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  1. I’m not at all surprised to see Brees there, too. Both of those guys have had to work with some absolutely awful defenses over the years.
  2. Admission: I'm getting more enamored with AV-T than I am with either Sewell or Slater. He looks like day one legit.
  3. LOL, true. I, for one, hope we've balanced out the impact talent on our roster by then, so the cap is more evenly distributed to offense and defense. Right now the D is in a 40m deficit.
  4. I think one thing that isn’t getting enough focus is TF talking about using FA to fill glaring needs, so that we can be flexible in the draft. If we use that method, I’m guessing that safety, RB, LG, CB and DL have to be the focal points during free agency. I’m not sure we can get someone at all of those spots, but that’s where I’d put my money.
  5. True, and people remark about our having so many holes to fill with half the roster scheduled to head out. If I'm Smith and TF, I'm happy as can be. I don't have to worry about trying to deal with tons of holdover players I don't want but can't get rid of. I have an opportunity to build with guys I want right out of the gate, while still having a star QB, a young OL of top picks, and 2 top tier WRs on offense, and 3 pieces on defense in Grady, Debo and AJ to build around.
  6. I should also add in here, that as cap-obsessed as everybody is this particular offseason, our situation will improve dramatically next year, so it's really just a one year challenge. In 23, once Julio is off the books, and Matt (assuming he's still the guy) moving into the 1+option stage of his career, we'll be swimming in cash like that Monopoly guy. 🤑
  7. As far as the hard decisions go, it's fairly cut and dried on who could be restructed/gone, really. Expect Matt and Julio to restructure, maybe Grady. Expect Fowler and Carpenter, and possibly Jamison to be a June 1 cuts. The midnight oil is probably the language of the restructures, finding the actual numbers on the cuts/restructures, and getting it to jibe with what TF and Smith want to have available for FA. At this point, they have to have already put together most of their wish list. FA isn't far away. 😲
  8. He's one of my wants, though I hope he's a 4-5 steal.
  9. Agreed. He's too young to tossed aside without given a chance. The influence of Matt can do nothing but enhance the kid's understanding of playing pro ball. Like you say, if he appears to take a leap forward in development, extend him, if not, you haven't thrown the future at him by taking a QB at 4 to sit and stare.
  10. Where’s the fun in that? I’d much rather have the option to endlessly shame someone. 😄
  11. I'd guess so in that scenario. If he was, I'd take old crab legs for a backup around here. 😄
  12. For sure this offseason could see unprecedented turnover at the QB spot. Here's a scenario for you... Miami drafts a QB, trades Tua to New Orleans. 😄
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