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  1. i completely agree. That's where coaches and the GM setting the players and team (as a whole) up for success is key. If the players are tapped out on ability, drive, and talent then you better hope you have created the flexibility to manipulate your roster to find something better. Our failures as a team are just that; failures as a TEAM, there is plenty of intertwining blame to go around.
  2. This for me is the issue.... You need to coach and encourage as much of your defense to be problem solvers and communicators on the field instead of one "coach on the field". If that one guy is the brain trust then it encourages everyone to look to him to coach on the field instead of problem solving and communicating; plus if the player if hurt then there goes your defense.
  3. I wonder if the 1 year and short term commitments is the fingerprint of McKay as associate GM to make sure there is minimal damage carried over if TD and Quinn fail this year; so that the next GM/HC doesn't inherit the worse team situation in the league.
  4. Having more mentally mature and focused players like Julio, Matt, and Grady is what we need; guys who are about being the best at what they do and just lead... Not a bunch of soft players what get butthurt because someone was mean to them on twitter..
  5. It sucks that we're probably going to waste one more year of the careers of the players who are actually consistent, but I'll be glad when TD is gone and we get a GM who can build a solid OLine and DLine.
  6. "Game Wreckers"... hahaha Here is to another season of hype videos, buzz-words, slogans, and being a middle of the pack team... Cheers!!!
  7. I love Neal but if he is hurt again next year then you have to move on at that point.
  8. Thats even funnier because Matt has done it a couple times before if i remember correctly.
  9. I'm sure (from watching PFT most mornings) that Simms takes into account things like Coach/OC/QB duos... They usually hurt the QBs on his lists. The more the QB does with less, the better they are on mechanics, and the more they do the small things (nuances, intricacies, and intangibles of QB position), the higher he usually ranks QBs. And to be fair Archer and almost every retired QB ranks Rodgers top 2 or 3 (usually number 1).
  10. I think this falls into the college football quarterback adage... "If you have more than one starting quarterbacks then you have no starting quarterback"... If we have basically 3 DC's then do we really have a DC?
  11. Also impressive is if this team produced like the above .500 team (they were supposed to be) Ryan could have been #3 on the list. But as they say, "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas"..
  12. Every time i hear about accountability I think back to Roddy White talking about there being no accountability in the Falcons (when he left). I wonder if all this stuff mentioned about Quinn and the FO was the specific things he was talking about.
  13. If one of our other four GM's want to do this and have a plan that would have us getting a veteran from another team during the off-season or some other legit plan I would give it a hard serious look. I would not trust TD to do it