super curious about how Harris and Buccanon will do. If they even prove to be solid contributors, those guys could change the landscape of our Defense.
  2. I agree. Bad system. Bad coaching. Negative environment. Any of those can lead to a player being a 'bust,' but a bust in one team doesn't mean they are just no good anywhere. So we bring in a 1st rounder that didn't work out elsewhere - they can even under-perform compared to their draft status, and they can be solid contributors at some level.
  3. If our DL improves, all our CBs will look better. Our Defense will only be as good as our Line.
  4. As Fans we can all argue how good we'll be when everything works out. Harris COULD see his high first round potential. Takk could be a madman ON the field. Fowler could blossom due to chemistry with DQ. Davidson arrives pro-ready. Cominsky is a diamond in the rough. No one gets injured. But in reality not all that's going to happen, and we don't know which will or won't. All I'm hopeful for is to be in the top half of the league in important defensive stats. And that's all I think we need to be to make a serious playoff run with what our offense should be and has been.
  5. Totally agree about the running game. Get the run established to help out the OTs. Also our OG situation was rough. If that gets fixed, we'll be able to run better and the OTs won't have to compensate as much for OGs. But it all needs to improve.
  6. I mean I remember the conversation about Roddy vs. Julio and when/if Julio would overtake Roddy as #1 WR. I don't feel like there's much of a conversation like that here. Julio is the clear #1 until his body gives way.
  7. Yeah, I mean not to take away from the guy, but Ryan, Julio, Gurley, Jarrett, D. Jones all stand to be more valuable players than Ridley.
  8. DeCoud was concussed and never played the same. Same could be said about Freeman.
  9. If he wants to learn to bag properly, he needs to go to Trader Joe's. Publix will crack your eggs and bruise your bananas.
  10. That was a garbage pick. Build from the inside out. Period. Our DL still sucks.
  11. Everything is worth what the purchaser will pay for it. By definition. That does not imply that there is a good relative value.
  12. Freeman did not add any wealth at all.
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