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  1. For a couple of days it was fun reading their meltdown. Now it's just sad, bordering on pathetic. It wasn't that bad here after the SB loss. (Apologies in advance for any offended parties) It's like the aftermath of the presidential election. At first it was funny watching the meltdown. Then it became clear many of those folks had developed a serious mental illness over an election, of all things. I sincerely hope they take time off from sports and regain their sanity, because wow.
  2. The fact that they are able to have someone reading over each applicant to find something to be offended by tells you how small their membership rolls are. I've been a member since 2006, so they mostly ignore me as long as I rarely post, and say absolutely nothing controversial, lol.
  3. One of my major customers is a Pats fan. Imagine having to sit there and be polite and congratulatory because his company accounts for 250k per year to my business, when I really just wanted to tell him to go to ****, lol.
  4. Let's not get carried away.
  5. I should add in here, if the NFL was serious about fixing an actual dangerous problem in their rules, they'd ban the offensive stiff arm by RBs, QBs and WRs. This is called on DL all the time for shoving the OL heads back. The same whiplash effect happens when ball carriers do it, yet crickets from the NFL. There are a lot more pressing problems in the rules than reviewing a PI.
  6. I'm sure he already told them to let someone else do it. He has babies at home that need attention.
  7. Well, the good news is, this is home, and he's getting older. That should put negotiations in a better place out of the gate.
  8. I was glad we picked him up. He'll definitely soften the blow of having to replace a vet if it comes to that. A full year back in this system and hopefully he'll have a big year.
  9. If only Smitty and TD had grabbed Aaron Donald after having him at the Senior Bowl. Not hating on Jake, but..
  10. You could be right, but heaven help us if it's at that price tag. Ugh..
  11. Good write up. I hate to see Bryant go, but I think it's better than 50/50 at this point. The others being cut wouldn't be surprising at all. That money is better spent on fixing this OL/DL once and for all. Especially Beasley. I never wanted him, and never saw the draw at all. If they pay him that 12 mil, they're declaring that their arrogance and face-saving are more important than solving the team's LOS problems. One thing that we are glossing over at the moment, too, is Tak's situation. It's likely he'll be fine, but that's not a guarantee. We need as much money as possible to go get some insurance there, too.
  12. Definitely! On the topic: PI as a reviewable play is nonsense. Sure, the limit on challenges will prevent it happening constantly outside 2 minutes, but when it's replayed in the booth, it could literally be stopped every single time a team drops back to pass. They'd have to examine each receiver to make sure they weren't interfering. On top of that, where does it stop? If PI can be challenged, then so can holding? Face mask? Personal Fouls? It'd be a circus.
  13. True. Plus it's the Iggles, so hopefully whatever choice they make, it's the wrong one, lol.
  14. See, I'm the opposite on that. I keep Foles and trade Wentz for what would be a very big haul. I prefer results over potential.