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  1. Puppies are cute. (Because I didn't want to say anything that may be deemed political)
  2. My favorite all-time Falcon and I several years ago at the Dome. I took the picture back to him a year later and had it signed.
  3. Hope Deone Bucannon can be more 'Deion' than 'Buchanan'.
  4. My heart is crushed Gritz. I am sorry for your loss. If there is anything you guys need please ask. Prayers.
  5. I watched Gurley a lot last year. He looked like he has a lot left in the tank to me. I don't blame the Rams for cutting him because of the cap hit. The Rams are paying him more this season than the Falcons are and we get a rb in a contract year which always seems to be extra-motivational for players. I love the signing and I'm not a Bulldog fan.
  6. I actually don't hate it but it reminds me of the Cardinals.
  7. Nice post 70. Well thought out. Even included a couple of your patented Dimi-Digs. Bravo. 70'd
  8. Since we got a thread started....who do I start? QB,RB,WR,TE,FLEX,FLEX,KICKER and DEFENSE Deshaun Watson QB HOU 10 @TEN Sun 1:00pm ET Starter Devonta Freeman RB ATL 9 @SFO Sun 4:25pm ET Starter Kenny Golladay WR DET 5 TAM Sun 1:00pm ET Starter Julio Jones WR ATL 9 @SFO Sun 4:25pm ET Starter Austin Hooper TE ATL 9 @SFO Sun 4:25pm ET Starter Darren Waller TE OAK 6 JAC Sun 4:05pm ET Starter Justin Tucker K BAL 8 NYJ Thu 8:20pm ET Starter Chicago Bears D/ST CHI 6 @GNB Sun 1:00pm ET Starter Gardner Minshew II QB JAC 10 @OAK Sun 4:05pm ET Bench Tevin Coleman RB SFO 4 ATL Sun 4:25pm ET Bench Sterling Shepard WR NYG 11 MIA Sun 1:00pm ET Bench Jared Cook TE NOR Q 9 IND Mon 8:15pm ET Bench Houston Texans D/ST HOU 10 @TEN Sun 1:00pm ET Bench
  9. I was gonna go to the my dog ran away chicken biscuits is good it rained upside down yesterday.
  10. IMO: Calling Quinn an 'awful coach' is your disappointment speaking and not logic. Four years and two trips deep in playoffs defies him being an 'awful coach'.
  11. I posted knowing my opinion wouldn't be reciprocated by many. I'll be honest, my expectations for the season was anything short of a SB would be a disappointment. I'm not sold that bringing in a new coach, new GM and new coordinators is the answer to righting the ship. I hold Quinn 100% accountable for the shape we are in at the moment. I can also give him credit for the success that this team had had during his tenure. As painful as SB51 was doesn't take away from a magical season that almost ended with us hoisting the only hardware that matters.
  12. Ryan probably will play. As much as we fans feel the season is over, Ryan, or Quinn for that matter, won't give up until they're eliminated. Quinn didn't forget how to coach defense. You need talent in this league and the Falcons have very little talent on the defensive side of the ball. For the record, I am not happy with the Falcons season, but I still like Quinn. Firing Quinn doesn't automatically make us better. Bringing in a new head coach backfires more times than it proves successful. It may make you feel better but there is more chance of getting it wrong than getting it right. This franchise has been to the SB twice in it's 52 years of existence. You can say that Quinn rode Shanny's coattails to the SB if you choose but who had the insight to bring in Shanny when he wasn't a sought after commodity? Quinn took a chance on a disgruntled coordinator that he knew was a great play-caller. Quinn taking over the defense that season was the tipping point that earned us a bye and shutting down Russell Wilson and Aaron Rogers in the playoffs was what took us to the Super Bowl.
  13. This thread may be the worst thing about being 1-4.
  14. Green Bay, K.C., Seattle, L.A., New England, Cleveland, New Orleans and NYG prolly aren't clamoring for Ryan. I'm not saying who they have is better or worse than Ryan. I just don't think they would take Ryan over their current QB's. Was you including Canadian League?
  15. I expected us to be 2-2 at this point. So, really, we're just one win off my expectations. Doesn't make me happy but it's crazy to be calling for wholesale changes at this point,
  16. 2016 hurt me more. Way more. Had Lombardi in our pocket. FG away from being champs of the world. A 14 year old playing Madden knows to run the ball three times and kick the frigging FG. Not us. We had the team of the century on the ropes and started swinging wildly when jabs could have finished it. There is only one way I can ever erase that feeling. Rest.
  17. If Antonio goes broke maybe Cam Newton will let him stay in his She-Shed.
  18. I love Jessie Tuggle but he wouldn't of been able to carry Tommy Nobis' jock strap. Deion wasn't in a Falcon's uniform long enough. Remember.....Brett Favre and Eric Dickerson also wore a Falcon's uni. #1 Matt Ryan #2 Tommy Nobis #3 Roddy, Julio, Terrance, Turner, Deion, Case, Humphrey, Vick, Abe, Ironhead, Kenn, Rison, Brooking, Tuggle, Van Note, Morten, Tony G. Some of my faves….Scott Case and Jumpy Geathers. Several current players probably make the list tied for third. Deion Jones, Mack and Matthews. Ridley and Trufant.
  19. Pay him in Bitcoin. It doesn't count against the cap.
  20. I know this is TATF but this should have been left in TATF for the week of 9/11. Bless America and our troops.
  21. Nothing to make sense of. Sponge Bob is Michael Thomas and Patrick just received more crabby patties than Bob did. Therefore Bob is gonna head out because he's got sand is his square panties.
  22. Log on to StubHub using your mobile device Enter credit card number. Purchase ticket.
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