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  1. Whose fault? Equal parts coaching and every player on the team. Not one of them can claim to have done their job well today. Singling out individuals is pointless in a dumpster fire like this.
  2. As much as he prays otherwise, the internet never forgets.
  3. Just had an AFMB ptsd attack.
  4. You see, the worst possible thing you could do on an opinion-based message board is offer an opinion on any subject.
  5. Honestly, if Matt goes down, our season is over regardless.
  6. It’s all opinion. IMO, both Culver and Hunter have roughly the same ceiling as Prince. You believe differently, obviously. You say you wanted Trae, but your posts here tell the story of someone who longs for Doncic. Frankly, I was tired of the comparison after a few weeks into the season. There is absolutely no way to judge that trade until the player we get at 10 has played a few years. What if he ends up a star? In the end, I’m happy. I’m a Trae guy, and I’ve also got a top ten talent coming in. I don’t really care what kind of player Doncic becomes.
  7. Worse? It’s only worse if you don’t like Trae and wanted Doncic. I wouldn’t trade them straight up right now, and now I’ve got Trae AND a top ten pick? I’m loving it.
  8. We traded him for Trae and the 10th pick. If you paid attention, you’d know that once Dallas was slotted at 9, that was the highest our pick from them was ever going to be. Getting 10 was the second best outcome of that deal.
  9. Constantly far*ing person?
  10. That’s why I really don’t want both those picks. I want White, and If he becomes available, I want Whiteside somehow.
  11. White and Hayes are my guys. Bol and Seoku are interesting ideas. Absolutely no Reddish!
  12. I mentioned it earlier today, but one idea is going to Miami and using the 10th pick and someone expiring after 19-20 to get Whiteside. He’d be a dream center next to John.
  13. I’m a Hayes guy, but I admit I’m very intrigued by Bol, especially in our system. The only guy I don’t want is Reddish. Marvin all over again.
  14. Honestly, outside of getting a top 2-3 pick, the Hawks needs are still centered around the same 3-4 guys. We need interior defense alongside John, which could get us Hayes if he drops a little, or even Bol. Coby White is a great guard for our system and would be in that 8-10 area.