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  1. Let me put it this way: How many other teams have fans sleuthing like this on their 1st round pick? Now answer again the premise of the original post. Thank you and have a fantastic evening dolt!
  2. Research and then come back and tell me you still think a guy on his 3rd (that we know of) Cardiac Ablation will be “just fine” and there is “nothing to worry about” I’m the only one who is not buying this B.S. look at the lines today, they have already changed from “it’s just a little procedure” to “the timetable will be determined after his checkup” just a couple or days ago you had dummies talking about him being back this week...
  3. I said AFib was life threatening: 5 times higher risk of stroke. No one else has commented on Atrial Fibrillation... it’s the secret Pink Elephant in the room. Everyone is focused on the Cardiac Ablation, which in itself is not risky, no one else (especially you) has said a word about AFib, in fact you keep deflecting and avoiding talking about it. You even tried to assert that he might have WPW, which is a pediatric onset condition which would have precluded him ever playing contact sports. So now we are back to AFib and you don’t want to research nor talk about it... care to explain?
  4. I made no claim other than that the condition that leads to a Cardiac Ablation is not nearly as benign as is being portrayed. That’s it, that’s all. That is a fact. The Falcons media is doing what is supposed to do: Sedate the Sheeple and now you are here arguing that a comments from a Doctor from another team and other comments not directed at what it would take to return to work as an NFL player prove that it is no big deal. I hope it is no big deal, we need it to be no big deal... but if he misses the rest of preseason it is already a kinda big deal because every game that Sambrailo starts is less than optimal for the Franchise!
  5. McGary doesn’t have WPW, if he did he would have NEVER been cleared for football. You are searching the wrong thing, search: Atrial Fibrillation. You will learn today! We can do this all day, I have taught dumber and more hard headed students than you. Unfortunately I can’t put you in push up position to increase the speed at which your cognitive dissonance dissipates... so I will continue to bash your ego with facts!
  6. 1. You shouldn’t believe Team physicians on almost anything. See Trent Williams, see comments from Tampa Bay and Cleveland team physicians as their players got staph infection after staph infection. They clear Spinal Stenosis players all the time and force the decision on the players to retire. They prescribe pain meds at a dangerous and unsustainable level and prescribe them to Head Coaches as well (Sean Payton) with impunity! 2. Doshi was not talking about the condition you dolt. You keep referring to the procedure, I keep telling your dumb as* to look up why a person would have a Cardiac Ablation and telling you to do your own research, but like all sheep... you refuse to veer off the path. You wanna keep @ing me, and I keep giving you facts on facts and you keep giving me quotes from an article!!!
  7. I just want you look of AFIB for yourself. Many diseases are non life threatening when treated and non life threatening when treated. The actual question is this treatment compatible with playing professional sports? Also: As a Falcons fan, much like you guys, I want and need this treatment to work! But, I won’t pretend like this is a stubbed toe or a cough. We need to keep our fingers cross that this works and I didn’t want people having some of the B.S. return to work the next day expectations I have seen in the group.
  8. God bless him, he is one of less than 20K, people in the US with this rare disease. The substance of my statement is still the same. 99.9% of Cardiac Ablations are for Afib/SVT. How is your son? Cardiac Ablation is very effective in treating WPW!
  9. Seriously either Afib or SVT are the only indications for Cardiac Ablation... wait I get it the Falcon nor Internet Doctor told you that. There are some quiet people googling what I am saying and realizing that this nonchalant stance on this “minor” procedure doesn’t add up... you will too, I hope the young man is alright!
  10. Read about a guy who has already had 2 Cardiac Ablations and now has had a third before taking a single meaningful snap? Take out your anger on me... but it’s Atrial Fibrillation you are really mad at. It’s ambiguous and hard to understand, but, hey, the Falcons Doctors said it was no big deal so he will be back starting next week right???
  11. Also, it’s 2019 and we are still listening to Team Doctors??? After Kawhi, Trent Williams, Delvin Breaux, Kevin Durant, etc. https://scholarship.law.marquette.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=1040&context=sportslaw Wake TF up guys!!!
  12. Atrial Fibrillation https://www.emedicinehealth.com/ask_can_you_die_from_atrial_fibrillation/article_em.htm
  13. Let me address your confusion: Cardiac Ablation is a reactive procedure to Atrial Fibrillation. You guys are so focused on this “minor procedure” you failed to research the condition that requires it (which is a serious and life threatening condition). The statin you are taking is to lower cholesterol. The preventative medicine for Atrial Fibrillation is blood thinner, people with Afib are on them permanently (not temporarily). McGary cannot play contact sports on them, but he needed them for the procedure and will need to stay on them for a while after surgery. I am just giving you facts. Your own quote said it should take up to 8 weeks to recover, 8 weeks from now, the Falcons will be a 1/4 through the season. Any further points you wanna argue? We are on the same side here, I just want to keep your expectations realistic!
  14. Very disappointed we didn’t bring in ANY competition. 7 of the top 10 punters in the NFL were rookies or 2nd year players, which proves there is a low risk in bringing an undrafted (Australian) punter in!
  15. Not too early for this one... he looked absolutely putrid against backups to backups. He was ragdolled every single play! He was the most experienced (in years) guy on the field, but he looked lost and afraid. So if he is not good enough to play against the bottom of the roster, then he is below the bottom of an NFL roster, which means we should cut him now to get someone in here who can at least compete against NFL 3rd stringers!
  16. I want it to translate to the field, I am a huge Takk fan! We (the Falcons) need a huge year from Takk!!!
  17. As a healthcare professional, I hope for the best for McGary, but some of this sheeplike, “The Falcons, the posters and some internet doctors said it is a little procedure!” Is absurd. 1. He passed out on the field during practice (we are glossing over that). What happens if he goes into Atrial Fibrillation during the game? 2. Cardiac Ablation is a reactive treatment. The only preventive treatment is blood thinners which would rule out playing football. He won’t be able to take blood thinners and play FB, so he will be at an ongoing risk to have another Atrial Fibrillation induced syncopatic episode. This is a risk even for those who have Cardiac Ablation, are on blood thinners and work at a bank. 3. All of the “I went back to work the next day” guys: Were you in a three point stance blocking DE’s? Ohhhh you were on blood thinners and still have a 5 time higher risk for post procedure stroke, don’t you? I guess that doesn’t sound tough on the AF message board? 4. I would love to see him out there, but he is going to miss significant time recovering from the blood thinners needed to facilitate the procedure. As a rookie trying to learn the game, this is less than optimal. I just hope he can be healthy and ready to go down the stretch because Ty Sambrailo ain’t it!
  18. Underrated point... No matter how bad we were beating them or controlling the game, Koetter ALWAYS had the Bucs with a chance to get back in the game... same when they played the Saints.
  19. Don’t forget he went sackless in the playoffs and Super Bowl... I imagine that both Quinn and Freeney were “coaching” him up then too?
  20. Actually no one said they would be available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Any overdrafting was by picks, not rounds. The run on OT’s would have left the Falcons with nobody after the Texans took their #1 OT. Lindstrom was EVERBODY’s OG1 BEFORE he ran a 4.91 40 at 308 lbs. We got who we wanted/needed. The double guard signing and Sambrallo do look suspect, but what if the run started one pick earlier? Then we would have an incomplete line after the draft!
  21. I think Winovich is being stereotyped a little bit. His tape and combine numbers scream, “athletic edge rusher” but I keep hearing the “effort” “gym rat” “non-stop motor” narrative. Whoever gets him, gets a steal.
  22. But he is an inside guy who rarely rushes from the outside...
  23. I don’t take it as a correction, rather it is confirmation that both guys are inside/outside guys. I don’t see either as double digit outside guys, but there is A LOT of value in guys who can do both!
  24. I see some trade ups and downs. Some Falcons fans have become obsessed with “Not” trading up... but there ain’t 9 open spots on this 53, especially with the recent signings!