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  1. I'm positive Dimitroff sabotaged...no..no wait...positive..I understand. Umm....
  2. Smith is awful. His last few games are unbearable to watch. You would not enjoy the lack of effort or instinct Smith is showing right now. If he were a Falcon, it would be worse. He's getting blown up on every play, taken out of the play, not in on the play and any other adjectives you wanna use. Ewwww. And yes Debo looks horrid too. Wrong thread..as far as Gilmore, don't think he's even in the discussion though he should be perhaps.
  3. Eh...I agree somewhat. But there are flaws in the offense he can't mask. If Ms. Jones were here....lol (I liked Julio a lot Btw), I think it's a different Ridley. He's no Batman. And Robin is probably his best role.
  4. I agree with all of this. But who is taking at least some pressure off of him? You are all correct in the catch the **** ball area. But so far Pitts is more threat than reality. Hurst is an afterthought and the run game is am abomination. RIDLEY must do better. No doubt. But he doesn't suck as some have suggested.
  5. So last year when Julio was out and he carried the WR Corp means nothing? He's it this year. Who else? Gage? Oh...Z..? Hmm..Blake? Please.The playcalling is booty considering the threat of Pitts and Hurst and it's still unimaginable. Ridley is not without fault but please. Don't tell me all of a sudden he sucks because of dropped balls. Look again and see how many of those balls thrown were not touched by a defender. Narratives suck.
  6. The ones that have never played WR bark a lot. His hands need to improve yes, but there are throws he is contested on continuously and a finger tip on a ball can cause you to "drop" it. He's not perfect but the sacred goat at QB is not off limits to me. He throws a bullseye ball a lot. Which means there are shots these receivers take because of the placement of the ball. Don't give a rats *** if you agree. It's true. Ridley is fine even if I hate some of his "drops."
  7. Anybody blaming Ridley is dead to me. Except an adjustable catch...every catch was contested. Perhaps hit him earlier on a few throws...oops...that sounds like criticism of Ryan. Look at some of those attempted catches..Lmao.
  8. He's gonna need new digits if he screws up!
  9. I haven't heard "fast and physical,""play downhill," "we're mad....etc". That's a win by itself.
  10. My take for better and probably worse is that you should have gutted this team. The issue is that it wasn't realistic given dead money and cap issues. Matt Ryan lovers and haters are both right and wrong. The two years he has left to give you is still going to be minimal due to the talent around him. He is elite WITH a line...subpar without one. He has years left...but they will not be realized with the team as constructed . I love Matt for what he has done QB as a Falcon. His time is nigh but moot. This is A Dummytroff/Quinn mess that needs reversing. The idea should be to play hard, be competitive and do it with younger players. As constructed, this OLine, DLINE alone will cause you to lose games. I can't use Miami as a blueprint because they had tradable talent. The Falcons have a few, but if two years is your window...sell...sell ...sell. Point being ..the Dolphins stripped it all! Got rid of malcontents, sold high on Tunsil, changed the culture and...now..they have a perennial young team capable of the playoffs. I think Falcon country could have embraced a losing season for winning perennially the next few years. Miami won 5 the first year...10 the next. Give me that.
  11. But a rebuild is stupid. Lmao. The team needs an implosion!
  12. I can assure you they called **** Quinn and he is still mad about the Falcons loss. Just didn't play fast and furious. They'll fix it. Yeah...about that.
  13. This is what happens when you sit on the **** fence about winning now and rebuilding. Like it or not this team is two years away...AGAIN! This resembles the Falcon teams of yesteryear. S***Ty!
  14. I think you can call a JAG for any RB not a workhorse but I don't see him as that. He's better than average. Maybe that's not much but he averaged more ypc than other "name" rb's. Such as: Gordon, Swift, Eckler, J. Robinson, Edward's Helaire, D. Singletary, D. Montgomery, C. Akers, J. Conner, Z.Moss, E. Elliot...etc etc. I don't find that group to be full of JAGS. He probably will be running behind the same type of line in Atlanta, but I'll take what he can give versus what the Falcons had/have at the moment.
  15. This makes two regimes who don't think much of Allison. Casuals think Gallman sucks but its not true at all. He ran behind a terrible line, averaged 4.6 ypc, Gurley 3.5 and Ito 4.3. Ollison..a blistering 3.0. Where is the suck? Gallman has averaged 4.3 ypc in his career and over 1400 yds in 330 or so carries. He's not a stud but he can play. This pick up is good.
  16. Look. I get it. We want Rosen to be what people thought he could be when he was drafted so high. The goalposts moving for him won't help though. The bad teams you say were building a core. That same Dolphin team had 5 wins in 19 and 10 in 20. The Falcons...I'll let you figure that out. As many in this thread have stated, he WAS his own worst enemy. He's stated it, others have. Now, It's about putting that bad ish behind him, appreciate the game, learn and perhaps he can be an answer to a reclamation question we're all asking in our own way.
  17. I've wanted this version of Rosen since he was a Dolphin : He said, "I feel like I matured as an adult, as a human. It's funny enough, knowing how my career has gone, I feel like as a human I'm in a better place than I've been in a while." He hasn't just been humbled, he's been deservedly given humble pie. If it makes him a better player and person, it's a win. He even said he's said dumb things as a rookie (imagine an early 20 something year old doing that). Josh has talent and I'm hoping with Arthur Smith, he can get out of his own way and become a long term Falcon. That would be an ideal payoff for Josh and the Falcons.
  18. Lmao. yeah. Twitter fans are the best...
  19. Are there people hoping he fails? I haven't seen that. The circumstances surrounding him are true and some embellished. It's up to Josh to make this opportunity count. I agree with those who says he's not had the best hand dealt to him and I'm hoping for the best. It would be great if he develops because it's means he's successful and the team develops an asset.
  20. I didn't wrote him off necessarily. There are some good observations on his behalf in this thread. But understand that as bad as his situations were he didn't do himself any favors. A slice of humble pie and learning his craft will benefit him. Miami is my second team so I watched him closely. I root for all players to be successful and Josh is no different.
  21. That is not true at all. @SPITFIREHe's had two teams in which to be the guy. Arizona and Miami. Simply put he didn't endear himself in either situation. They were bad for him, and he was bad for them. (I understand Arizona more. Coach wanted his guy). The Dolphins were practically begging him to win the position. Outright. He was not good. As much as people use the Dolphins rebuild, they won 5 games in a complete teardown in 2019 and had to rely on a journeyman at QB. The Falcons only won 7 that year. As smart as he is, he was slow to read defenses and that had been his undoing. He's talented to a point. He's been through a lot and many less talented players have succeeded at the position. My thoughts on him is : I liked him when others didn't. I think there is something in there, but Arthur is going to have to have patience and tough love. Can Josh finally "get it?"
  22. I'm with ya...6'3 260 (not fat) with a back that makes me walk like my dude in the avatar 😂😂😂
  23. Succinct. To the point. Spot on. Correct. That's true. Well done. 😂😂
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