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  1. I don't disagree with any of this. We're not competing in the East next year - just hoping for an offense with a pulse
  2. Enjoy the bowel game. I'm fairly sure you'll get embarrassed in that game too. Look at the bright side, you'll be overrated next preseason too and we can restart the whole process
  3. You think Saban would sit a more talented QB for sentimentality like your boy Kirby? Tua would indicate otherwise. No matter what your secret sources at the practices say, Fields is an obvious superior talent. If Kirby had actually given him enough meaningful snaps and plays last year, he would've shown it then too.
  4. Florida would have given them a better game. This is pathetic
  5. I thought I remembered Georgia fans hating him but now it seems like some want him back. Can't be worse than what we had this year
  6. Lol... Are y'all really complaining about holding? You're getting destroyed
  7. This reminds me of our game against Clemson. Clearly overmatched
  8. Yeah, suiting up and getting embarrassed. Again, congrats!
  9. Ah... Congrats! My team also had no business playing LSU
  10. Four years of what? Definitely not wins against my sorry team.
  11. The East being down the past few years has propped UGA up... They've been pretty overrated since 1980 basically
  12. Incredible screwup... The kind of move that could cost you a job
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