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  1. Freeman did not add any wealth at all.
  2. I hope you're wrong... but I can't flame you for that.
  3. I like big backs, but I've never cared if they were tall. Just a compact load that hurts when they make impact is fine.
  4. Press Release: Atlanta Falcons leave NFL for the newly formed XFL.
  5. Right now I think we've got some of the better uniforms in the league. But I do prefer those helmets by a long shot. I'd prefer to update our 1960s look to 2020, rather than update the current look.
  6. Pass Rush & Running game. That's it. We really should have made every effort to retain more of that 2016 coaching staff as well.
  7. I'm not going to fight you on it. But I haven't been a fan for quite a while. He was good in 2016, but IMO, no better than good. And that was under Shannahan, who has a history of making backs look much better than they are. I thought resigning him with a year left on his contract, while switching to a new OC was a really bad idea. I'm fully ready to move on. I'd prefer to find a feature back early in the draft, but if not, I'd still be ready to see what Hill or Ollison could do in Freeman's absence.
  8. I would release Freeman for the roster space alone. Any savings beyond that is gravy.
  9. Our OL was bad at times this year. But Freeman is bad whether or not the OL shows up.
  10. They keep expecting Freeman to have another like 2016, which was an anomaly... with Shannahan.
  11. That's funny. This years team reminds me a lot of the 2018 team.
  12. Yeah, I think that's a problem. Any time we've had success or not enough of it, we've ended up with a different OC. IF we had an offensive minded coach we could at least keep the same offensive systems for more than 2 years. I'm sure there are opposing opinions, but it seems like changing a DC and a defensive scheme is an easier transition
  13. Nice. Tactical victories for a strategic loss.
  14. Quinn should go because one week we can beat the Saints, and the next lose to Tampa Bay. There's a problem with consistency here. The problem is gutting the team is just another hard reset.