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  1. Yeah, I expect that of him. But that's an area I want to be deep with starter quality. Rotate them and keep them coming hot. There are a few I really like from 2nd to maybe 5th round. At least based on PFN sims and DraftNetwork rankings.
  2. If you trade back this year, there's a possibility of getting a 1st from a perennially bad team or one that (by sheer luck) has an off year. That's your QB pick next year, and I'd look at Ridder, Howell, Daniels, or whomever rises.
  3. Yeah, we need to add to the DL. I'd like to see 2 - a NT type (I think Alim could be that guy) and a 3 tech who can penetrate as a DT and then play DE in the 3-4 fronts we show. That might cause a log jam, but I'd much rather have that problem than the lack of talent that we have in the interior DL now. It's Grady and a whole bunch of other guys. We need a couple of guys who can make an impact and take away from the attention Grady gets.
  4. I don't see that at all. McNeill is a NT who can move and occasionally get some penetration. But most of what he offers to the pass rush is pushing the pocket and occupying double teams. Grady has been forced into some NT, but that really prevents him from being able to do the other things he really excels at - he seems like more of a 3-tech who CAN do more than that in a pinch.
  5. I don't think it's likely, but he's SO inexperienced and his sample size it tiny at a small program - it just wouldn't blow my mind either. He'd need to go to a team that has a situation where he could sit and learn for a couple years before pressure is put on him. We have that situation. I'd still rather see someone like Zaven Collins or a handful of other defenders or OL in the second.
  6. 2nd is where it starts to matter who slips. I don't see it happening, but if Lance falls that far? Sure. Mac Jones? Maybe. Trask? 3rd.
  7. I think it's assumed, but we're implying, 'not take one in the 1st round.' Correct? I mean we couldn't even run a practice right now, much less have a back up for a series if Matt needs to shake off a heavy hit.
  8. The 1977 Falcons gave up 9.2 PPG. So yes, better than the 85 Bears. We just had **** for offense, so we didn't win anything, and no one remembers. lol
  9. I couldn't decide whether to 'like' or 'laugh.' That man was ridiculous, but the Gritz Blitz was for real.
  10. He won't be here long enough to have that distinction, and he won't be able to have the best single season, either.
  11. Seriously. Rod Moore doesn't sound cheap. There's no cap on coaching spend, so might as well get what advantage we can.
  12. "Gotta have" I guess might be strong. But he's my draft crush, and my favorite RB coming out this year. We'll see how the draft plays out, but at least in mocks and sims, he appears to be very undervalued in comparison to Harris or Etienne. And I think he'll not only be a better value, but just plain better than either.
  13. He's 2 years younger than Etienne and Harris, and SO well rounded. And did what he did without an OL to speak of. He did have a good QB and RB running mate, though.
  14. I'd trade as far back as we could in the first round to get as many 2nd & 3rds this year, and a 1st next year to plan for picking up a QB. I'd do that with multiple trade backs, instead of one big blockbuster. Of course that opinion is colored by 37 sims a day. IMO, we don't need (as in have to have) a super star really anywhere. We need a butt ton of quality starters and quality depth pieces. Javonte Williams is my only gotta-have-him guy. I think he'll end up being the best RB of this draft.
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