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    My walk and faith in Christ Jesus, Counseling helping others, My Bulldogs, Falcons, GSU, Braves, Hawks, C.S. Lewis, C.H. Spurgeon, USA Rugby, Theology, general Nerd-dom/Geekdom, Android Dev testing, and general randomness.

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  1. hopefully he will be our head coach next year.
  2. wow, thats a lot... My grandma on my moms side was fullblooded Cherokee and granddad on my dads side was fullblooded Creek.
  3. I feel you... Cherokee and Creek running through mine..
  4. You did have much better hair
  5. You look like Webster from back in the day.
  6. My fiancee and I getting our first house together... No more small *** one bedroom apartment!!. haha
  7. yeah. I work in mental health and social service, so i am usually wore out and pick and choose my battles. haha
  8. Appreciate it. It was a pretty great day. My lady came home early and surprised me with fresh chicken Parmesan from an authentic Italian spot. Crazy to think i'm 40. I seriously don't feel a bit different than being in my early 20's, except I have a lot more wisdom and a lot more chill. haha
  9. This would be one of the most Atlanta things ever... We win the superbowl and the fanbase of every team will throw it in our faces that it was an incomplete or asterisk season...
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