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  1. Depends upon who he surrounds himself with. We need a miracle worker on defense.
  2. We should have known when he interviewed the second time.
  3. Pittsburgh doesn't fire coaches. They win rings and let them ride off into the sunset as legacies.
  4. Over the last 54 years the Falcons have had 17 different HC's including re-hires(1) and interim coaches(4). Over the last 54 years the Steelers have had 4 different HC's period.
  5. He's just too tall with no leverage and his reaction time has become a liability.
  6. Why did our defense stink so bad in 2020? I thought everyone got together and decided to blame it on Matt Ryan?
  7. The whole NFC East was really bad and yet somehow we were worse. Cant really knock a coach for tanking in week 17 with absolutely nothing to play for but draft position.
  8. There are a couple of board members I wouldn't mind sacrificing. (.....in all reality, they're probably both virgins)
  9. Mckay is there to protect an aging Arthur from himself (becoming Al Davis.) Someone who Blank trusts has the franchise best interest at heart.
  10. This thread is hilarious. The best thing about the Falcons is the Braves? lol The best thing about my wife is she has a hot sister.
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