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  1. I hear great things about Jim Mora, Jr. Let's bring him back. Load the staff up with Pigtrino?
  2. I'm just ready for the same old drivel we always hear. Brotherhood, leverage,'ll hear it all.
  3. Wow..Satan. You win the internet sir.
  4. Anyone have the Major League movie gif? It's absolutely fitting for this dumpster fire.
  5. Just you wait...Dan Quinn is going to be pizzed...and you know that usually turns things around really quickly...?
  6. Every team says the same thing about this "vanilla" defense It's simply no mystery and the Defensive Coordinator has made no changes to disguise pressure or do anything to force the offense out of a comfort zone. Couch coaches can see this even!!
  7. I'm already ready for the draft in which no one is let go and the Falcons trade up and select someone from Tidy Bowl University to anchor the defense.
  8. Never hire a coach who lives by a slogan, phrase or bravado bs! Reeks of Jim Mora, Jr., without the beautiful notebook he brought to the interview.
  9. If I hear Brotherhood again, it'll be too soon. The way the Falcons played, that phrase has worn out its welcome. As has Dan, ****, Quinn!
  10. Quit? I'd say there is no fight. Can't question a man's heart, but this is about as gutless a display as any I've seen in a while. What crapfest....
  11. At least the Dolphins blew up their whole team. You'd think the Falcons did the exact same thing without the assets. What a complete joke.
  12. I try to never be a knee jerk type of fan, but this team is terrible from top to bottom. Maybe instead of cliches and bravado, Quinn could have focused on accountability and effort. This is sad to watch and this "talented" team will underperform all year. Time for Dan to go.
  13. Any team that makes Mariota look like a legitimate qb is a team that is terrible.
  14. But i bet the press conference is the same cliche crap we always hear. Fluck the cliche's, coach up the team...SMH at this coach.