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  1. How I think the Julio situation went down. Terry and Arthur spent time watching film. Games from last year as well as practices from last year. The one thing that stood out the most was the absence of one particular high priced player. We all seen the number of times Julio would come off the field during crucial downs in the past. Never made sense. Even as a decoy Julio's presence on the field was crucial. That led to a conversation with Julio explaining the importance of being a leader by example and his response was , "Trade me". Terry's kid said from the beginning that Julio
  2. Any place that makes a customizable jersey. Try NFL Shops.
  3. Straight bar. Hex bar. I prefer a Snicker bar. My reps are unlimited.
  4. Stoic? Your lawyer find a loophole or did you bust out?
  5. It's doing Hurst a favor. ( Not why we did it) It allows him to hit FA a year early. He'll get paid elsewhere.
  6. Michael Vick-So much talent. Wasted on poor decision making off the field and a lack of work ethic. Our franchise QB arrested for owning a dog fighting operation, I've been around a long time but this hurt the most. Some of you may not classify Vick as a bust. In my mind he was worse than a bust. He let us down in every way imaginable.
  7. Chase is an amazing talent. Pitts is an amazing talent. Is it easier to find playmaking WR's or playmaking TE's?
  8. I've got them all rated pretty high in my mock draft.
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