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  1. How can a fan base on the precipice of having the same record grocery shop from another bad team. We are a bad team, injuries not withstanding, good teams don’t bottom out like we have. We have no business plucking players from any other team.
  2. WTF coverage is Tru in here? Compare Alford up top to Tru below...
  3. Ridley will be key here... much better than our previous receivers at gaining separation!
  4. Nothing to troll... very accurate and interesting. I think the under the radar stories are: 1. What are we gonna do in Nickel with Oliver looking not quite ready and Poole and Kazee looking so good? 2. Gono and Douglas were both in before Harlow, Sambrallo and Pasztor... the depth chart going into the Jax game is going to be very interesting!!!
  5. Definitely was a HOFer in real time and with his numbers and impact retrospectively!
  6. Somebody tag Sark...
  7. Is this a Brian Coangelo situation? I see you Justin Hardy... you sure did catch everything, we will get reporters to talk to Matt about throwing it to you more!
  8. Neal, Takk, Beasley, Tru, Riley(?)... will have better years. Grady puts it all together and has 8-11 sacks... Oliver is the outside weapon that improves our 3rd down defense by kicking Alford or Tru to the slot!
  9. Before ESPN leaked to ESPN last week that Cowboys tight end Jason Witten plans to retire and join the Monday Night Football booth, Kurt Warner had been viewed as the clubhouse favorite to get the gig. The cat was so far out of the bag that Warner made a joke about looking first at the MNF schedule at the outset of NFL Network’s schedule release show last month. On Thursday morning, ESPN leaked to ESPN that Witten was indeed joining ESPN. Warner may be miffed that the tiebreaker wasn’t skill or experience but the fact that Witten played for the Dallas Cowboys. Never mind that Witten never played in a conference championship game or a Super Bowl. The Cowboys are still America’s Team, and they now have three former players who are perched in some of the most prominent spots in broadcasting, with Troy Aikman as the lead analyst at FOX (for Sunday and Thursday), Tony Romo as the lead analyst at CBS, and Witten as the lead analyst for Monday Night Football.
  10. ProFootballTalk‏Verified account @ProFootballTalk May 3 More ESPN picks Jason Witten over Kurt Warner for MNF; which of the two would you have hired?
  11. william Lee‏ @wlee313 May 6 More Kurt Warner: Tweet had nothing to do with MNF snub http://dlvr.it/QRztQf 0 replies0 retweets0 likes Reply Retweet Like Direct message
  12. From the looks of his tweets afterwards... so was Kurt Warner!!!
  13. Love or hate Romo, he is clear, well spoken and can keep up with the action while interpreting it to the audience. I have not seen that in Witten’s natural cadence.