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  1. He mentions we had a spy, but in an obvious dig, he says ‘you might not have noticed’ week one. I wonder who the somebody was whose name shall not be mentioned? 😄
  2. It’s a good thing he’s not at FSU anymore, then. 😄
  3. A Matt Ryan side note, fun fact. The Eagles of Boston College are 4-0, and the last time they started a season 4-0, Matt was their QB.
  4. I will only say this, and I won’t be responding to any quotes. Everybody throughout history when trying to push a limit on elicit activity for personal gain, has always claimed that society won’t suffer negative consequences because of that one little thing. Activities such as recreational drug use, that are generally considered elicit and illegal, are done as much for maintaining a good society as they are about the drug’s effects. It’s the definition of a Pandora’s Box. One group claims one little change won’t matter in the big picture, then the next group comes along with their agenda, pushing the line a little farther. In a matter of a few generations, we go from a great, decent, moral society, to a society riddled with violence, the destruction of family units, the embrace of every abhorrent behavior that happens to cross some nutbag’s warped mind, and the list of a million tiny cuts goes on endlessly. It culminates in a relativistic society where there is no Faith, no good, no evil, no absolute right or wrong, morality is a swear word, because how dare a society judge any behavior of others, no matter how abhorrent it is? But hey, it’s just weed, right?
  5. But it was crazy entertaining, am I right?
  6. I’m curious why everybody clamoring for legal drugs around here aren’t doing the same for PEDs. The players aren’t hurting anyone else, they’re just enhancing their marketability in their profession, and the product customers get is potentially much more entertaining, right? Just a passing thought. 😏
  7. I like the black ones, and the gradient actually looks better on the field than it did in the pics. I absolutely the hate the white ones. But all in all, I just wanted the 66 throwbacks to be our every day uniforms. They're the best ones we ever had.
  8. I think for sure it threw a wrench into their plan. But, the choice to just roll with the rookie was highly questionable considering everybody with eyes saw the PS line play. There were vets out there that could've already come in and started and done much better.
  9. To be honest, there's a handful of guys on the street that I know for certain are better than some guys we have on the roster. I know we aren't exactly cash rich, but if the goal is to field the best team we can, I find it to be kind of a head scratcher.
  10. Yeah, week one we were barely playing Go Fish while Philly was playing chess. Last week, we were at least playing Chutes and Ladders. 😄
  11. To be fair, I think it’s more that we use a condensed term saying lack of talent. Most of us would call it a lack of ‘usable’ talent right now. Guys have raw ability, but developmentally, they aren’t nearly where they need to be to be reliable pieces. That’s where your point about speed of the game really comes into play.
  12. Yep I agree. And if the new guy is calling his own plays, he really needs to be able to compartmentalize and delegate well. Like McVay in LA. He had Wade in there to run the defense. I doubt he paid an ounce of attention to that side of the ball. I don't know if Smith does that with Pees, but he should.
  13. Agreed, and I hate that, because he was showing a ton of improvement last year, imo. But, that being said, I'd literally try him at LG and put another guy out at RT. Maybe McGary can find a home in there with protection on both sides. I just think tackles are a little overrated in importance in today's game over, say, 10+ years ago. What QBs really need is a clean area in front of them to work. Most can step up into that pocket away from edge rushers if the OTs can at least ride the rusher wide and upfield.
  14. Yep. Everything on offense revolves around OL play. We won't see a dramatic improvement until we get G-C-G playing at a high level. So far, we've only managed to get that from one of those spots. Henny is moving into that 'has no excuse' territory, so he needs to shape up immediately. LG is just a nightmare. I thought maybe one of the new PS guys could get up to speed enough to help out. That's where I disagree with Smith. I'm not interested in the psyche of a player. He's either performing or not. If he's not, you try someone else, in this case a vet, and he can go work on becoming better if he wants his job back. If benching him makes him fall apart mentally, then he was never the answer in the first place.
  15. Love all three of those points. ESPECIALLY the last one. Double H was a big part of our offense last year, and we brought in a coach who loves using TEs supposedly. He has shown his hands are very reliable and he has a nose for first downs. Yet, Hurst has barely touched the field it seems like so far. The article is basically right that, outside of our talent level issue that isn't going away in 21, Smith's decision making is the next biggest issue. I'm chalking it up to inexperience as the head guy, but he definitely needs to learn to not take a piss without a plan, much like those Ruskies in Hunt for Red October.
  16. Yeah that didn’t help, man. 😄 But then I don’t waste much time on power rankings or PFF scores, QBR, etc. All that junk rose up out of fantasy football, which I loathe. 😄
  17. Josh Harris. He’s going to snap to himself, then punt.
  18. I admit, I don’t even know what those letters stand for. 😄
  19. FYI, you can’t have a losing ‘streak’ numbered in days when a team is sitting on the couch 8 months with no opportunity to win a game.
  20. Really the operative name there is the QB. Teams not paying QBs are always swimming in cap space.
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