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  1. I wonder if they are asking coaches and GMs if they have a certain GM or Coach (respectively) that they want or prefer to work with..... or if they already have a GM in place in principle... Most realistically they are telling the coaches the characteristics they want in a GM (and vice versa) and seeing how the coaches/GMs feel about it.
  2. okay... Ive seen how you do this. What is your definition of top 3 QB; What is your measuring stick of ranking QBs; What factors/variables are you including and excluding when judging a QB?
  3. It really is no matter how you slice it. Fan voting and market size makes it where a popular/above average player in a big market will win out over a great player in a small market. I would say you could almost trust AllPro selections more but its also market/writer bias. I do find it interesting to look at some of the QB's people have mentioned when looking at only AllPro selections. Manning 5 AllPros Rodgers 2 AllPros Ryan 1 AllPros Brees 1 AllPros Brady 3 AllPros Marino 3 AllPros Montana 3 AllPros Fouts 2 AllPros Rivers 0 AllPros Roethlisberg
  4. I agree that voters look at Probowls, but if we are being honest, ProBowls are garbage and based more on PR and Marketing than actual talent/skill/resume. Its the equivalent of having the Nobel Prize winners being voted on by the caller/fans of American Idol.
  5. I partially disagree. Matt has PLENTY to throw the ball to; the problem is the calls are not called/designed to spread the ball around to hit ALL targets. When Shanny called/designed the calls to go to any and all targets, Matt/Falcons went to the SuperBowl and had a prolific offense (also had an NFL record 13 different receivers receiving TDs in a season). Another example of this is KC/Mahomes; offense is called/designed to go to any and all targets. Your offense is harder to beat if a defense can't focus on taking away a couple players.
  6. because he wants to hold the ball or because the play dictated he hold on to it longer for the play to develop? i'll hang up and listen...
  7. Ryan was asked, “Do you have still have confidence in Dirk and do you still think he’s a good fit for you and this offense?” He said, “I do. I have confidence. Dirk does a good job of putting the plan together and putting us in situations to be successful. I think like every week, there are some things he can do differently and there are things we have to do differently as players and make plays when the situations present themselves. That’s how I feel at this point. We’ve got to find a way to get the job done. We’ve got four games to go and hopefully we can be the most productive we’ve b
  8. This is my point... You take a running back that didn't have an issue with running the ball his whole career (outside of games where his knee was tight) and then all of a sudden now he can't hit the hole? The same time frame where Matt is getting killed, plays are not getting time to develop, and everyone is complaining about play calling? Im sorry, but Gurley is not the problem Koetter is.
  9. This is who the Falcons/Georgia sports are. We are a status quo team that doesn't suck enough to get top draft picks and not good enough to be annual contenders; we are middle of the road status quo team. We get to the verge of changing the status quo and potentially getting better; only to then improve enough to make an argument for the status quo being progressive. The last couple season we suck 2/3rd of the season and then come on STRONG the last 1/3rd. Now that we are in the back 1/3rd and have a chance to move on from the Quinn tree; Raheem and the team will do well. That means just
  10. I mentioned them because at one time or another they were all considered "blackballed" by one media outlet or another; even if they are not by definition blackballed. Even Plummer spoke out against players union or the league (I dont remember which one) a year or two before he walked away. I mentioned Takk because if this is his norm going forward, he will be considered a headache around the league and inevitably someone's hot take will be blackballed because "he keeps it real".
  11. https://www.espn.com/blog/denver-broncos/post/_/id/36971/ex-denver-broncos-qb-jake-plummer-on-his-499-yard-day-vs-falcons-i-remember-we-lost This made me think... love him or hate him, I know Plummer walked away but I always felt like he was getting blackballed before he left. So, with the old Mike Vick mess, Kap, and now with Takk shooting himself in the foot; who are some players that you think were blackballed.
  12. The one bit of info on TD that will probably always stick with me, came from Carl Dukes. The day after he was fired, Dukes said there were multiple GM's who said TD over valued players; every draft there were several TD marked players that were WAY higher valued on TD's board than they were on every other teams boards. The emphasis was on the higher gapped value of TD's player value than every other team. Which is very funny because his first couple years here, majority of this board were saying how TD was smug and thought he was the smarted person in the room.
  13. Appreciate you for leaving TD. Its been real.
  14. exactly. Thats where the term complimentary football is big. If you have a high caliber scoring offense then you have to have a defense built to play big minutes, get three and outs, create fast turn overs, and not get burnt out or gassed easily.
  15. This is hilarious because while watching the game it dawned on me... When we had Keotter as OC the FIRST time, we also had the problem of being able to drive up and down the field effortlessly, but almost always had issues in the red zone.
  16. dude... not EVERY... frickin.... play... You bring the big hit when the situation dictates. Keanu is at his best when his emphasis is using all of his tools and not just one. I say all tools because he is a beast when he shows up with his coverage skills, tackling, and big hits. He does all 3 great.
  17. The team as a whole still looks like they depend on Allen EVERYPLAY to make sure everyone is on the same page and in place; instead of everyone knowing what every player is supposed to be doing on a given play.
  18. Jones is playing a lot better. Keanu is better but still tries to blow people up instead of making tackles.
  19. You can actually have it both way. You can have a HC that is confident and hands off enough to let the coord. do his job, but also step in and dictate a call in a crucial situation.
  20. Im sorry but the defense is not much improved. they still look like they are confused, lost, and out of place on too many plays.
  21. IMO this is one of the biggest issues with the Falcons... Falcons have too many cooks in the kitchen. We've had a committee of GMs, Offensive Playcallers, Defensive Playcallers, & coaches for years; No one GM, one Off Coord, one Def Coord, or one Coach making a final/quick/definitive decision... Especially in light of Koetter saying this. How do you do your job if you have too many different instructions coming in? I know Blank comes from a HomeDepot/Coorporate/Board Members back ground but in game decisions can't be done this way.
  22. Thats the exact problem. Missionary is a good base formation; what separates the good from the best is the ability to use other plays and formations off of your base formation.
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