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  1. well what i heard was dat gravy was sailing hour defenseve skeemes to the other teem four free chiken wings with extra ranch dressing.
  2. running the football in open space isn't the only job of an nfl running back. they have to also be able to read defenses and know where the blitz is coming from to make the passing game effective. sometimes you need that same rb to attack the line of scrimmage to keep the linebackers honest and not committed to dropping back in the shallow zone. you also need that same rb to break off a route to allow the qb an outlet on a busted play. i hate to say it and feel free to flame away but....... norwood's long legs and short upper body keeps blocking from coming natural. he will have to work hard to overcome these leverage issues to be an every down back at the nfl level. the reason norwood doesn't get as many snaps as you would like him to get is because he isn't a complete back. granted, behind our our rickety line walter payton would look like a scrub, but we need more of a prototype bruiser to keep the chains moving. michael turner in free agency would be perfect in my opinion.
  3. he gave harrington the keys to the bus. harrington drove it over himself.
  4. i hate to say it........ i don't care if he comes back or not. football season ended two weeks ago for this falcon fan. dear bobby, you have an extended preseason to gather knowledge of your roster and and to work with mckay on your off-season game plan. next year there will be no excuses and you will be held accountable for the team's performance. good luck. frustrated fan, falken
  5. the falcons lost...........a tough pill to swallow. (though if tough losses were pills we would have all overdosed decades ago as falcon fans) petrino made a crucial call during this game when he decided to punt after dunn spiked the ball in frustration after another failed 3rd down conversion. according to new nfl rules the spike led to another 5 yards tacked on making it 4th and 13 instead of 4th and 8. honestly, he should have punted, even if dunn didn't cause the delay of game penalty. i was glad to see petrino at least able to recognize the fact that his defense is playing quality football. the defense has kept us in every game this season except for the giants game. the defense laid the jaguar game and the titan game on silver platters and begged the offense to go win the **** game but the offense refused their generosity time after time. if you expected the falcons to convert that 4th down play you just haven't tormented yourself enough this season. you haven't watched our offensive line consistently fold like a lawn chair. you haven't seen joey harrington freeze under duress every time we need a big play. i don't blame petrino for punting...... .......but as a fan of this team i blame everyone associated with the falcons offense for being negligent when it comes to bringing talent in on the offensive line. we can no longer mask our problems with a zone blocking scheme. we can no longer count on our quarterback to spread out defenders to open up our running game. we have to bring in talented players to play the line. good offensive lineman seldom see the light of free agency which makes it imperative to accumulate up front talent during the draft. we have to draft strong on the offensive line and count on other positions to be filled via free agency. refusing to do so will continue to haunt this woeful, hapless franchise. i beg of you to consider the already painful consequences. force the issue, mr. blank. force the issue.
  6. ..........they must have met at the ole crossroads somewhere around 1965.
  7. with the history of this hapless franchise i can only expect the worst.
  8. petrino is frustrated with the play of harrington. it showed after the minnesota game and progressed from there. since the oline can't be fixed or revamped at this moment other measures have to be made in an attemp to get the running game started. if we can't keep the defense somewhat honest in our passing game the running game will contiue to fail. i know a lot of people are screaming for norwood to get the start but other than his long run against the giants the lanes just haven't been there for either back.
  9. everything within an offense works like the mechanical innards of your grandfathers pocketwatch. if one cog has a tooth missing nothing runs effeciently. harrington's inability to throw deep, or even his lack of desire to do so, was suffocating our running game from the inside. our o-line doesn't stand a chance when teams are stacking the box and run blitzing on every down. petrino has seen this since the start and realizes that joey was incapable of stretching the field. he has made several comments about his system having a deep option on almost every play and even joey has commented on the fact that petrino has told him to take more deep shots. really... how many times have we seen joey attempt to hit a receiver 30 or more yards down the field? for petrino to go ahead and annoint byron the starter for the rest of the season means he has seen enough of joey's play to know he will not be able to open up the running game with his failure to get the ball deep. our defense has played outstanding this season in spite of the fact that our offense has continued to hang them out to dry. we've had turnovers that have given our offense excellent field posistion but we've just wilted in the red zone. i commend pertrino and staff for making a move now instead of later. i know the possibility of winning 8 of 10 is slim, but slim is better than impossible, which is the direction we were headed.
  10. ................lets just draft a kicker instead. better yet........ i volunteer for blank to fund the multi-million dollar robo-knee constuction surgery on my right leg to insert a mechanical gizmo that will allow me to kick a field goal from anywhere on the field.
  11. it wasn't so much that jacksonville thought he lacked the ability to lead. they thought garrard gave them the best chance to win and the only way to remove the controversy was to split ways with the former starter. i think it's pretty evident that joey isn't the future for the falcons. petrino has seemed to know this all along. honestly, i believe that joey probaly gives us the best chance to win right now, but winning 3 or 4 games the rest of the season accomplishes absolutely nothing. what we can do at this point is evaluate the other signal callers on the roster to find a starter for next season. even if we draft a qb #1 next season there is a great chance he won't be ready to start. we've been in every game we've played except mnf. the question is: were we in these games because of joey or in spite of joey. answer coming soon.
  12. our defense has played well this season and it's at least encouraging to know we have a dc that's capable of making adjustments. there should be little doubt in our minds that the defense is the only reason we have been somewhat competitive this season. deangelo is a shut down corner. he got punk'd by a referee in the carolina game which overshadowed a brilliant performance against an elite wr in steve smith. believe what you will about hall's attitude..........but it's imho that we need more players with his abilities and fire for the game. our offensive scheme is fine.........it's the players who aren't cutting the mustard. harrington isn't a franchise qb. he could be a servicable player with a decent line line but he definitely lacks the "it" factor that makes qb's great. harrington could lead a good team into the playoffs but lacks the leadership and savvy to take over a game. our offensive line is just that. offensive. as bad as this team needs a franchise quarterback it would be a shame to go after one until our issues are fixed up front. the sad part of this is that all the cap space in the world can't fix these problems alone. good offensive lineman, or even decent ones for that matter, seldom ever see the light of free agency. it takes time to build an offensive front. imo, this frachise has payed dearly for neglecting this fact for it's entire existence. do you want to break your own heart? look up how many times the falcons have selected an offensive lineman in the first round since 1966. dunn is just that. done. honestly, i'm not sure dunn was ever more that a third down back in any other system than the zone blocking scheme. lacking the ability to hit the line hard spells doom for him behind this line. i hate to say it....especially on 10/16. our season is over.
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