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  1. I hate to disagree Vel but I believe Sutton's role will be much more in game assisting than scheming. Sickest moment in your sports' life flashback warning. During the Super Bowl when Julio caught the ball on the sideline and every person in the world that has ever played Madden knew to run the ball three times and send out the NFL's most accurate kicker what was Quinn doing? Coaching defense. He wasn't focused on game situation that could have saved a franchise and their fanbase what was about to come. It's why Quinn didn't continue to coordinate his own defense in 2017 and 2018. Why now? Quinn was hired because of his defensive prowess. He wants to be able to coach the defense without the worry of the game imploding while he's got a sharpie in his hand. It's a gamble on Quinn's part that Sutton can handle what is normally the head coaches' duties during game action. It could change the NFL in a way. Many coaches are hired because they excel on one side of the ball or the other only to hand those duties over to a coordinator when they are hired. If it works other teams could adopt this strategic philosophy. It's not that I don't believe Sutton could have more to offer. I just believe that Quinn knows what he wants to do on defense and Sutton's role will enable him to do so.
  2. I think we've added depth and made personnel changes up front on both sides to feel pretty comfortable. Defensive backfield and depth at corner is the most concerning. Oliver is a question mark but Robert Alford will probably have two interference calls for Arizona this week even on Injured Reserve. My biggest concern is Bob Sutton's role as Senior Assistant and in-game manager. It makes sense to me what Quinn is doing. He was coaching the defense when Kyle Shanahan was passing the ball on consecutive downs during our infamous Super Bowl gaffe. Hiring Sutton makes Quinn available as defensive coordinator. Sutton's responsibilities are not different from the other 31 head coaches come game day. Who knows, maybe Quinn even starts a trend in the NFL with head coaches responsibilities come game day. Anyone know of any other team taking this approach and having a coach that is responsible for clock management, time outs, in game strategy and replays?
  3. I was tired toward the end and I was just lying in bed watching the game.
  4. Simms wasn't going to make it better.
  5. When Arthur says you're a Falcon for life.....buy a house in the area.
  6. First ballot HOF'er. Two rings. Both against Brady and Belichek. Yea. Fluke. lol
  7. The kid would have had a better chance of asking Arthur Blank to rename the stadium after him.
  8. At this point Schaub's value is as Ryan's sidekick ….just another QB coach for Ryan. Somebody to laugh at Ryan's corny jokes.
  9. I like the Calvin Ridley and Marvin Harrison comparison better but I do get the AB comparison.
  10. My friend always says after Sanu makes a play, "That's our other Julio!"
  11. DirecTV can't even tell me what time they're coming to my house.
  12. Yes. Clayborn was sent into hostile territory to infiltrate the brain of Belichick and return with printed data on their day to day operations. He was equipped with state of the art spy and tactical devices. There were a total of 3 semis needed to transport the printed data accumulated during the mission back to Flowery Branch. The Falcons called in a temp agency to sort through the 1980's flash-dance sweatshirt receipts and other non-pertinent data. Other findings include membership documents to an Asian massage parlor and hundreds upon hundreds of sweatshirt sleeves. We're still holding out hope someone finds Tom Brady's personality and the Falcon's second half playbook from SB51. Please don't tell anyone because I would hate to get my informant into trouble.
  13. Wait....do we need some kind of gate for our running backs?
  14. Gazoo's rose colored glasses go back two decades on these boards. Gazoo's optimism is warranted now more than ever before. Rest seekers. No different than 70 in that aspect.
  15. We're all lucky. Blank is lucky because he is a phenom and a fan favorite. Dimi is lucky he wasn't a bust. Quinn is lucky to have a stud. I'm lucky as a fan. 70 is lucky because he has something to bltch about. (lol......troffe'd.) His teammates are lucky because they don't have to face him. So ,yea, once again my quarterback says the perfect thing.
  16. Steve, I didn't realize you were a Vietnam vet. I'm a prior US Army Paratrooper myself and I want you to know something. I'm proud to consider you a friend. You guys took an oath and did what your orders demanded with less than a rewarding return. When you finally got to come home you were left to deal with what you saw and lived through without assistance and nary compassion. There were no parades for you guys upon returning. Dealing with most of this country's stance on the Vietnam war must have only been second to the war itself in terms of pain. God bless. Thank you Steve for your service. ....and know this brother, YOU are my hero.
  17. And today's 'Too Much Time on His Hands' award winner is...……….
  18. It's the most emphasis I've seen the Falcons' make on the offensive line in one off-season in five decades of watching this team. Two first round OL in the same draft? I'm sure that hasn't happened often in the history of the NFL draft. I love it.
  19. "I wish I could tell you that nolove4thecrook fought the good fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I could tell you that - but prison is no fairy-tale world. He never said who did it, but we all knew."
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