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    My interests on these boards is to have logical Falcons Football (& other Atlanta Sports) discussions, with other FANatical brothers & sisters in our #BROTHERHOOD

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  1. Hey everyone, I hope all is well. Some of you board "OG's" may or may not remember me, but I just wanted to say hello and that I'm looking forward to getting back involved with other BROTHERHOOD fans like myself. I updated my profile that explains a little about where I've been and what I've been up to. Anyway, hope to catch up with some of you.
  2. No. Because he can't line up as a LB like Vic and because we would have to make a cut and lastly because we have players ready to step up right behind him!
  3. So Quinn asked for a new and different name besides wildcat. Because well, we're Falcons! What a way to open the new digs!
  4. @bpclark for me. Been working the sidelines for our birds for 8 years. NINJA
  5. just read the thread title, but worst movie ever...
  6. How many snaps do you think Snelling will get this year? Also wondering how much we will use him as a FB and a refresher for Turner. He's a very solid back up. If Norwood can stay healthy, we can get the run game to the outside with a very good mix. Wow. We run a ton of spread from what I see thus far. I like it. NINJA
  7. I'm in. I would love to do the beer crawl or whatever you guys call it. Just let me know when and where to meet. I will not need a ticket to the game (I work the sidelines) or a place to spend the night (I will be going back home). I haven't made it out to one of these before, always wanted to meet some of you. NINJA
  8. I picked frozen glass, but just a regular glass will do actually... I like head.................what? NINJA
  9. Full Tilt Poker for me. I'm a decent player. I always feel like there's "bots" on the table. Live games are the way to go, but online is still fun! NINJA
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