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  1. Also, heard it before it not, it's a new mentality to inject better football into the Atlanta Falcons. I don't give a rats *** if it's been said before, but this is infinitely better than "fast and physical...'" Play downhill," and "we're mad," that we stink.
  2. Jack Tatum would absolutely behead a WR today. Thank goodness for rules changes. He was definitely an assassin.
  3. I always go back to Miami and what Flores/Grier has done with their secondary. They've "cornered" the market with X, Jones, Igbinoghene, McCourty, Jevon Holland, etc. I say this to say that because their secondary was solid it allowed them to pursue the QB from everywhere. Their defensive turnaround focused on pressure from all angles and takeaways. Pees does much of this although I expect it to take shape next year more than this year. I'm excited about Grant being a chess piece. Why does it seem like forever since we've had that?
  4. Maybe but he stay underground and his stuff is still better than the nonsense you hear today. He only does it "when he feels like rapping." 😂😂
  5. I think he means the real Young Gunna...Jody Breeze...if you know, you know.
  6. Not only that but all that barking at the refs would have been comical in those days. You got mugged and liked it. Lol. MJ all day!
  7. I hope he didn't...I couldn't take another fast and physical quote attributed to DQ. It was already maddening.
  8. He's a baller. Liked 2 safeties over him but he is a good get. We will love his play style.
  9. 😂😂😂 TF could literally draft RB first and not have screwed this team more than TD. Good one though.
  10. Is he Teflon-Shanny now? They traded a kings ransom to get to 3 with the notion of taking...wait for it...Mac Jones? That move would be an "I'm smarter than you" move if ever there was one. Don't know that I believe it's for Jones. Lance? His body of work is even more of a puzzle than Fields. I think his ceiling is incredibly high. However, I don't see Wilson, Jones or Lance being better than Fields. If Fields is there at 4, I wouldn't care what the other three teams thought. I'd pick him. Although I think the falcons could pick Pitts and exhibit confidence in Ryan for the nex
  11. All day. This. I defended him until the guilty plea and he did do his time. He was my favorite too...but I'm A falcon fan first. I support the team and there are players I like more than others. I also think when the Falcons win, the fans show up. It's pretty easy to knock the fanbase but I don't think it's entirely fair. It is what it is though.
  12. I heard Fields was signing autographs once and took a kids lunch money and he jaywalks with no regard for human decency. He listens to music that has a parental warning on it too. I was told he was only a one-read guy because he doesn't bother to study film and he's first in and first out. His feet stink. He has a rope chain designed by Jacob The Jeweler. He's a distant cousin of the late Tupac Shakur. He stepped on some Tulips once. I got all this information from an unknown media source. All that baggage tells me he just not the right quarterback for teams....
  13. That's because Quinn had the same plan for him as he did Beasley.
  14. I'd rather have Buddy Love.
  15. I like the draft but not Sutain at 4. I just don't. There are viable other options that have sweet spots on the draft. If we trade down...cool. At 4...just no.
  16. Aundray Bruce. Looked like Tarzan...and you know the rest.
  17. But again...I'm willing to bet AB won't fire either after two years. I don't see it. Nor does he operate that way. Now if the team is totally inept, sure. I know they hired both to win, and I'm an immediate results type of fan too, but objectionable thoughts tell me this team is not two years away. Things change quickly in the NFL and I hope I'm wrong. I'd rather this team become a sustainable winning team starting this year and beyond. As always the goal is the Super bowl.
  18. Of course that's what AS said. It's what TF said.... Of course the goal is to win the Superbowl. But you think AB really thought yep..Superbowl this year or next? Even if that were the case when has AB fired any coach or GM within 2 years not including lame Duck Reeves? AB even said he was focused on someone who could identify building blocks. The timeline for coaches has shrunk to be sure but AB knows what shape the falcons are in for the short term. For that, Matt Ryan is certainly the guy.
  19. While I may agree to a timeline...if an owner hires a coach shackled by an overpriced roster, top heavy talent and no realistic shot to win a super bowl (technically) in year 1, possibly 2 and expects 2-3 years, he will continue looking for head coaches and GMS. Blank hired TF/AS with the thought of short and long term 'sustainable' success in mind. I'm no Matt Ryan hater and I love what a short term Matt could do with coaches who have a clue. That being said you'd have to be a 'moran' not to think of a QB like Fields should he be presented to you. A trade down seems the best short a
  20. Not at 6 he ain't. If you aren't the second coming if Deion...nope. But then again if you think he is that's when you draft him. The pillars are : (not putting in QBs) Pitts, Sewell and perhaps Chase if you truly believe he's Julio part deux.
  21. Lmao. Agreed on those players, but i stand by the Dimitroff was average. I didn't expand the list of dumb decisions he was responsible for because I didn't feel it necessary. But carry on. And yes...Quinn bears a lot of responsibly too. That's why they are gone.
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