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  1. We have 2 million in available cap space as it is, and that's without hitting any injuries or adjustments the year brings. Not sure is value is there.
  2. Sure, I guess where i'm coming from is that none of our starters had playing time together during a game. If you look at the information that came out of Miami during dual practices, our defense held there own, quite well. Just so hard to make any judgement on preseason work, especially since our starters played so little, by design.
  3. I think this is where the fanbase get's restless with how the coaches approached the preseason. Collinsworth made reference last night, that every discussion they had with the coaching staff advised them that they were showing NOTHING from a scheme perspective. I get we as fans want more, but I think it's been clear from the outset, the coaches were really looking at the young players. I get that we didn't stop anyone, but I think it's just as important to look at the pass rush, as they weren't winning the one on one matchups either.
  4. I understand that, but the players that aren't getting any "game action", the coaches have YEARS of experience and tape on those players. Other than Pitts, none of the players sitting out are at risk of not being mentally or physically ready to start the season. I understand the analogy of the Madison Bumgarner fastball, but when applying it what our 1's did in Miami, against their one's, they were going 100% and treated like game day readiness, other than hitting the QB. At the end of the day, my post was outlining that not getting pre-season PT doesn't have much bearing on when game 1 rolls around.
  5. According to AS, we had over 90 competitive reps in the 2 day joint practices with the Dolphins; we had 50 TOTAL plays in the preseason game, so the work was done earlier in the week. The preseason game is a small sample compared to all the reps/plays these guys get in regular practice time. I understand the questions about the cohesiveness of the offense, but don't assume just because they haven't played in the preseason yet, they aren't getting action live speed. They will get some game time this week, but I assume it will be very short for the guys that are locked in positions.
  6. Ridley is phenomenal....my concern is that the ball wasn't out of the QBs hands until about 4 seconds post snap....how often did Ryan have 4 seconds post snap to find someone.....
  7. I have to think there were times when he heard the play call, and he'd been hit 10 times already, knowing that his back would be on the turf again. Especially when his hot route or checkdown may have to stay in and block, to keep the wolves at bay.
  8. OP mentioned it, but it's the route concepts. Dirk's offense has the vertical, down field route concepts, and very little motion to identify pre-snap outlets. Ryan was stuck holding the ball, with minimal outlets. It's one thing to have a back roll out as an outlet, it's another thing to attack the weakness of a defense with pre-snap identification. Ryan is a smart, cerebral player, so use his strengths to put our guys in good places to succeed.
  9. He's on someone else's roster for 7 mil a year. Don't forget Andy Levitre signed close to a 50 million dollar extension w/ Tennessee before we traded for him.
  10. This ^^ With the issues we have with depth, I doubt any of the solidified starters will play much at all, in any preseason game. Especially with us doing joint practices with Miami this week, where 1s will go against 1s, that will be a big determining factor on who plays in the game. We have a boatload of young players that are all on the bubble right now, trying to figure out the last 1/3 of our roster. Those are the guys that need to play, and prove their value...new coordinators or not. I still think we have half our starters that play less than a series if the joint practices work out the way they should.
  11. I went back and watched the replay of AJ's snaps, and he wasn't as bad as the product on the field showed. He completed 3 passes, (2 first downs) that were called back due to penalty. He was decisive with his reads and rolled out of the pocket several times to evade the rush. I get the INT, but it was 3rd and 12 and he was trying to make a play. Not saying AJ is the answer for the #2, but his play was masked by the inept line play. Franks missed on several easy throws, but you can see the arm talent and definitely has wheels. If he can grow as a passer, he will be interesting, but he is a project at best in 2021.
  12. AJ McCarron: "Does he fall to the No. 3 spot in the quarterback pecking order after Friday’s showing? We’ll know more as the Falcons prepare for Miami." No way..... If you look at his completions that were called back due to penalty, and the turnstile of an O-Line he was dealing with, watching the replay, I think McCarron didn't play bad. He was decisive with throws, extended the pocket on several plays and delivered several good throws. If he stays on schedule, he would have moved the ball consistently. I get the INT, as he forced the ball trying to make something happen on 3rd and 12, but the tape tells a different story. Franks had a couple good runs, but missed several throws, by far McCarron is still the 2nd.
  13. thanat0s, I hate to say it, I don't think there was much choice in starting positions......the "same old guys" were our best players day in and day out. That says more with the personnel than the decision makers on the starting/53. We didn't have the horses to play Quinn's version of his defense. Cover 3 (no true free safety with range and instincts), underneath speed to tackle at the point of attack, and all predicated on having a solid pass rush, (sigh).
  14. This is where the mid-level free agent is stuck with the salary cap ramifications. He's a solid CB, which means he is probably worth 2-3 million yearly, but most teams are trying to fill out rosters with younger players to accommodate salary cap loses. So, it's a waiting game for Poole to take a minimum vet offer, or wait out training camp to see who may may get cut/injured before having an opportunity.
  15. Prime, for us this year, quantity could be better than quality. We know the cap situation, and we knew that this draft was extremely important to build out roster for the 2021 season. Moving back 10 spots, and getting an extra 3rd could bring better value. With all picks there is risk, getting more picks through the 2nd and 3rd offers us a better chance to avoid the misses. Especially with the talent level being fairly equal, and the multiple needs we have. Not saying we SHOULD do it, but the value is definitely there.
  16. I got to see quite a bit of Tex A&M games, and Mond is NOT a pro level thrower of the ball. Most of the intel on him is a one read QB, that really only works 1/2 the field, and he doesn't process the game quickly or make progressive reads consistently. I would be super surprised if he was a 2nd round pick, most have him pegged late 3, early 4th. He is a borderline starter at best, but needs a lot of development in decision making and pro level reads. Definite developmental prospect, but not someone we should be picking in the first 3-4 rounds.
  17. I think this says a lot about the front office as well. Getting a player to accept a contract adjustment, and try and accommodate both the players interests along with the franchise. It's possible it was an ultimatum regarding adjust or be cut, but I assume the FO wants to keep young, talented players and build WITH them. Hopefully it's the FO building trust, that will extend to other contracts as we move forward.
  18. Several factors. First, the player and player union want as much guaranteed money as possible, and the incentive deals typically don't offer long term (3+years) guarantees. Second, it's a budgeting issue with the Cap, and that is important to the teams. If the team has incentive laden deals predominantly in force, you have scenarios where players hit those incentives and hit's the cap, and we have to cut players to get under for a league year. Incentives are good for smaller amounts, but you don't want high level FA's signing incentive laden deals, as it makes cap management extremely difficult.
  19. Mack was one of the best pickups, at the right time for the franchise. He was still playing at a high level.....even if he lost a step from his prime years, he is still a top half center in the league, and a perfect fit for the wide zone. Unfortunately, just not in a place to re-sign him, even at a middle of the pack contract. Best of luck AMack, you were truly one of the best.
  20. I agree that Sewell is a superman as well. I think the new regime would be extremely interested in nailing on this 1st pick, and looking to eliminate the "what if" factor with any top 5-10 prospect. Sewell is the most Pro level player in the draft, and also has upside to develop beyond. Even Lawrence is a risk with how QBs actually develop and look after 5 years in the league. To say that any of the other QB's are "superman" is a stretch at best. I would go with the least question marks, plus a player that has extremely high ceiling.
  21. What is the differentiator of when he plays well and when he doesn't? Typically, when he doesn't play well, there is a very specific reason as to why that is, and all things being equal, 95% of the QBs in the league would have the same outcomes. He is consistently in the top 10 in accuracy, and when you apply the pressure percentages to that, he is consistently in the top 5....and has been for the last 10 years. From a QBR perspective, since he has been in the league, he has been top 10 each year except for 2 (one of which he played through injury, 09). I understand the subjectivity with "high level", but all advanced metrics related to good QB play, he is exceptional.
  22. Even if those said coaches are extremely good at what they do, and would help build a winner with any organization? The idea that any coach on a losing team has a losing mentality, or wouldn't offer any upside to a new team is extremely short sighted. With this logic, Bill Belichick should be selling insurance instead of coaching.
  23. An offensive minded coach, and one that is truly gifted with creating an offense based on the talents of his players, will work with any quarterback. Ryan isn't going anywhere because Ryan is still playing at a high level and is compensated as such, and it would be detrimental to the future of this team to part ways in the short term.
  24. When you look at both Ryan and Julio, they haven't seen much deterioration from a physical standpoint either. I understand the concern with Julio and the soft tissue injury, which could linger beyond this year, but when healthy has been dominant. Ryan's strengths have always been the cerebral part of the game, and not the physical tools, which is why he has the potential to play into his late 30's at a high level. I think what Mr.11 was saying was they made a mistake to move on from a QB that is still playing at a high level, and the organization let it play out that way.
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