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  1. And you commented right after, Mr. Excitement. It's not trolling, I genuinely wish the best for the kid. It's sad that you can't do the same.
  2. Hopefully he'll thrive in a less racist environment
  3. It was obvious it would be granted after the racist nonsense he suffered through in Athens
  4. Lawrence, Etienne, Ross and Higgins all back next year? Yikes
  5. Clemson's skill players are ridiculous
  6. As a South Carolina fan, this is rough. We play both of these teams next year. Y'all *might* be the third best team we play. What a nightmare. Lawrence is looking like he could keep Clemson on top for the next two years too. I kept expecting/praying for him to choke this year... It ain't happening. We need to tank for this dude as Ryan's replacement
  7. O rly
  8. Lol what a clown. And I'm called a troll?
  9. My point is simple. UGA isn't in the same league as Bama so the comparisons should stop (Bama vs Utah etc)
  10. Those are some pretty selective stats! How many national titles do the three parties have since 1992 again? You've won 3 SEC championships in the past 35 plus years. Better than USC? You bet. Comparable to Bama? You're dreaming. They're probably about to win their 6th NATIONAL title in this ten year window. They've won 9 sec titles in the past 35 years (3 times as many as you) So yeah, even if you think an SEC title is just as impressive as a national title (sounds like typical homer logic), I'd say you're closer to us than them. You've got a ways to go until you can claim to be on Florida's level, much less Bama
  11. Bowls? I thought y'all just referred to those as "exhibitions" now in the other thread? How close are we? We've won the same amount of national titles in the past 35+years. Also, we've actually beaten Bama in the past ten years, unlike UGA. According to the homer logic on here, an actual win should be worth two national titles. Right? Didn't merely beating the spread make y'all CLEARLY the second best team in the country?
  12. Please. Kirby isn't Saban and Georgia ain't Bama. During the last 35 years y'all are closer to South Carolina than you are Bama.
  13. Lol at the overrated chant