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  1. How I think the Julio situation went down.

    Terry and Arthur spent time watching film. Games from last year as well as practices from last year. The one thing that stood out the most was the absence of one particular high priced player. We all seen the number of times Julio would come off the field during crucial downs in the past. Never made sense. Even as a decoy Julio's presence on the field was crucial.

    That led to a conversation with Julio explaining the importance of being a leader by example and his response was , "Trade me".

    Terry's kid said from the beginning that Julio was his favorite player. What staff wouldn't want to work with a player of Julio's talent? We also know there was the option of restructuring Jarrett to get under the cap. So trading Julio wasn't paramount to signing draft picks. At this point it becomes how much are you willing to let a WR with all the talent hold your team hostage? 20 million a year isn't enough for you to be a leader? Things started downhill for Julio as soon as he began working out in the offseason with Terrell Owens.

    I think the last staff coddled Julio too much. Arthur should never tell a player he is a Falcon for life. (Evidently he wasn't)

    As a Falcons' fan it breaks my heart to see a player of Julio's talent traded away for a second round pick. To see him in this offense with Ridley, Pitts, Hurst, Patterson and Davis would have been exciting to say the least.

    To answer the question: No, I wouldn't retire his number.

  2. There are a lot of picks after our first pick. As someone pointed out last week our early second round pick is a great option for trading down.


    I'm not against trading down at #4 but I believe that Pitts is that special hybrid player to put your offense over the top. I don't believe we can trade down and still acquire Pitts because I don't think he gets past Miami. I think Pitts is that special kind of hybrid freak who A.S. could use as a weapon all over the field in almost all formations. With Julio's injury history we could definitely use another weapon. When they are on the field together how do you cover Julio, Ridley and Pitts? If you double Julio who is covering Ridley and Pitts? Bring in another db and A.S. will run the ball down your throat. Those options are scary good.

    I'm okay with Pitts at #4 and BPA defense the rest of the way.

  3. QB doesn't make sense until you are ready to make the move. If he sits behind Ryan for 2-3 years you've lost half of his rookie deal to him sitting on the bench. Having the flexibility of that rookie deal is why the Seahawks and Chiefs have won with young QB's. The Rams getting to the Super Bowl was in large part because they could afford other talent on Goff's rookie deal.


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