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  1. Wouldn't it be poetic if he were banned for starting a thread in TATF about being banned?
  2. KFFL Trade News 02/08/2019 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AFMB Reports Hurry_Up_And_.has been traded to the New Orleans Saints fanbase pending a psychological evaluation. The Falcons are sending Hurry_Up_and cash to the Saints for Morten Anderson's old toothbrush and a half-eaten Po Boy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Weather was perfect in the Benz. A comfortable 70 degrees and zero chance of Brees.
  4. Welcome back Koetter. He's probably spent the last few weeks explaining to Mularkey what a screen pass is and how to execute it properly. I'm glad we're getting the bubble screen back. I think it can fit well with our personnel. This offense could be back to being a dynamic force. Hopefully we can come up with some kind of defense to compliment it. Raheem Morris has 16 years of NFL experience and a former HC; Mularkey was a TE in the NFL for 9 years and another 20 years of coaching along with three different stints as a HC. Knapp also has years on NFL experience as an OC and QC coach. One of the more impressive things to me is he worked as Peyton Manning's QB Coach for SB50. Koetter? I think Matt Ryan said it best. “There is no ceiling, to me,” Ryan told the Falcons website. “I think that we have talented guys, he’s a very good football coach, and we’re capable of being the very best. Now, we’ve got to go do it. We all have to do it. But, to me, there shouldn’t be any limitations on what we’re capable of doing.”
  5. How about paying for his mistakes. He's pretty good at that. I don't condone anything Vick did by saying.... Vick grew up in the projects where dog fighting is as natural as a lot of people going deer hunting in the south. It's no more inhumane than to climb a tree and wait for an animal to walk by so you can blow a hole in it and post pictures on your Facebook account. It's how he was brought up. Name one other person you've ever heard of going to prison for dog fighting. He made a mistake and paid dearly for that mistake and hasn't been in trouble since. Has done things for the community and spoken about his mistakes. Maybe it's time to forgive the man.
  6. ….but yet YOU are the one that ventured onto OUR message boards. We don't like the Saints. You don't like the Falcons. We get it. The fact that you guys feel like you had the first ever non-call in the history of sports is a laugher. Saints' tears taste like Mountain Dew with a hint of Cream Soda. We are giddy because you feel shafted. Honestly, we wish that you were shafted more often. Instead of Katrina refs we wish it was the opposite. We hope your mailman loses your birthday cards. We hope the IRS audits you twice a year. We hope your straw jams up every time you try to pierce the pouch of a Capri Sun. We hope you get a lingering urge to sneeze that just jams up and doesn't release for years. …..but hey, nothing personal.
  7. I'm hoping that the Rams can't make it to the game so they ask the Falcons to fill in at the last minute.
  8. You're right, Peyton. Bobby Hebert to Terrance Mathis. Seems like it was Christmas Eve. Jeff George was knocked out of the game but would return for the playoffs. George actually had us up 14-0 against GB in GB on a couple of broken plays that went for bombs in the playoffs but I think we lost 2814. George was a tool but had one helluva arm.
  9. New England has the perfect coach married to the near perfect QB. ….but yes, I think Ryan would do very well with Belichick.. A lot of quarterbacks could flourish with a mastermind. His game-planning is off the charts when it comes to attacking the other teams weaknesses and removing their strengths. Willingness to cross the line on ethics, too. Belichick is the best. But he still needs a great quarterback to win five Super Bowls. Brady is a smart, accurate quarterback who isn't going to make the mistakes to lose a game 98% of the time. If Peyton Manning and Belichick had of been together the rest of the NFL could have called in sick.
  10. Some of the best athletes ever have had personality flaws. Ted Williams is a prime example of an individual in a team sport that wasn't endeared by his teammates.. Ty Cobb. Mike Tyson. Bill Romanowski was a legendary jerk. Vick, TO., heck even Roethlisberger. This list could keep going and going. Does AB have a little sense of entitlement? Probably. A lot of great players do;
  11. My friends and I were laughing during the game because we kept referring to the Rams as 'us' and 'we'.
  12. You know you are a true Falcon's fan if you are giddy about their misery. I watched the Diggs play 50 times last year. Now I have Breesus throwing a duck in O.T.! The fact that they think they got screwed is just a cherry on the cake.
  13. Is it me or does Saint's fan tears taste a little like Mountain Dew?
  14. Do you mean now at their current age? If so, yes, Ryan is better than those three HOFers.
  15. <Dan Reeves chuckles>