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  1. He must have been highly contagious. He was making me sick from 976 miles away.
  2. ..….because Jake didn't sign a new contract two years ago.
  3. Sounds like the defense is going to be fun to watch. Fast. I like that. Arrive violently. Jones is in camp. Takk healthy and bigger. A faster Campbell. If we can get Grady locked up it would put an exclamation point on a near perfect offseason,
  4. To the O.P. Rant all you want. You're entitled as a fan. But here is some food for thought. Falcon's brass doesn't mind making Julio the highest paid receiver in football. I know this because they already have just a short two years ago. But the salary cap doesn't allow you to give a player a signing bonus, spread it over the length of the contract, and then renegotiate with three years left on the contract and eat the remainder of the signing bonus and remain competitive in other areas of your squad. Julio is a great receiver that we gave up a ton on draft day for his services. A better receiver than we probably even thought he could be. As great as he is Julio isn't going to make a bad team championship material. Julio Jones signed a 5 year, $71,256,045 contract with the Atlanta Falcons, including a $12,000,000 signing bonus, $47,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $14,251,209. In 2018, Jones will earn a base salary of $10,500,000, while carrying a cap hit of $12,900,000 and a dead cap value of $4,800,000. At the end of 2018 Julio will have earned $57,510,829.00 in three years of playing football. There is still over $ of signing bonus left on Julio's current contract that would count against our cap should we sign Julio to a different contract.
  5. If Julio is such a savvy 'business man' he would understand why the Falcons cannot rework a five year contract that he has already received an upfront signing bonus only partway into the contract with 47 million guaranteed. If the Falcons wanted to rework his contract I don't believe they could. He still has bonus money on the books through 2019.
  6. One thing that could slow Matt's offensive numbers is if this defense continues to progressively get better. Of course it could help him get to that magical 150 win mark or ultimately help him achieve a Super Bowl....or three.
  7. ….another hidden cost of Julio showing up? My sanity.
  8. Week 1 Eagles Loss Week 2 Panthers Win Week 3 Saints Loss Week 4 Bengals win Week 5 Steelers win Week 6 Bucs win Week 7 Giants win Week 9 Redskins win Week 10 Browns win Week 11 Cowboys win Week 12 Saints win Week 13 Ravens win Week 14 Packers Loss Week 15 Cards win Week 16 Panthers Loss Week 17 Bucs win
  9. I haven't been able to fully appreciate this game because of the way the season ended but Ryan was on point, Julio was balls deep in the whole Pack defense. I have to admit some of those play calls were downright genius on the part of Shanahan as well, The only thing that matched our offenses' intensity was our defenses'. One of the most complete games in Falcons' history and one helluva a way to close shop on the Georgia Dome Thanks Tim
  10. Mods! I kid. I kid. Welcome back brother.
  11. We couldn't have had all eyes on Ridley because no one knew he would still be there. We could have upgraded at multiple positions but we were pleasantly surprised that Ridley fell to 26.He was a great pick at 26 but no one could have faulted us for going DL or LB.
  12. Breaking it down weekly at $30,000,000 annually. $576,923.08 is not a bad weekly paycheck.
  13. I hate comparing players but Ridley definitely reminds me of Marvin Harrison in his route running. Very fluid motion. In and out of breaks seamlessly. He has that same move that Tony Gonzalez had after the catch but has the quickness to break away. Ridley will be fun to watch starting immediately.