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  1. I don't know why people are mad at Vic. He "almost" made it to OTA'S. Much like he almost gets to the qb's.
  2. Prayers up for Tommy's family. RIP sir.
  3. That scene in “Behind Enemy Lines” came to mind. Lmbo. We did nothing!!!
  4. Not upset with the pick but there's nothing wrong with thinking we were better served with Ford or Taylor. They're falling so...there's that. I wanted Wilkins barring Oliver or Williams. But when you watch the tape of Wilkins, Lindstrom more than holds his own and most of Wilkins success in that game wasn't against Lindstrom. I'm Meh on it but I'm reserving the pitchfork.
  5. Scott was just a mean hombre. Loved those hits back then. I'd have feigned a hamstring injury on those crossing patterns....
  6. It was fake a matter of fact that tweet is gone.
  7. Agree mostly but I'm hoping two years removed from the injury has Tru back to an above average level. Last year was...OK.
  8. Not going so far as to say Trufant is not good, but honestly, watch without the emotion and minus the draft status, Kazee, Oliver and Alford all hold their own with Trufant.
  9. Da@n it Gritz....I thought we agreed you wouldn't read my mind until football season begins! LOL. This thread has become a moral shouting match. I don't value any animal more than a human being, but I will say that I have a dog and I wouldn't think of kicking the crap out of it even though he pizzed me off. It's not right, but as Gritz says, I could care less what someone else believes. I have one life to live.
  10. OMG! He's tampering with us!
  11. I haven't laughed this much in a long time. Everyone is bringing it today. And I agree.....Kroy has united most of the fanbase. That's ingenious on TD and Blanks part.
  12. 75 gridlock, here we come. Especially when people find out it's Kroy. This is too good.
  13. LMAO....These names are so amazing....more I say!
  14. Keep this thread up. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. I want even more meltdown! To be honest, I knew that's why we were saving our cap money. It had to be a tough negotiation getting such a tremendous talent.