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  1. I’d love to have GA, but he’s probably not the best option for us if we added another max guy. Now if we could land Beal to go with our current group in a trade that includes Bogi, then I think you get more bang for the buck. He can also give you a guy to leave on the floor while Trae rests and vice versa. I think if we keep JC, we can develop other young talent in the front court, or grab good value cheap in the market.
  2. My money is on Middleton if they have a guy who’ll get exposed. A side note: keep in mind, as great as GA is, his FT shooting is rough. Don’t be shocked if we take our chances with him at the line late in games rather than letting him score.
  3. I was going to say tater, but same difference. 😄
  4. Yep, just give me the best 22, and I’m good.
  5. Well, we’ll see you guys Wednesday. Let’s get that game 1 this time, too!
  6. I don’t do social media anymore other than hanging out here, so thanks for the linkage to Twitter, guys. I can go read all the tweets without having to sign up.
  7. Let’s just agree there was a ton of praying going on either way!😄
  8. I think what he, Bogi and others need most is a couple days of rest to get a little more healthy.
  9. I just mean physically. Embiid is a mountain! GA likes the open court more from what I see. Maybe we can pound them and he’ll ask to be traded here.😄
  10. He’ll get his, but he’s much easier to deal with than Embiid. I expect they’ll use JC on him a bit and maybe Clint can free up on the boards. Stop those second shots.
  11. Fellas, this is going to be a fun ECF! Hoping Cam gets to play some!
  12. I guess I can safely remind everybody now that I guaranteed this win on Friday. 😄
  13. He’s just hurt. That knee is a struggle for him.
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