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  1. You think he would be a good trade back into the first QB to sit behind Ryan and learn from A Smith for a couple seasons?
  2. I do agree with the concern over cap hit for all "The Franchise Guy" on all teams. I'm completely on board with Aaron Rodgers and other folks who have pitched/proposed the idea of every team having one "Franchise Player" whos contract doesn't count against the salary cap at all.
  3. Ryan is not really making a killing. You really can't look at "Franchise QBs" and their salaries the same way as any other position on the field (with the exception of "elite pass rusher" and "lock down corner"). Fran. QBs are always going to get paid on market value and not how good they are as QBs (with the exception of Brady and any "team first" QB) until Owners/GMs start to influence the market by refusing to pay market. And that will probably never happen because it would blow the doors open on collusion lawsuits a million times worse than the Kap situation started doing. I partiall
  4. The first two throws are the annoying Aaron Rodgers release; its not pretty but affective.
  5. Thanks Rico for being the best defensive coach in our building; too bad you were the only coach who knew the plays and where everyone should be lining up.
  6. exactly. i hope he comes back at a smaller contract
  7. Its what i expected... Obvious take a ways and same stuff ive heard everyone else say a billion times.
  8. i guess i should actually watch the video but its Laconfora.... Hes a fat, broke ***, Chinese knock-off, generic version of a Z-list actor pretending to be a sports insider...
  9. This sounds like the thought process that leads to someone buying a Mercedes and then not being able to keep up payments and/or pay their bills 3 months later.
  10. True. He could also be Bill Belichick that left the Jets and then went on to spank the Jets with no remorse for 21 seasons...
  11. this is really no big deal; its standard procedure for a proper GM where we are picking. A good GM is going to be scouting players for as many scenarios as possible; trading up, trading down, players falling, players rising, giving the allusion that you are a wildcard who could literally do anything, etc. I really am excited to see what we do.
  12. He almost has to be. I doubt anyone will give him 5-6 mil a year. He probably realistically is looking around 2-3 mil a year.
  13. He is a perfect signing. He is coming off of a down year with a new regime. This means he is motivated to prove last year was a fluke, motivated to prove he isn't injury prone and isn't on the decline, probably willing (and has to) take a smaller "prove it" contract, and he actually wants to be here and cares about Atlanta/Georgia. It also makes sense for Font to look at the potential for a high potential veteran for a bargain.
  14. I don't completely disagree but OLine really is the bigger need. TD/Quinn really were a dog and pony show as co-GM/talent-getters; it was a lot of shiny toys and skill guys with a much much lesser focus on quality DLine, Oline, special team players, and depth. Coaching will be the tell-tale sign exactly how talented the whole roster is.
  15. He will be fine. Ben Jones from the Titans said Ryan will be given the same "holy grail of QB tools" that usually only Peyton, Brady, and Tannehill (that name doesn't seem to fit in my mind. haha) gets to have; complete freedom to call any and every play (and audible to any and every play) in the playbook on every snap. The falcons will not be stuck in a play that makes no sense against a defensive front the players know will blow up the play they are supposed to run.
  16. In the interviews done so far, Fontenot said he didn't know Smith but he was familiar with him from starting to research him a year or two ago. Blank asked his opinion on all the coaching candidates scheduled and asked what he thought; Fontenot told Blank he really liked Smith (and presumably a couple other coaches). Also asked Fonts thoughts when Blank and McKay narrowed it down to 2nd interviews, and Font said he really liked Smith. So it sounds like the narrowing down was done by Blank and McKay but Font basically picked from there.
  17. I feel like these moves are very very long term moves. Pees comes out of retirement, implements his defense (scheme/fronts, philosophy, adjustments, etc.), Teaches/trains several coaches/coordinators to take over when he retires again (creating disciples to create disciples), and sets us up to always have our defense foundation going forward.
  18. trade down to maybe 6 or 7 and then get Sewell.
  19. The thing i love is his body language/eyes/etc.... He is a constant thinker/processor
  20. The pick will be either: Trade down (then take O-line/Dline/RB) Fields/Lawrence (if one falls to 4) The least likely pick (but not unrealistic) would be an O-lineman or D-lineman they fall in love with or lock onto. I do see a QB being taken with one of our first 4 picks.
  21. I could see Brees taking a season or two off and then going to NO as a QB coach or on the coaching staff in some capacity.
  22. The breaking news is he is retiring but his birthmark is playing two more seasons.
  23. He'd be more likely to help build a defensive staff to run his style of defense and retire again after a year or two.
  24. I have no issue with it. You can be both pro Ryan and pro Falcons. There is nothing wrong with realizing Matt Ryan isn't THE problem and we can win with him, but... Ryan/QB position can be upgraded. The league is in the weird transition/evolution between cerebral QBs and athletic QBs equates to winning teams and younger QBs actually being both. It has almost always been you have to have a cerebral QBs and coaches/coordinators that can manage the game (with athletic players around them) or an athletic QB with cerebral coaches/coordinators (with athletic players around them). Now you have
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