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  1. I thought you meant the commentary. Shockingly enough, I actually kept the sound on today, which I never do, because they were enjoyable. There isn’t a single other broadcasting team I can stomach. Especially not on FOX.
  2. I knew when I checked in, somebody would be screaming they let them back in it. you can’t have ‘run the ball to chew up clock’, and ‘keep scoring’ at the same time. It was the smart play with a three TD lead to keep running it, successfully or not, throughout the fourth quarter. We could’ve kept chucking the ball around like it was a one score game, but we’d have likely blown it, and the same people would be here, screaming that they were too dumb to run the ball and eat clock. Yes, they scored, but they didn’t have time to score enough and had to use their TO. It was SOP
  3. Yup. That was ball game and everybody knew it at the time, No one around here can claim they didn’t immediately say to themselves, that’s going to come back to bite us in the azs later. It’s a script at this point. 😄
  4. Well. It was a fun 59:58. 😄 Lets wind it up and try for another W on Thursday.
  5. That’s what I meant lol. Going for it on 4th down when you had an easy 3 was begging to get beat.
  6. Those roughing calls were atrocious, for sure. But, a good coach reads the situation. It was a low scoring game. Points were a grind. You take every point you get when you can. Going for it on that 4th down was throwing your chance to win under a bus.
  7. Speaking of what we all said after 51. If you kick the FG, you win the game.
  8. He tried once he broke free, but you try using all your strength to drive forward and break a tackle and then stop inside a couple feet and fall down. It aint happening for ANYBODY.
  9. Well, so much for thinking Morris would be smarter than Quinn, and do the obvious when there are points to be had. As soon as he went for it on fourth down and gave up the three, I knew we’d get burned by it. At least now we don’t have to muse over whether he could coach his way into a permanent job. He’s no different than Quinn. Try to be 1-0 next game, I guess.
  10. Yep, they’re weren’t perfect, but no line ever is. Overall, they handled the Vikings fairly easily.
  11. Didn’t answer the poll. I’m looking at the rest of this season as now ten individual seasons. I just want to enjoy watching without the specter of Quinn and TD hanging over it. No doubt we should be the loosest team every week. 😄
  12. Lol, yep! It looks like they’re figuring out how to use TG3 and lean on him to chew clock, which I like. and didn’t our DL suddenly look 50% bigger and stronger today? They were pushing upfield constantly.
  13. First time I’ve enjoyed a game in a very long time. The cloud of Quinn blowing the SB has hung over this team and the fan base for years. It was never going to be put to rest as long as he was here. Even the players looked like a weight had been lifted, and they were just having fun. Here’s to another 1-0 weekend next Sunday.
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