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  1. Thats the exact problem. Missionary is a good base formation; what separates the good from the best is the ability to use other plays and formations off of your base formation.
  2. I agree with you, but my ONLY disagreement is the part about good leaders throwing players under the bus. A great leader knows each and every players in and out and exactly how to motivate them. You yell at the players who get better from being yelled at, soft speak and explain to the players who need soft spoken explanation, call out publicly the players who need to be called out publicly, etc, etc... Its basic sports leadership/psychology... Sports are 80/20; 80% mental and 20% physical. All great coaches have shown an ability to adapt to their individual players or hoard p
  3. EB... Thats the answer... EB... I really love Morris as coach. If been excited with him being our HC because I feel like there is more Tomlin in him that Quinn. But EB has this Parcells/Business about him; Hard to explain.
  4. Nah... Its different. He has a "matter of a fact-ness" to everything he says. Quinn has always come across to me as not being comfortable in his own skin and acting like he is "trying to convince himself of what he is selling". The image that sums Quinn up for me was Quinn looking around to see if anyone was looking and if it was safe for him to pump his fist and celebrate; i think it was after his first division win. That has always sat badly with me. EB just doesn't come across as that type of coach; he seems like he doesn't care about player or coach "loyalty" if it results in
  5. https://www.sportstalkatl.com/falcons-eric-bieniemy-provides-elevator-speech-for-why-he-should-be-the-next-hc/ Everything I keep seeing, hearing, and reading makes me want him as our head coach... He is Anti-Quinn.
  6. This notion of people being surprised almost baffles me... As a GM for the two previous seasons, you were striped of some major GM duties (those were given to Pioli) and then you were benched mid-season of all GM duties (those were given to Rich and GM by committee). How are you surprised you were fired in the third consecutive season of bad GM work?
  7. My only issue with this two part story is Sark being used as a scapegoat too much. Was he errant and lackluster at times? Yes. But this was also a play caller being TOLD to run someone else's offense. Imagine being given someone else's plays, adjustments, philosophy, and audibles and being TOLD to replicate one of the most historic offensive performances and not being able to make your own decisions and adjustments. Not only has this been demanded of Sark, but of Koetter also. With that being said, I still think Koetter was a bad hire.
  8. I thought it was telling that Mike Florio was impressed and bragging that Morris is already better than Quinn because our whole team kept attacking after we got the lead, instead of just playing to conserve the lead.
  9. It really shouldnt be a surprise. Under Quinn, Players from Roddy White to "anonymous ex-player" have repeatedly talked about lack of accountability on this team.
  10. I'm calling it... Kansas City director of pro personnel Tim Terry as GM and Eric Bieniemy as HC... Not in a hurry, "timing of the best people, when they are available", COVID is going to dictate there being continuity, and Pioli has inside connections there... But thats just using logic... who uses logic anymore.. haha
  11. The most intriguing news about him over the last few days have been that he is a Mike Tomlin disciple. I do see a little Mike Tomlin in him when he does interviews.
  12. I specifically said THIS is why it was almost no fight or attempt for Shanny, Manuel, or LaFleur guys to stay on the team. Quinn only wanted coaches that exclusively followed Quinn and never debated or challenged him. And no, i'm not a sore fan that can't get over Shanny/Fleur being gone... It just always seemed like anyone who had potentially to expose Quinn's scheme short comings were quickly let go. BTW, this is why I have always loved the idea of Andy Reid as a HC. The story on him was that he loved to have coordinators and coaches on the team to challenge him on anything that seemed
  13. if we went player GM, i would want Rodney Harrison
  14. To be fair, Quinn will probably go down as a coach that was a great DC and a bad HC.
  15. I don't remember the poster or the thread but they nailed it when they said, "Good coaches get the best out of their players".... That should sum up every reason why Quinn should go without any more excuses.
  16. "...brotherhood & fake toughness..." and hype videos... you forgot hype videos...
  17. because that is the most Atlanta thing ever... We probably even beat the bricks off of Green Bay and then go back to being barely average the rest of the season.... most Atlanta thing ever...
  18. i disagree. The Falcons are kind of like the 02 Bucs... A right coach can come in here clear about half the offense (focus heavy on the Oline and those not the untouchables), properly coach the Defense players, and make us a monster in the league... Yes, I realize this isnt the perfect comparison, but I still think a good head coach can make this team take a huge leap.
  19. Sometimes I wonder if our teams identity is more marketing focused than winning focused...
  20. that could be anything though. It could be they were more impressed by the lip service of others, someone else was willing to work with specific restraints (have to use this coordinator, have to use this GM, must run this style/scheme, etc.), he is just less (or more) of a personality when he is being serious, or maybe he just doesn't interview well.
  21. Coming from a coaching tree that has a specific playbook and plan for every single game instead of "just using the same playbook for every week" might be exactly what we need to be a great team.
  22. Exactly. That 7 mil is a cap cushion for next year. No one even knows if we will have a full season this year. With that said, if the right bargain comes up or there is an injury, we will spend some of it.
  23. hopefully he will be our head coach next year.
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