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  1. Adam’s content is great and fun to listen to. He gives you a technical viewpoint and is a beast in film breakdown!
  2. There is this cool You Tube: We Dat Atlanta Sports They talk everything from an Atlanta perspective, with stats and facts to back it up. They are like a cool group of Nerds. Check them out… you will be hooked!!!
  3. Q: How was the Bucs D built? A: Not through the 1st round of the draft. This idea that we can ONLY fix our defense with a 1st round pick on defense is rooted in the desire to protect our Franchise QB from the annoyance of competition. Only two 1st round Bucs picks played for the defense that shut KC down and one of em Vita Vea IS NOT a full time starter. We have plenty of picks to fix the Defense and the majority of our modest FA signings have been defensive guys.
  4. Embarrassingly enough, we had the game of his life against us!
  5. Wait... you think that there is a narrative “around here” that has anything to do with Matt Ryan vs. Pat Mahomes??? That means you think there is some comparison between the two? I’ve seen homerism before, but this takes the case!!!
  6. No! Take Brady out of the question and even the QB’s we were fooled by the media ignoring their regression all of the older QB’s went bad a 36. Fans are like: Big Ben is still playing, Phillip Rivers, Eli, Drew Brees. The real deal is that only 3 modern QB’s have won a SB older than 36: Peyton Manning, John Elway and Thomas Brady. I love Matt, but he ain’t those three.
  7. Could be a steal, has that elite FS range and TF said he will fill holes with veterans, so they can draft the BPA!
  8. Jaylin Hawkins looked good in limited snaps. I think Mychal Walker could be a movable piece on the edge.
  9. Somehow he is to blame for the good, but not accountable for the bad... Hmmm...
  10. Hence more Mychal Walker (who had a helluva game) and more Foye in the middle... which allowed DeeBo to hunt more!
  11. Gurley has historically been a great handcuff partner. Outside zone is tough on a defense’s stamina and Powerbacks have been productive when partnered with Gurley!
  12. Those guys in GB were not blessed with physical freaky measurables, but I remember Them playing well even with no starting safeties after both left in Free Agency and one safety playing LB.
  13. Or Jeremy Chinn (Great Tape) Southern Illinois H: 6' 3" W: 221 lbs ARMS: 32 1/8” HANDS 9 5/8” 40 Yard Dash: 4.45 BP: 20 REPS Vertical Jump: 41.0” Broad Jump: 138”
  14. Whoooooa... 16 for a 5’ 9” Safety is a reach...
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