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  1. Florio isn't the worse. I "watch" him and Sims almost every morning while getting ready for work. He has become a TON better. Since Sims and Football night in America, he has become more business/league philosophy/strategy, less hot-take/shock news, SLIGHTLY more light hearted, and is willing to call all front offices on their BS. Don't get me wrong, he still has his tangents and obsessions with certain takes but Peter King shuts him down on the dumb ones; also still a fan's take. haha
  2. Man... Matt aint done nothing... Its our perennial probowl offensive line...
  3. nice. I normally pop on and look for news. Married and adult life keep me busy. haha
  4. I think you're right. I can't remember but I think the secondary under Pees was the years where there were only one or two names I recognized; and the secondary was pretty good without the huge names. Could have been under a different coach though... I checked. It was under Pees. One year with Reed, one or two with Weddle, and mainly Will Hill.
  5. What? Agendas? on a message board? Man, stop...SMH
  6. The only way I know when I joined is remembering when we drafted T.J. Duckett.
  7. Thanks. Its cool. Same here. We have audits, data dumps, and young leads who think they know everything. haha
  8. everytime he asks a question i either smile or laugh out loud... When he speaks, i think its a joke reporter like "Stuttering John" from Howard Stern or something. haha I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face.
  9. that's just silly... You mean the same Julio that had every interview micro-dissected to see if he was taking shots at DQ, Koetter, TD, etc... because Julio almost never talks out of school?
  10. I wonder if it's all the rumors about lack of accountability, lack of professionalism, and the losing of the locker room we have heard off and on all the way back from the Roddy White days.
  11. I see it both ways and I keep going back and forth. On one hand this whole thing plays out as a calculated power play for Julio. On the other hand, Julio was speaking in a way that is not very common for him to speak with anyone on the record. I really do hope Harry Douglas can get Julio to speak on it openly and set things straight, but then again, the two key rules in smart business is, "never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing" and "only speak what needs to be known to those that need to know; (nothing more, nothing less)".
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