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  1. Watched this guy since he was drafted. It's not hating at all when you look at his production. It's not satisfying to champion mediocrity..he is the definition of it. Mix he and Takk in a blender and you get a hybrid patty cake player. That said..a 7th...it's ok. I like the guy...just not his production.
  2. Don't expect much. He is a great guy with a great work ethic and is very coachable. But he epitomizes almost getting there.....
  3. I got it...just trying to decide if I like this draft or if there's still a lb from East Tennessee Community Valley State Devry Institute we could snag...
  4. That stunk but I love the effort. Ha
  5. Who is playing could have? Its been the same thing with this GM. Call it what you want I'm not paid as a GM, but it's my opinion he miscalculates the draft boards at times. It could very well be that the Falcons board dictates taking a player that "fits" the teams goals and it trumps where you take him. That said I feel he doesn't maximize value. Who knew it takes two teams to agree on trades?
  6. Stupid af to claim passionate fans who don't like the pick as lames or complainers. Truth is that other than Julio, TD does not play the draft well at all. He's traded up for players that could be had 10-20 picks later and never aggressive enough for the right players. It's fact. I like AJ. But Dummytroff could have maneuvered the draft to gain assets instead if taking Terrell. Chaisson and Terrell looks better than Terrell and...?
  7. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!
  8. Good lord that’s both funny and horrific!
  9. If the Miami GM approves that trade after working to control the draft, Stephen Ross should fire him before the deal is consummated. I like the players you selected though.
  10. I don't think the highlights of Weaver serve him well enough. I came away more impressed with Akers. I wouldn't mind him at all. That said, I think the Falcons should stay put and take the Chaisson if he is there.
  11. There will be fresh paint applied to the walls of flowery branch. Cool. And yes...the next 9 months will be fun!
  12. Fantastic comparison. Cus was the Only man capable of keeping Mike Tyson focused. It was amazing the change when Cus passed away and Dan was that for Vick. Vick was unlike any QB ever. Too bad he gave his haters all the ammunition they needed to hate him. Took me a while to stop defending him.
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