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  1. wow, thats a lot... My grandma on my moms side was fullblooded Cherokee and granddad on my dads side was fullblooded Creek.
  2. I feel you... Cherokee and Creek running through mine..
  3. You look like Webster from back in the day.
  4. My fiancee and I getting our first house together... No more small *** one bedroom apartment!!. haha
  5. yeah. I work in mental health and social service, so i am usually wore out and pick and choose my battles. haha
  6. Appreciate it. It was a pretty great day. My lady came home early and surprised me with fresh chicken Parmesan from an authentic Italian spot. Crazy to think i'm 40. I seriously don't feel a bit different than being in my early 20's, except I have a lot more wisdom and a lot more chill. haha
  7. This would be one of the most Atlanta things ever... We win the superbowl and the fanbase of every team will throw it in our faces that it was an incomplete or asterisk season...
  8. I don't think he would have been DC but I think he would have voiced enough disagreement with Quinn's scheme that you could have eventually had a divided locker room of Quinn loyalist and Smith loyalist. Don't get me wrong no coach wants a divided locker room, but if you are refusing on evolve your system to the league then thats no good either.
  9. Yup... I would say this shows even in how he rides with players, except its not consistent enough to say that. He rides with some players you might think he would because they drafted them like Vic, but lets players go that you think he would keep because they are basically "his players" like Irvin.
  10. This has been my suspicion with Quinn after we started having defensive coach turn over. I started to wonder if he would bring in the best coaches to elevate the defense or just bring in who would not under mind him and tweak his baby (his defensive scheme).
  11. To be fair, A LOT of people hated our last uniform design, but ended up liking them.
  12. I'm torn... I'm somewhere between I love them and Meh... Love the cleaner look, the gradient look may look pretty good on them but will look kinda bad on most people walking around wearing the gradient jersey, I think ATL is too big but it might grow on me, and I dont think the numbers are too big but i think the font eclipse effect makes it look too big... Hopefully it'll grow on me.
  13. i completely agree. That's where coaches and the GM setting the players and team (as a whole) up for success is key. If the players are tapped out on ability, drive, and talent then you better hope you have created the flexibility to manipulate your roster to find something better. Our failures as a team are just that; failures as a TEAM, there is plenty of intertwining blame to go around.
  14. This for me is the issue.... You need to coach and encourage as much of your defense to be problem solvers and communicators on the field instead of one "coach on the field". If that one guy is the brain trust then it encourages everyone to look to him to coach on the field instead of problem solving and communicating; plus if the player if hurt then there goes your defense.
  15. I wonder if the 1 year and short term commitments is the fingerprint of McKay as associate GM to make sure there is minimal damage carried over if TD and Quinn fail this year; so that the next GM/HC doesn't inherit the worse team situation in the league.
  16. Having more mentally mature and focused players like Julio, Matt, and Grady is what we need; guys who are about being the best at what they do and just lead... Not a bunch of soft players what get butthurt because someone was mean to them on twitter..
  17. It sucks that we're probably going to waste one more year of the careers of the players who are actually consistent, but I'll be glad when TD is gone and we get a GM who can build a solid OLine and DLine.
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