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  1. You Shanny huggers crack me up. Like everyone doesn't know how vital Shanny was to our 2016 success. But who had the insight to hire Shanahan to begin with?
  2. He did take his team to a Super Bowl in year 2. (Yea, epic meltdown, I know) But we steamrolled the mighty Seahawks and the effing Green Bay Packers to get there. In the last three years only 4 HC's have been to a Super Bowl and Quinn was one of them. Don't throw the baby away with the dish water just yet, Quinn is a winner.
  3. I'm 6oing to buy one if the Falcons go 1G -0.
  4. If Raheem has a high degree of success its going to be hard for Dan to bomb out.
  5. Puppies are cute. (Because I didn't want to say anything that may be deemed political)
  6. My favorite all-time Falcon and I several years ago at the Dome. I took the picture back to him a year later and had it signed.
  7. Hope Deone Bucannon can be more 'Deion' than 'Buchanan'.
  8. My heart is crushed Gritz. I am sorry for your loss. If there is anything you guys need please ask. Prayers.
  9. I watched Gurley a lot last year. He looked like he has a lot left in the tank to me. I don't blame the Rams for cutting him because of the cap hit. The Rams are paying him more this season than the Falcons are and we get a rb in a contract year which always seems to be extra-motivational for players. I love the signing and I'm not a Bulldog fan.
  10. I actually don't hate it but it reminds me of the Cardinals.
  11. Nice post 70. Well thought out. Even included a couple of your patented Dimi-Digs. Bravo. 70'd
  12. Since we got a thread started....who do I start? QB,RB,WR,TE,FLEX,FLEX,KICKER and DEFENSE Deshaun Watson QB HOU 10 @TEN Sun 1:00pm ET Starter Devonta Freeman RB ATL 9 @SFO Sun 4:25pm ET Starter Kenny Golladay WR DET 5 TAM Sun 1:00pm ET Starter Julio Jones WR ATL
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