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  1. I like the draft but not Sutain at 4. I just don't. There are viable other options that have sweet spots on the draft. If we trade down...cool. At 4...just no.
  2. But again...I'm willing to bet AB won't fire either after two years. I don't see it. Nor does he operate that way. Now if the team is totally inept, sure. I know they hired both to win, and I'm an immediate results type of fan too, but objectionable thoughts tell me this team is not two years away. Things change quickly in the NFL and I hope I'm wrong. I'd rather this team become a sustainable winning team starting this year and beyond. As always the goal is the Super bowl.
  3. Of course that's what AS said. It's what TF said.... Of course the goal is to win the Superbowl. But you think AB really thought yep..Superbowl this year or next? Even if that were the case when has AB fired any coach or GM within 2 years not including lame Duck Reeves? AB even said he was focused on someone who could identify building blocks. The timeline for coaches has shrunk to be sure but AB knows what shape the falcons are in for the short term. For that, Matt Ryan is certainly the guy.
  4. While I may agree to a timeline...if an owner hires a coach shackled by an overpriced roster, top heavy talent and no realistic shot to win a super bowl (technically) in year 1, possibly 2 and expects 2-3 years, he will continue looking for head coaches and GMS. Blank hired TF/AS with the thought of short and long term 'sustainable' success in mind. I'm no Matt Ryan hater and I love what a short term Matt could do with coaches who have a clue. That being said you'd have to be a 'moran' not to think of a QB like Fields should he be presented to you. A trade down seems the best short a
  5. Not at 6 he ain't. If you aren't the second coming if Deion...nope. But then again if you think he is that's when you draft him. The pillars are : (not putting in QBs) Pitts, Sewell and perhaps Chase if you truly believe he's Julio part deux.
  6. Lmao. Agreed on those players, but i stand by the Dimitroff was average. I didn't expand the list of dumb decisions he was responsible for because I didn't feel it necessary. But carry on. And yes...Quinn bears a lot of responsibly too. That's why they are gone.
  7. While I disagree that TD wasn't near as bad, I do think his errors were tough to take. (Could say that about any GM I guess). And I agree that Quinn and his type of players probably mitigated the misses. Where you miss me is the cupboard being bare. They gave out contract extensions to average players and kept kicking the can down the road regarding DE'S and the trenches. The organization is strapped by having two aging superstars eating up most of the cap and while I still think they impact the game a lot, the short term thinking hurt the team and the results. The bulk of this team ha
  8. "But if you’re sitting up there (in the box) and you know what’s coming, then shame on us.” - Arthur Smith This quote alone has me excited. I don't know how many defenses would say, "we knew what they were doing," when the falcons lost. That was awful.
  9. Eh. I don't think they moved back up to 6 with Smith in mind. Could be, but I think they like Pitts/Chase/Waddle more. I agree with the rest of your post. As for Atlanta, they have a prime spot to do so much. No one likes to hear it but if possible I would be thinking future picks, future picks. This team needs a lot and was left in shambles by he-who-shall-remain-nameless.
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