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  1. I haven't been able to fully appreciate this game because of the way the season ended but Ryan was on point, Julio was balls deep in the whole Pack defense. I have to admit some of those play calls were downright genius on the part of Shanahan as well, The only thing that matched our offenses' intensity was our defenses'. One of the most complete games in Falcons' history and one helluva a way to close shop on the Georgia Dome Thanks Tim
  2. Mods! I kid. I kid. Welcome back brother.
  3. We couldn't have had all eyes on Ridley because no one knew he would still be there. We could have upgraded at multiple positions but we were pleasantly surprised that Ridley fell to 26.He was a great pick at 26 but no one could have faulted us for going DL or LB.
  4. Breaking it down weekly at $30,000,000 annually. $576,923.08 is not a bad weekly paycheck.
  5. I hate comparing players but Ridley definitely reminds me of Marvin Harrison in his route running. Very fluid motion. In and out of breaks seamlessly. He has that same move that Tony Gonzalez had after the catch but has the quickness to break away. Ridley will be fun to watch starting immediately.
  6. lol @ soft practice procedures in April.
  7. Do we still have 11 players on defense?
  8. We losing defensive lineman and gaining defensive line coaches. .
  9. If weed was performance enhancing I would be a HOF'er.
  10. Sure. Make it happen. Gronk. Julio. Free. Tev. Sanu. Ryan. Decent O-line and a good defense. Sounds like a winner.
  11. RIP Tommy. We're wearing the Troffe'd T-Shirt to the parade and after-party 70.. Enjoy the journey and embrace the destination.
  12. Dan Quinn is the poster boy for enthusiasm and attitude. If he got some of that fire from Pete Carroll I am glad he did! Sherman is just bitter he got jettisoned. Would absolutely love to douse kerosene on the people responsible for that feeling of being jilted. If Sherman were to make Canton one of the first people he would ask to speak would be Pete Carroll.
  13. To be fair their is a hole in 70's heart.....and trophy case. (and maybe his head) I don't know if you heard but 70 needs rest. Kinda like we need rest from 70, you know. I'm hoping one day to make 70 a signature with the Lombardi with "Troffed" stamped across it!