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  1. Fairly certain Bryan Cox was a founding member of the brotherhood..are they expendable?
  2. This can set our upcoming defense back 2 years! I hope this isn't a Blank knee jerk reaction
  3. Good post! I can get over that we lost. What I will never get over is how we lost. 20 years from now everyone will know the Patriots won their 5th Super Bowl. Only we falcons fans will know how
  4. He tatted up and it's league policy. I know this is probably old news but it's new to me.
  5. I don't know why we do it either. So much emotional investment into a sports franchise that could careless about us. I'm sure that being a lifelong Falcon fan has taken more years off my life then anything. I wanted to see them get that ring before I died and don't think I'll make it now
  6. I thought at one time Grimes would be a Falcon for life too..
  7. For me personally being a fan since 1985 is being alive at Halloween. Most of you say I'm not a fan because there have been so many seasons where we were done at this point and I'm putting all my paraphernalia away..
  8. So proud of our team today...if there is such a thing it's the best defeat we've had in the last 10 yrs.
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