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  1. Or Jeremy Chinn (Great Tape) Southern Illinois H: 6' 3" W: 221 lbs ARMS: 32 1/8” HANDS 9 5/8” 40 Yard Dash: 4.45 BP: 20 REPS Vertical Jump: 41.0” Broad Jump: 138”
  2. Whoooooa... 16 for a 5’ 9” Safety is a reach...
  3. I actually think Rico’s best fit for us Is Nickel!
  4. Why can’t we just admit the obvious: Rico is a better story than he is a FS. Y’all told me he would get us “lined-up” and he didn’t, Raheem Morris did! Kazee is not great, but he is our best current option at FS!
  5. Too slow to play CB in the NFL... Historically there hasn’t been a successful 4.64 guy since the advent of 40 time measurements.
  6. I don’t like Fulton’s ball awareness, I don’t love his functional strength, lack of twitchiness and the Clemson tape is hard to watch until the game got outta control. The experts agree!!!
  7. You do realize that Murray was NEVER in coverage in college and he played in the highest scoring passing conference. Watch him swimming around lost against LSU and imagine him on every down in the NFL. His combine results have overrated him. He will take a minute to adjust to the NFL, if he ever does!
  8. What is all of this CJ Henderson slander??? Highlight reels are great, but teams with NFL caliber WR’s challenged Fulton to no end. Clemson tape is problematic.
  9. Exactly!!! It wasn’t vicious, he wasn’t caught off guard and Littleton (one of my favorite LB’s) is NOT a beast. He squared him up and destroyed him, I thought... this guy’s body is not for the NFL!
  10. The small guy who has been knocked out of both of his professional seasons on routine pass blocks and hasn't average 4 yards per carry or another guy I don't know about yet?
  11. On yet another (the third) undersized Pass Rusher who we will try to shoehorn into a base down end...
  12. +1000... How about: "You don't need the best receiver to win a SB?" Conveniently omitting: Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Michael Irvin, Lyn Swann, John Stallworth... Etc."Reminds me of the post Trent Dilfer, "You don't need a star QB" era or was it error?
  13. To further expand, can you imagine Smitty getting in a coaches face about his performance? We all saw Hard Knocks. The HC's job is to motivate the players and hold the coaches responsible. Nolan was without accountable, so yeah the players were getting thrown under the bus... But who put them in the position to fail over and over again?
  14. I could use a week's worth of likes on this post: 1. What are the best players to get for a 4-2-5 or 3-3-5? I'm waiting on the answer too, but we ran a version of this alignment on the majority of 1st and 2nd downs. 2. All last year we were "secretly" converting to a 3-4 defense and getting bigger players up front. We ended up using those players the EXACT same way we used the previous players. I think Mike Nolan came in and dominated Smitty with his Alpha Male personality. 3. TD and Mike Smith/Nolan disagreed on how to fix the pass rush in FA and the draft (known fact). 4. TD casually mentions that it was nice to finally have the coaching staff sit down and meet with the scouts and go over the traits they need in each player in this scheme. TD won 2 Executives of the Year. If he was fired, he would have a job in 10 minutes. Mike Smith is out of the NFL this year. The hate on this board for TD is unreasonable. How could he get guys for a team and coaching staff that was inconsistent about its needs and insisted they didn't need things it was obvious they needed.
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