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  1. And the offense responds with, "28-3."
  2. I hardly ever watch college football... but wow. Yeah, college kids look like babies.
  3. That's hilarious.
  4. Post starts out about Russell Wilson. Ends OP genealogy. Concise and to the point as ever. Nice thread.
  5. It's legitimately hard to tell these days. It looks like yes- but in a tongue in cheek kind of way.
  6. Well.... on the bright side, our Coordinators & Assistants won't be lured away to coach other teams. And we're going to get a pretty high draft pick.
  7. Yeah, if we win this and then go on to be the team we thought they would be, then I'll get over the Bills & Fins losses quickly. It shows that we were hung over in a sense, and were looking ahead to play the Pats again. Not ideal, but if that gets us back on track and refocused on the mission, then that's understandable.
  8. Yeah... which is basically what happened with Tampa.
  9. I think having those two guys out effected us the most. Beasley is a better individual contributor, but I think Allen's ability to line up the defense is huge in the overall performance of the D.
  10. No kidding... but as I said- we don't know the whole situation, so it's presumptuous to flatly call him a woman beater. And don't misquote me. I did not type the statement you've -for some reason- quoted as me.
  11. Oh, I wasn't saying I was special. Only that if I thought it was a fumble, I would have been jumping out of my seat, screaming. The play happened right in front of my section, pretty much. There was no doubt in my mind... meh. Whatever. It's not changing, eh?
  12. I wouldn't hate this. Of course we don't know his whole... domestic situation.
  13. Did it not? Yeah, I agree that the 10-yard-forward-fumble-through-the-air-off-Ryan's-hand-that-landed-on-the-ground was the bigger mistake and had the bigger impact. I was there, and I didn't even have a reaction at first because it was so obviously coming back --- and then it didn't.
  14. I think Ryan is struggling because of Schraeder being out. There's never just one reason, but I think that's the biggest.
  15. Or a 3rd & 17 that was a first down after a 16 yard gain. There was a lot going on that could have turned this in favor of the good guys. Fact remains it's hard to make excuses when you lose a really sloppy game. I didn't see enough to panic - I'll just say that the bye week was perfect.