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  1. Why would Blank take into consideration what a poll like this would show? Of the 90% of voters who say fire McKay, 95% of them have no idea how to run a franchise, manage personnel departments, establish a national scouting network, maneuver salary cap contracts, etc. That's like taking a poll of contractors who use hammers, and using those results to determine what Chief Financial Officer should run a global business.
  2. Because their value to the organization is influenced by more than their week in/week out performance. You have to remember, Blank is building a brand both internally to the NFL and externally to buyers of the product. Internally to the NFL, the Falcons are known as a solid franchise that makes solid decisions and support and value their players. This means committing resources and money to the players that deserve it. When it comes to free agency and dealing with agents, that means something....and would give us a leg up in negotiations with players. Externally, you have to be aware of w
  3. That's who most people see on TV....no real objective decision making. Par for the course of Atlanta Falcon fans.
  4. It's hard to compare players from different Era's, and for the QB, the only measure from early to present is by superbowls. Ryan will be a hall of famer, especially if you compare the contemporaries in today's game. During the new passing Era of the NFL, Ryan was elite and his winning percentage across his career will prove that out. Not to mention, Ryan still may put together 3-4 more years of 4-4500 yard seasons, and another 100-120 TD's before it's said and done. He won't be a first ballot HOF'er, but he's getting in.
  5. We have to acknowledge that all of the players, (other than Rivers), are retired, so we know exactly what their credentials area. Ryan could play another 3-4 years at a high level, and be top 5 on most categories, including wins. The one thing that is rarely talked about is his durability and the ability to deliver under pressure. Ryan being so good for so long, should be talked about more than it is. It's tough to imagine, but what if the Falcons had a head coach like Reid, Shannahan or Payton.....where he could have the same system for 10+ years......the what if factor.
  6. Yeah, any QB we draft we are taking that risk. We have recent examples of QB's outside of the top 5 being generational talents, (Rogers, Mahomes, WIlson), so i'm optimistic that if we pass on Lawrence, there are other choices. I think if we end up with a top 5 pick, there could be a windfall of picks offered that would make it difficult to pass up, and continue to fill holes.
  7. I guess my argument against that is the assumption we would be in QB purgatory. The odds that Lawrence is the only QB that will be a "franchise" namesake for 10 years is extremely low, as there will be other prospects that develop into just as good pro's. The price that someone would pay to move up into the top 5 to grab one of the three big QB's, would be extremely valuable. Not to mention, any quarterback coming into the league may never live up to Ryan's legacy....he has been so good for so long. Solidifying the defense, regardless of the QB should be the first concern.
  8. The "generational" talent designation is unfounded. I think Lawrence is an extremely good college QB, with great potential, but to assume that he comes in and is better than Ryan is suspect. Your analogy of Bruce Smith and Reggie White doesn't take into account 1/2 the QB's in the first round end up being mediocre pros, and potential busts. Hindsight 20/20 thing, since both of those players are HOF'ers.... We know what we have with Ryan, which is a QB playing at a high level and one that can still win a championship. If we have a top 5 pick, it could be more beneficial to gather more draft
  9. Sorry, should have continued my point. I meant that the ageing offensive players will be phased out, but if the defensive talent is legitimate, you can win a lot more games with a good defense. If we have a less dynamic offense, but competent, we can still contend. Something this current regime hasn't been able to do, but has been demonstrated time and time again. Give me a team that plays complimentary to each other, i'd rather win games 20-17, than lose 34-33.
  10. Not saying I have the confidence in the players that will be drafted, since we don't know the cooks in the kitchen for the 2021 draft yet. I was just outlining the reasoning why it's OK to draft early for defensive talent with a veteran offense. Once the offensive players start aging out, and "IF" you draft good young defensive talent, you can stay a contender.
  11. High probability the coach and staff will be gone by end of year, potentially the GM as well. Now is the time to draft defensive players as our older vets age out, so we can get talent from the top of the draft and allow them to develop over the next 2-3 years with our offense still delivering. When it's time to draft a new QB and subsequent skill players, our defense will be matured a bit, and allow for the growth on the offensive side of the ball. You can win with great defense and mediocre offense....rarely do we see it the other way.
  12. While I agree the PSL's did create a different dynamic with fans to get to games, the Atlanta Falcon fan base didn't show up unless the team was winning, for the last 30 years. A lot of fans will say, "why would I show up, if the team isn't winning", which is exactly why Atlanta sports fans are one of the worst within the 4 big sports leagues. But, the PSL's are a way of life for any new arena, so it wasn't like Blank was doing something out of the ordinary. Now, the statement this is just a business for him, I would disagree. He has always been emotionally invested into the franchis
  13. Don't go nuclear on the emotional response. This Franchise over the last 10 years has been very good, not just in Falcons standards, but in NFL standards.
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