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  1. If only we had 11 guys like Matt on defense. We have maybe one.
  2. The time for that was before we gave him that absurd contract.
  3. If Ridley’s success is Jones, why would Matt need to throw to Ridley? Jones would be getting himself open in scoring situations. Julio makes some tough catches. He’s an excellent receiver all in all. But he isn’t a scorer because he lumbers in tight spaces and is incapable of making the quick, cuts in traffic that guys Ridley’s size can. Atlanta could’ve dealt him and picked up a highly skilled vet at less than half the price, and this offense would’ve functioned exactly the same. We’d also have had draft picks and cap to add more to our defense. Instead, we saddled ourselves wi
  4. Because he always gets a pass. He’s been an excellent weapon, but he’s also been one of the most overrated players. Ridley is now WR1 on this team. Matt isn’t throwing to him when it matters for no reason. Ridley gets open and makes money plays.
  5. It wouldn’t shock me at all if this team went on a winning streak if they fired him today and put Dirk in charge the rest of the year. What they need is basic competence at the position. Quinn is the definition of incompetence as a HC.
  6. Not to mention, Dirk is not the problem, either. The problem is as it has been for eons, it seems. We can’t field a viable defense that can get pressure, make adjustments and get off the field on third down. Even worse, our HC, front office and ownership seem intent on sabotaging any attempt to build one (see 2012 and 2017 most recently). They like flashy offense to presumably sell tickets and merchandise. Winning is an afterthought.
  7. Let me say first that Matt is the absolute greatest player in team history, and it’s not even close. He’s my favorite player as well, which is saying a ton since I go back to 1975 with this team. I would love for Matt to get another shot at a ring. He deserves it after all the beatings that tough sob has endured due to this incompetent organization. The problem is this: His contract doesn’t allow us to just cut or trade him and walk away clean. Try 2022 on that. That being the case, even if we had a top five pick to use on him, Fields, etc., do we basically grab a bench warmer r
  8. Not one soul said that about BB. He’s also, by light years, the exception to the rule. He also cut his HC teeth with somebody else, Cleveland, in fact. Let’s also not overlook the fact that he was blessed with coaching in a division without one single viable QB to face (and hardly ever a viable team) in 20 years, all the while getting stupid lucky that a 6th round, nobody QB draft pick turned into a HOFer at the most critical position in the sport. We aren’t a young team with the luxury of a 2-3 year rebuild ahead. We need a guy with a proven system, because otherwise, we m
  9. No thanks. Not another unproven guy whose only claim to fame is standing next to the actual brains of an outfit. We need a proven NFL head coach who has done it all before.
  10. If I’m right, then there’s no point in talking about college level particulars, when it’s only Harbaugh’s NFL performance that is relevant. It’s like saying Spurrier is a terrible coach because he didn’t win in the NFL.
  11. College can’t be compared to pro in any way, particularly when it comes to personnel.
  12. You know what I like about him? His arrogance is well earned. I’m all about a track record of performance. He deserves total control over a roster and the purse strings.
  13. True, but just as I wanted before Quinn, I still want a highly experienced NFL head coach running this team. I’m over rolling the dice with unknowns with a veteran team, especially one that is committed to this path contractually for at least 2 years. I’d put Rex in charge before I went with another nobody. At least I know he’d build a defense worth putting on the field.
  14. I logged in for the first time in who knows when to respond to this post, because it’s absolutely right. This entire team is built for one purpose: to be flashy on offense, even as they continually play subpar football. Get the rubes in the tent. Paying Julio that absurd contract rather than dealing him to build this defense was proof positive. You mentionEd 2017, when we played a comparatively boring brand of football, we also had a stout defense. What happened? TD dismantled it. Go back to the post 2012 offseason. Same thing. Blank and his entire business model is PT Bar
  15. If everybody would stop being imbeciles and realize it’s just a flu strain, the world wouldn’t be so utterly stupid right now. But they are, and they don’t, so it is.
  16. I’ll be here at home, watching some great live sports on espn... oh, wait...
  17. I’ve had my eye on him recently. He’d make a very good pick for our interior, imo.
  18. I think if we did a big move up, and we assume that Young, Okudah and Brown are unattainable, that only leaves Simmons as the obvious target. Most mocks put Kinlaw, Epinesa and Fulton in our draft range right now, and wouldn’t require much of a move as they’re similarly rated players. Simmons, on the other hand, will very likely require a late top ten pick.
  19. Exactly this. Bart era reds as the alternates.
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