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    My interests on these boards is to have logical Falcons Football (& other Atlanta Sports) discussions, with other FANatical brothers & sisters in our #BROTHERHOOD

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About Me

- I have been working with the Atlanta Falcons Football Club as a Game Day Visiting Team Locker Room Attendant for the last 14 years. I absolutely love my gig. I'm blessed, humbled, very lucky & so grateful for each and every single one of the wonderful relationships that I've made in our awesome organization the last 14 years (mostly with our Falcons Equipment Staff). Also, I've had the opportunity to work for every single NFL Football Club. Where I've had the pleasure to meet countless visiting team players, coaches, trainers & equipment staff (I take a lot of personal pride in this one & it's a really cool bucket list item for me). 

- I am an Artist, Professional Actor & Stand Up Comedian with Talent Direct Agency (Atlanta). My Agent is the fabulous: Carol Shaginaw. 

- I am a believer, happily married now for 17 years, Father of 3 beautiful children that are just the apple of my eyes; my pure pride & joys (Maddox Bryan 13, Luke Maverick 10, Lily Abigail 7) 2 boys and my baby girl. I'm also one of the most loyal friends you could ask for. 

Please follow me on Instagram: bryanphillpclark

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