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  1. Lmao. If my dad was a little lighter he'd be twins with Redd Foxx. Same mannerisms and grumpy wisdom. Funny dude and I miss him. But you're right...the heck with it.
  2. Sorry BF. Respect given to your post, but death doesn't have to be a look back on ineptitude whether that be Vick or Coach Knapp or the fans. I respected him a great deal and I didn't like some of his concepts but the line is blurred for those who realize he was a human and those who love a game. Make no mistake he was a good coach and better person.
  3. He's my dude. Memorabilia on the wall. Yada yada. That said. Fk that dude. He didn't want to be a falcon...they made him the highest paid receiver twice. WTH they do so wrong? Oops...asked him to practice? Didn't give him enough money? Ask him to stay in on 3rd down? Just over it. Let's go Falcons.
  4. Big whoop. He showed up for practice.
  5. That's why the chess game is going to be so good. Great post.
  6. I am anxious to see how the regular season plays out. Dolphins defense is nasty and they can cover anybody. I'm looking to see what Pitts/Hayden can do to challenge their safeties and linebackers. Litmus test of how the offense will function early.
  7. They ain't about that. Football is football to Flores. It'll benefit both teams and it's not like they'll be showing much.
  8. Only if the guy making the decisions knows how to reload. Me thinks he didn't.
  9. I do think complete rebuilds are unheard of. Technically. But what Miami did was exactly that. Here is where Dimitroff and pals went left: refusing to trade marginal talent for...something, I.e Beasley, Takk before the nonsense. Giving money to ok talent and below. Miami jettisoned high priced players and malcontents (Fitzpatrick) and had replacement level players for one year. So the expert people said...Miami won't win a game, worse talent in the league. Well.BOOM..they win 5 games and the next year 10 while turning over 70% of the roster. Atlanta should have been on that path 3 years ago when the SB window was closed. That's hindsight of course. I also don't think a complete tear down was the answer but removing dead wood happened waaayyyy too late. Thus TF was left with taking it on the chin to correct the more recent travesty of the Quinn/TD regime.
  10. I'm not saying go the Miami route since they've decided Ryan is more than bridging a gap. But I use them because I watched a culture change with their "rebuild.". Days should be long gone where 3-4 players soak up the entire cap with middling results. Also..you don't want to be a Falcon...you don't buy in...see ya. I like that TF is thinking short and long term. He inherited a mess. He would have been more than justified in ripping the bandage off. Julio is a start.
  11. If you bottom line this thing you've got piss poor mismanagement (Dimitroff /et.al) colliding with Diva talent. I loved Julio as much as the next but bowing to him over and over didn't help the situation. To those crying about the return, NO ONE....NOT ONE team decided it was worth it to pony up a 1, pay him and deal with a potential unhealthy player. I'm just ecstatic that it's over. Time to get this team right. I would have started a rebuild already but I guess time will tell what parts will be added/subtracted to begin a better chapter of football. No slogans. No false bravado. Just a winning football team.
  12. Spot in post! The draft strategy was refreshing and you can bet Pees liked Hall a lot.
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