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  1. your wrong.. team ran by players= cincy they suck... teams ran by front office and coaches= pats colts and they dont suck.. plus one of the greater coaches of our time is parcells and he dont bow to players and he shows who is in charge..
  2. your right... when we lost him we lost alot more.. like we lost our pussification of the team and grew a set of balls.
  3. use common sense. they looked at the tape decided that he was coachable to fit their scheme. they realised that he didnt listen and wouldnt do what he is suppose to do so they were gonna cut him, but coleman was out and they couldnt have a decent line with coleman and jackson gone so they settled with grady and waited till coleman returned. think about the timeline...coleman gets hurt, then magically they "settle" with grady on his lawsuit and everything is magically fixed. they new he wasnt gonna be the permanent fix so they brought in stanley (who already knows zimmer's system) and they ro
  4. it would be nice if our tight end held on to some balls thrown his way.
  5. i am one of the most optimistic and dedicated fans.. but at this point to turn this season around you have to play for next year. by that i mean you start moving people around, making adjustments, and playing your back ups so that you know what you have. and thats not giving up, for all we know the missing starters we need could be young players that just dont have the reps..
  6. if he does, you can bet that he will wanna be where hue is..
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