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  1. I love Neal but if he is hurt again next year then you have to move on at that point.
  2. Thats even funnier because Matt has done it a couple times before if i remember correctly.
  3. I'm sure (from watching PFT most mornings) that Simms takes into account things like Coach/OC/QB duos... They usually hurt the QBs on his lists. The more the QB does with less, the better they are on mechanics, and the more they do the small things (nuances, intricacies, and intangibles of QB position), the higher he usually ranks QBs. And to be fair Archer and almost every retired QB ranks Rodgers top 2 or 3 (usually number 1).
  4. I think this falls into the college football quarterback adage... "If you have more than one starting quarterbacks then you have no starting quarterback"... If we have basically 3 DC's then do we really have a DC?
  5. Also impressive is if this team produced like the above .500 team (they were supposed to be) Ryan could have been #3 on the list. But as they say, "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas"..
  6. Every time i hear about accountability I think back to Roddy White talking about there being no accountability in the Falcons (when he left). I wonder if all this stuff mentioned about Quinn and the FO was the specific things he was talking about.
  7. If one of our other four GM's want to do this and have a plan that would have us getting a veteran from another team during the off-season or some other legit plan I would give it a hard serious look. I would not trust TD to do it
  8. I believe it does give your interim coach a chance to see show what he can do with what you have.
  9. I could see that... Your interpretation of 4gms and 3hcs does sound like he will let them 7 run the team for the remainder of the season while he figures out who he wants to get from other teams.
  10. We have Ruston Webster (Titans), Phil Emory (Bears), Rich McKay (Bucs/ATL) and maybe Joel Collier (Assist GM Chiefs) as the other GMs on staff; i'm interested in seeing how this plays out.
  11. The next move needs to be firing TD and Quinn. I hate Sanu being traded. This feels like someone trashing a house and selling off the landlords left behind furniture (that came with the rental) because they know they are about to be evicted at the end of the month. You are going to sell off one if the absolute most consistent players on the team (that the next GM and coach would have used the right way) but you hold on the Vic and just now trade Duke (that should have been cut or traded a year or two ago)?
  12. If someone traded for Duke Riley then Vic sounds like a probability.
  13. <sarcasm> it's too bad we don't have the owner of the Atlanta United. That owner knows how to put the people in place to build something dominant and fast. </sarcasm>
  14. You read my mind. My girlfriend just brought that up yesterday. Makes me wonder if Pioli saw the writing on the wall and didn't want these decisions and this year on his GM resume. or was Pioli a much bigger part of the good decisions made the few years he was here.
  15. That's funny... I forgot it was him. I thought it was Darrell Woodson . Haha
  16. I agree. Real team pride and brotherhood would have had someone getting pissed at that and going after someone. Stupid penalties are not the answer but at least show some **** fire.
  17. Whats funny and sad at the same time to me is Shanny and LeFleur were both here, we could have given inexperienced Lefleur an opportunity over inexperienced Sark, and both 49ers and GB are doing very well with the coaching staff and defenses they put together....yet here we are with a coaches room of ex-head coaches.
  18. Yea... i was just thinking about that... Better analogy would be how the "one-cut backs" usually were amazing in Denver and then were average at best in other schemes on other teams.
  19. The players are a huge part but if you're asking a Ford Pinto Station-wagon to be a McLauren F1 until you can afford one... Thats not what its meant to be.
  20. This is a challenging concept to teach when every press conference, interview, and/or quote leads to a theme of "we are a brotherhood and all critiques, opinions, and analysis (outside of our locker room) is noise and should be avoided because its "US VS Them" ". "'BioDome" and "stay the course" philosophy didn't work with the Titanic and it don't work in sports unless someone in the organization is critical and honest with themselves....I don't think we are critical or honest enough.
  21. I posted a couple weeks ago that according to history, the magic number is 10 losses. Reeves was 3-10 (didn't want to coach the last 3 games) Mike Smith was 6-10 Mora was 7-9 (although, after the 5-6 record after Saints loss, reports in the media started saying he was fired, it was just a matter of when ). With the way we are losing, looking undisciplined, having everyone say how basic and predictable we are, and that Quinn's kryptonite is AFC teams, Quinn will either be gone or stories/rumors will start making their way out during the next four games. I think he's basical
  22. The article makes me like him more. I'm also impressed with how him and Payton adjust their offense to their personnel.
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