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  1. Id take Quin...
  2. i dont follow NBA religiously, wouldn't he be more player sided than owner sided?
  3. or they were stuck behind a great/deep rotation at their respected position.
  4. If you truly use it as a developmental/minor league system for the NFL it will be a pipeline. Id love a minor league system for the NFL. The Falcons could assign later round picks, vets, and bubble players to a minor team to develop instead of just assigning them to a practice squad and not getting some sort of game action.
  5. I agree but there is also being about your business and role in life you choose. I work with a lot of people that know they are teachers, lawyers, officers, business owner, and are recognized around town. These people know that while they are in those roles they have to be aware of what they are doing and saying all the time; if you are an athlete or millionaire its no different. You dont have to be a hermit but you have to be smart.
  6. i think that would be a perfect fit.
  7. 4... the Rams They were all out coached and out prepared.
  8. Its almost like all the cliches we've heard since the beginning of the sport is true!!!! "Its the ultimate TEAM sport/game" "Consistency wins..." "The team with the most parts playing as one usually wins..." "Its 70/80/90% mental and 30/20/10% physical...(ive heard it all three ways)" "The more on the same page coaches and players are the better their chances of winning..." "yada, yada, yada, etc." but that might be a conspiracy also...
  9. This is the equivalent of me telling everyone on facebook that my girlfriend's cousin cooked the best lasagna i've ever had... It was a lie and a public display of being polite.
  10. **** Millennials...
  11. Karma
  12. Thats why i was wanting a big, agile, rugby type FB. A lot of the rugby guys I've seen are very agile and athletic.
  13. I'd like to see us go back to having a legit FB. Imagine a big, agile, rugby sized guy blocking and getting out in space.
  14. i think its actually a smart idea; do what you're best at and delegate what is a weakness.