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  1. Essentially here we go again. "Fast and Physical" should be stricken from Falcon lore for ever never to be heard from again. That being said, if Chase Young is on the board, it would take a nanosecond to run to the podium and call his name. He would be on the same line with Grady which is a heck of a start if you ask me. Perhaps another year of Takk, but in any case, this team can't pass on him if he's there. Or we could double down on CB's like we did OL? That would be Troff'd on a whole 'notha level!
  2. Fantastic comparison. Cus was the Only man capable of keeping Mike Tyson focused. It was amazing the change when Cus passed away and Dan was that for Vick. Vick was unlike any QB ever. Too bad he gave his haters all the ammunition they needed to hate him. Took me a while to stop defending him.
  3. Prayers up!
  4. He's better than average. Of course I think Tunsil wasn't worth 2 1st round picks. Neither do I think Matthews is. But he's better than a day 2 pick.
  5. Laremy Tunsil he aint...but he's better than a Day 2 pick.
  6. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate the fast and physical aspect of this scouting department. Fast...maybe...physical????...they make Deion look like Ronnie Lott.
  7. Not that hard. If he doesn't want to be here then see ya. Don't hate or love him. I like personalities but he hasn't done anything to warrant a bunch of complaining. But I'm not gonna stalk It's not that critical.
  8. Perhaps it's Takk who needs to stop the cackling. Fans do it. So bytch about the fans who bytch about the guy who's bytching about everything. He can kick rocks.
  9. Crazy thing is, they are playing with a JV team and look more competitive then this collection of “talent.” I almost wish the Falcons would have traded half of their team!
  10. Hard for you to comprehend he did want that? Then flipped when he didn’t excel at it all? I don’t blame him for wanting one position though. What’s your main point?
  11. I clearly showed you both instances where my post was valid aside from watching the putrid Dolphins and Fitz. He was used exactly as he wanted and stated his only tough position was slot. Both he and the dolphins are to blame. In any instance it has nothing to do with Atlanta. I respectfully have the opinion he’s good, not great.
  12. Again. Absolutely wrong . I’ve watched Minkah a lot. He’s solid but I keep laying it out and you dispute facts he did play perimeter. I’m not arguing just saying I Love his talent He hasn’t proven to be an all pro I hope he does though Position 2018 Snaps Slot Cornerback 379 Perimeter Cornerback 281 Deep Safety 166 Box Safety 95 Defensive Line (Edge Blitz/TE coverage) 23 Total 944
  13. You choose to read or think whatever you want. I’m not against Minkah as I’ve started but I do think he has a lot to prove. But I haven’t seen the star he may become. Not that hard to comprehend what my opinion is.
  14. Good for him. Small sample size. I wish him continued success. This also occurred this year: We have seen a lot of great film on Minkah Fitzpatrick dating back to college but yesterday wasn’t prettyHe was targeted 6 times, allowing 6 receptions for 117 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also committed 2 penalties and missed 2 tackles for the game#FinsUp
  15. Anyway, as far as Drake, he has been an East-West runner. He can hit the homerun on occasion but I always think he’s a complimentary back, not a workhorse. The falcons won’t trade anyway so....