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  1. If a team can get through your offensive line enough, Fromm gets antsy. It's pretty easy to see. It's not uncommon even among otherwise good QBs.
  2. This isn't nearly as fun when y'all are congratulatory... I'm not sure what happened here but if I was a UGA fan I wouldn't be happy about the playcalls (or letting Fields slip away but that's another thread)
  3. I take no pleasure in saying I told you so.... But... I told you so
  4. Should have kept Richt
  5. Shoulda kept Fields... Or Eason for that matter
  6. You're getting outplayed by superior talent... You're lucky we've got injuries or you'd be down three scores by now
  7. It's hilarious that you think there coaches are intentionally slowing their play against inferior teams... You need to accept that these "interior teams" sometimes outplay you
  8. Lol... Back to earth for the homers
  9. Wow... Told you about Fromm! Overrated!
  10. It's about what I expected so far
  11. I don't think Smart will hold back if given the opportunity. He may be friendly with Muschamp but there's serious competition at the top of the rankings
  12. Should be a good game. If we can shut down the run, Fromm will fold. If not, could be a long afternoon