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  1. He almost has to be. I doubt anyone will give him 5-6 mil a year. He probably realistically is looking around 2-3 mil a year.
  2. He is a perfect signing. He is coming off of a down year with a new regime. This means he is motivated to prove last year was a fluke, motivated to prove he isn't injury prone and isn't on the decline, probably willing (and has to) take a smaller "prove it" contract, and he actually wants to be here and cares about Atlanta/Georgia. It also makes sense for Font to look at the potential for a high potential veteran for a bargain.
  3. I don't completely disagree but OLine really is the bigger need. TD/Quinn really were a dog and pony show as co-GM/talent-getters; it was a lot of shiny toys and skill guys with a much much lesser focus on quality DLine, Oline, special team players, and depth. Coaching will be the tell-tale sign exactly how talented the whole roster is.
  4. He will be fine. Ben Jones from the Titans said Ryan will be given the same "holy grail of QB tools" that usually only Peyton, Brady, and Tannehill (that name doesn't seem to fit in my mind. haha) gets to have; complete freedom to call any and every play (and audible to any and every play) in the playbook on every snap. The falcons will not be stuck in a play that makes no sense against a defensive front the players know will blow up the play they are supposed to run.
  5. In the interviews done so far, Fontenot said he didn't know Smith but he was familiar with him from starting to research him a year or two ago. Blank asked his opinion on all the coaching candidates scheduled and asked what he thought; Fontenot told Blank he really liked Smith (and presumably a couple other coaches). Also asked Fonts thoughts when Blank and McKay narrowed it down to 2nd interviews, and Font said he really liked Smith. So it sounds like the narrowing down was done by Blank and McKay but Font basically picked from there.
  6. I feel like these moves are very very long term moves. Pees comes out of retirement, implements his defense (scheme/fronts, philosophy, adjustments, etc.), Teaches/trains several coaches/coordinators to take over when he retires again (creating disciples to create disciples), and sets us up to always have our defense foundation going forward.
  7. trade down to maybe 6 or 7 and then get Sewell.
  8. The thing i love is his body language/eyes/etc.... He is a constant thinker/processor
  9. The pick will be either: Trade down (then take O-line/Dline/RB) Fields/Lawrence (if one falls to 4) The least likely pick (but not unrealistic) would be an O-lineman or D-lineman they fall in love with or lock onto. I do see a QB being taken with one of our first 4 picks.
  10. I could see Brees taking a season or two off and then going to NO as a QB coach or on the coaching staff in some capacity.
  11. The breaking news is he is retiring but his birthmark is playing two more seasons.
  12. He'd be more likely to help build a defensive staff to run his style of defense and retire again after a year or two.
  13. I have no issue with it. You can be both pro Ryan and pro Falcons. There is nothing wrong with realizing Matt Ryan isn't THE problem and we can win with him, but... Ryan/QB position can be upgraded. The league is in the weird transition/evolution between cerebral QBs and athletic QBs equates to winning teams and younger QBs actually being both. It has almost always been you have to have a cerebral QBs and coaches/coordinators that can manage the game (with athletic players around them) or an athletic QB with cerebral coaches/coordinators (with athletic players around them). Now you have
  14. I dont know... I'll give Jesus credit for encouraging me to process the idea of TF as GM. I'd be happy with Emmanuel Sanders, Demario Davis, Jared Cook or Oline depth brought over with him.
  15. people were skeptical. But to be fair people were skeptical of Quinn, Bowles, and Rex Ryan
  16. I just saw where Holmes got the Lions job. That might be why TF is our new GM.
  17. I hope you are right. Im not feeling it. Id rather have Holmes or Smith; granted, none of these 3 have been perfect but Holmes and Smith have seemed to be more successful.
  18. They have also been in cap **** almost every year. No thanks
  19. I don't like it. As much as the questions of "what has he done" and "who really did the work", this is a ton more prevalent with TF than with Eric B. TF was behind Loomis AND Peyton; this is concerning to me because Loomis was the one who was asked to GM for the Pelicans (which tells me he was the main one building the Saints), the saints Pro free agents havn't really been that light years better than most other teams, and do we really want Loomis's way of doing things here (bounty gate, eaves dropping on opposition allegations, and almost yearly cap ****)?
  20. I think its because of due diligence. With the Falcons pounding the table about interviewing as many GM's and coaches as possible and making sure they have considered all options, I think this is why he hasn't been hired. ...or there are two or three GMs that have all made extremely convincing proposals and cases for why they should be GM.
  21. The next breaking news will be "Dallas hires Thomas Dimitroff as Co-General Manager"
  22. I agree but if the new GM wants to draft and/or FA pickup both sides of the trenches and build two solid and deep lines; id be very very happy.
  23. this could work. pair a coach that historically isn't liked by his players with a coordinator/coach that is historically loved by his players. This could make the Cowboys a serious threat.
  24. SO to paraphrase... EB's agent decided to turn up the heat and raise the stock value of EB after the Texans declined to interview him (and reports of his interviews not going well).
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