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  1. You are correct @delaigle: Look at Grady’s rookie season, Payne’s season last year, Fletcher Cox’s rookie season, etc. Even Aaron Donald (who might be the best DT ever when he is done and had an incredible rookie season) “only” had 22 Sacks + QB Hits his rookie season compared to 61.5 this year. We need a veteran run stuffing DT like Snacks Harrison or Atibah Rubin. Crawford and Senat can rush from the Nickel. Our list at DT includes: 1. David Irving (only can afford with a VB cut) 2. Mo Wilkerson (will be on another “prove it” deal. 3. Christian Covington 4. Henry Anderson 5. Bennie Logan 6. Zach Kerr 7. Olsen Pierre 8. Gabe Wright 9. Trent Thompson (AAF) 10. Jordan Phillips
  2. I am in and out. I will post more! How are you?
  3. While I certainly believe that the Falcons OL MUST be improved, this post calls out TWO missing elements that may be a Chicken vs. Egg situation: 1. We have not had a Short Yardage back in years. 2. The playcallers knew that every short yardage run play had to be perfect because we lacked a back that can grab those extra or hidden yards. The best RB’s against 8 plus men in the box/short yardage situations, are not necessarily from the highest rated run game lines: 1. Gus Edwards BAL 2. Adrian Peterson WAS 3. Zeke Elliott DAL 4. LeGarrette Blount DET 5. Joe Mixon CIN Highest Rated OL’s 1. Pittsburgh 2. Cleveland 3. Indianápolis 4. New England 5. Philadelphia We NEED a Short Yardage back. We also need a resolute playcaller, because even the best RB’/teams convert at 78%. A shaky playcaller allows stuffs more influence over succeeding short yardage calls than they should have. That’s how you end up in a 50/50 split. Numbers are from PFF and FBO.
  4. Preston Smith is wayyyy off the realistic list. We are shopping from the bargain bin and the reclamation project aisle Curry is realistic and an upgrade from Beasley, but unless we rescind Beasley’s contract our shopping will be limited to the draft.
  5. Pink Elephant in the room: Bosher is not elite at anything and has the most blocked punts since he entered the league. We also don’t have a single returner of any type on the roster. We need some talent upgrades to go along with our coaching upgrade!
  6. If you look back, he hasn’t been the same since he suffered the concussion.
  7. Eagles had an OC = Frank Reich (Pedersen called the plays. Saints and Chiefs both have OC's, the HC just calls the plays!
  8. Peyton ALWAYS has an OC and he calls the plays!
  9. I couldn’t agree more...
  10. When people say this what do they mean? So fire the entire staff except Quinn because he is doing such a great job picking, hiring and holding the staff accountable???
  11. Vic Beasley... you ain’t foolin nobody with this alias!!!
  12. In front of Riggs #42??? Agree we need a big back though!
  13. Wow!!! Thank you!!! Still here watching, not posting as much, hoping we get this season turned around!
  14. How can a fan base on the precipice of having the same record grocery shop from another bad team. We are a bad team, injuries not withstanding, good teams don’t bottom out like we have. We have no business plucking players from any other team.