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  1. Agreed... he is more Joey Halloway... not quite the top end, but built more like a RB with a little better nose for finding holes in a broken Field. He is an elite returner which is a huge bonus for a WR3 or WR4 and if it’s him against the safety in the open field... Bye Bye!!!
  2. 2/3 against Trufant
  3. DQ was maybe the only NFL Exec that thought he could convert to Nickel, but he has played well. His open field tackling set the tone for the defense early, as we did a great job of limiting YAC all game! Salute BP!!!
  4. Missed several key blocks which pissed off Free! In fact he was a liability every time he was in there!
  5. Excellent article. I don't think there will be nearly as many "unclaimed" sacks available to Vic this year. Takk, AC, Shelby, Jarret, Hageman and Crawford will "steal" sacks. I do hope to see late game improvement. One of the things that doomed us in those late game comebacks was the lack of late sacks. I remember seeing somewhere that an ungodly number, maybe 75% of drives that an offense suffers a sack ends without a score. Think about that. We will be blowing teams out, we need more 4Q sacks to end this comeback trend!
  6. Love the over on team wins...
  7. Thank you for the offer, looks like you found some worthy takers, God Bless all of you fellow Vets. Don't knock the civilians just help spread what it really means...All Gave Some, Some Gave All!!!
  8. Also Foster has a history of concussions (like Feeney) that's a bigger red flag than ALL of his other issues combined!!!
  9. This was a great story.... this guy caught my interest! Good signing!
  10. Spot on!!!
  11. I think he is long gone at our pick despite his injury.
  12. You are 100% right, there is no prototype or distinguishable measures for good OG's, it's totally scheme fit, coaching and personal nastiness!!!
  13. That was how I felt watching Illinois games on the B10 network, I thought he had more potential!