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  1. My friends and I were laughing during the game because we kept referring to the Rams as 'us' and 'we'.
  2. You know you are a true Falcon's fan if you are giddy about their misery. I watched the Diggs play 50 times last year. Now I have Breesus throwing a duck in O.T.! The fact that they think they got screwed is just a cherry on the cake.
  3. Is it me or does Saint's fan tears taste a little like Mountain Dew?
  4. Do you mean now at their current age? If so, yes, Ryan is better than those three HOFers.
  5. Some of you need to show some class and put the man before the player.
  6. Like I needed another reason to hate John Elway.
  7. ….or maybe Quinn met some coaches he thought was legit in his almost three decades in the profession and thought they would be key in building a winning franchise. Just a theory.
  8. HeII, I'm late to the party and Gritz hasn't even showed up yet? Happy birthday brother!
  9. He sat out a playoff game against the Giants in anticipation of his big payday while in Atlanta. In comparison Ronnie Lott had a finger amputated to keep from missing a playoff game in San Fran.
  10. The biggest mistake was to trust Manuel and Sark, both first time NFL coordinators, with the keys to the shop. We spent all that money on the offensive side of the ball and just saw flashes of it's potential. Hire a proven NFL offensive coordinator. I really believe Kubiak would be a great fit but Koetter and his NFC South experience and relationships and familiarities with the team is intriguing as well.
  11. If MM or SS was going to get fired it would have already happened.
  12. Single dad and manager of a large retail store. I stop in but this place saps your energy and I don't have much to spare. I won't ever give up on my birds but after that SB meltdown and the thought of the swamp rats winning it all in our house......I don't care if it cost two billion dollars I'd implode that bltch and start again. I need rest bro.
  13. Fortunately we haven't had to see Shaub in action. Matt Ryan is as tough as they come at QB. I'm pretty indifferent with Shaub at this point. I agree with 70 about Bridgewater. The lack of quality QB's in this league, IMO, Bridgewater could/should be starting somewhere. Bridgewater was a good quarterback before his injury was and on the cusp of the next level. A bargain on Fanduel this week, too.
  14. RTSports know something we don't? News and Notes: The Vikings fired offensive coordinator John DeFilippo on Tuesday. Quarterback coach Kevin Stefanski will take over as offensive coordinator for the Vikings for the rest of the season. DeFilippo was once considered a hot coaching prospect but this season has been a rough one for him. . . . . .Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said the team will hold kicking tryouts this week. Current kicker Chris Boswell has struggled in recent weeks and missed a game-tying field goal as time expired last week. . . . . .The Falcons fired general manager Thomas Dimitroff on Tuesday. Atlanta has underachieved in recent years, leading to the dismissal of Dimitroff. . . . . .The Colts released tight end Erik Swoope on Tuesday. Swoope has played some this season but fallen down the depth chart. . . . .The Raiders released running back C.J. Anderson on Tuesday. Anderson was just signed a few weeks back but didn't last long.
  15. I dream of a day we win it all and I can somehow put it behind me. Part of me died that night.
  16. Jedi, we all know our back is to the wall with the 2018 season. I'm not asking you to remain positive but is it too much to ask to not spam the boards with negativity? Just asking.
  17. Football is a team sport. In a one score game there should be plenty of blame to go around. Blaming the QB or the OC is an easy out. Don't forget we were going against the defending champs in their house that not only got healthier but also added weapons this offseason. We went toe for toe with the champs and almost pulled it off. We aren't the only team with high expectations. Them Eagles are legit. Built well on both sides of the ball. Their championship last season wasn't a fluke and we gave them another run for their money in one of the toughest places to play in all of sports. Better days ahead.
  18. To the player and team it's a business and they both have every right to conduct themselves how they deem fit. ...and we as fans have every right to bltch and moan how we deem fit. That being said......I'm glad Julio was in camp and the distraction isn't lingering.
  19. I survived free agency hyper-bole. I survived the countless, pointless mock drafts. I survived Julio holding out for gas money. .........now If I can just survive a few more days of pre-season strategical and philosophical tendencies and their effects on morale and seasonal readiness. sigh
  20. He must have been highly contagious. He was making me sick from 976 miles away.
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