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  1. I thought I read that he didn't do his mission, and was therefore a 'normal' age coming out of college.
  2. He's more than welcome to join so many other transplants in Atlanta. But he can stay away from the Falcons, thank you very much.
  3. He's worth like $250Million. He takes home a few million for a few minutes a year doing silly Nationwide spots with that country guy. No stress. No pressure in his life - at least from the outside looking in. Why would he do that?
  4. The question, though, is was Gilbert a bust because of Gilbert or was Gilbert a bust because of the Browns? I'd always be interested in picking up Browns or Jets busts to see if those talented guys would succeed in a different franchise.
  5. I'll go to bed happy at halftime, and wake up disappointed.
  6. Coaching lost us 2 games and kept us from being competitive in the SEA game. It's always more than 1 thing, but it's coaching that's keeping us from respectability.
  7. This is an aside to the thread, but something I've thought about before. The NFL owners are basically the pinnacle of their respective industries: retail entrepreneurs, food stuffs, technology; all kinds of companies that don't compete against each other, but that have dominated their respective spaces. NFL is where those cross-industry giants come together to compete.
  8. That's ridiculous. He's putting money into The Falcons. He's been great for the city of Atlanta. I mean some of his decisions haven't worked out like we hoped, but it's not like he was caught hanging with Epstein (who did not kill himself).
  9. I mean... just f*****g punt! After the first 4th down conversion attempt, Quinn had lost the game. That was a major panic move.
  10. Ok, but it's not an either/or situation between him and Bucannon. I really thought Deon would be -at worst- great depth/solid contributor. Of course, I didn't watch camp, and there was no preseason to go on, so I'll just shrug it off and assume it's for the best.
  11. I don't see how they can really rely on Neal remaining healthy.
  12. He was also much better when Lindstrom came back. He was by himself out there next to ... was it Brown or Carpenter? There's a lot of room for improvement to be sure, but a full off-season of conditioning, not having (known) medical problems, and stabilizing that RG spot will help him a ton.
  13. Not interested in him, but JAX is one of those teams that doesn't seem to be able to ever do anything with the talent they have. Put him in a functioning organization in a system that uses his talents well, and he's a different player. Probably different in the locker room as well.
  14. Agreed... but I do hope he's available in week 17, and into February.
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