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  1. Its still there. They did the final section cut a couple days ago. Its probably going to be another 6 months to a year; i guess.
  2. In Brunswick, Ga. From: The Womb, Statesboro, Ga Savannah, Ga Middle Georgia St Simons/Brunswick, Ga
  3. I would be interested in looking back in a few years and see how shorter preseason, less contact practices, less physical interactions ("getting use to taking hits"), and more games has effected newer/younger teams. Especially if younger/newer teams use the 1st regular season as the "dress rehearsal" game that we use to have in the 3rd preseason game.
  4. Challenged by Pee-Wee Herman?.... skeet skeet
  5. Exactly... The Womens know things and like fooseball also
  6. I can. You took a peer reviewed journal worth of thoughts and frustration and crammed it into short and choppy statements with missing words. Don't be afraid to expound on your thoughts.
  7. No disrespect, but... What in the actual **** are you talking about?
  8. This is exactly why the NFL needs to bring back the NFL Europe or finally decide to create a proper developmental or minor league system. That way you can actually develop players, coaches, front office staff, and referees.
  9. plus we only had half of our starting D right? I missed some of the first quarter because of trying to find it on tv.
  10. Even funnier is for as much as people talk about the glares, Rosen said he was in the huddle asking other guys what they got on certain play calls that he didnt know. haha That tells me he must be liked enough for people to want to help him... or not... haha
  11. I have never been a Rosen fan but between seeing him last night and also to hear his "confessional" at the press conference about growing up, being more mature, and finally learning to be a professional QB from Fitz, Brady, and a little from Ryan, makes me actually root for him.
  12. I agree. I am making a petition to change all references to "Kid n Play" to be here-fore known as "Man n Play"
  13. I think we will be very successful as the DC in Dallas. I also believe McCarthy will be fired, DQ will take over as HC, and he will go back to sucking. DQ is one of those coaches that will almost always be a great coordinator and an average to bad HC.
  14. Florio isn't the worse. I "watch" him and Sims almost every morning while getting ready for work. He has become a TON better. Since Sims and Football night in America, he has become more business/league philosophy/strategy, less hot-take/shock news, SLIGHTLY more light hearted, and is willing to call all front offices on their BS. Don't get me wrong, he still has his tangents and obsessions with certain takes but Peter King shuts him down on the dumb ones; also still a fan's take. haha
  15. Man... Matt aint done nothing... Its our perennial probowl offensive line...
  16. nice. I normally pop on and look for news. Married and adult life keep me busy. haha
  17. I think you're right. I can't remember but I think the secondary under Pees was the years where there were only one or two names I recognized; and the secondary was pretty good without the huge names. Could have been under a different coach though... I checked. It was under Pees. One year with Reed, one or two with Weddle, and mainly Will Hill.
  18. What? Agendas? on a message board? Man, stop...SMH
  19. The only way I know when I joined is remembering when we drafted T.J. Duckett.
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