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  1. I agree that Sewell is a superman as well. I think the new regime would be extremely interested in nailing on this 1st pick, and looking to eliminate the "what if" factor with any top 5-10 prospect. Sewell is the most Pro level player in the draft, and also has upside to develop beyond. Even Lawrence is a risk with how QBs actually develop and look after 5 years in the league. To say that any of the other QB's are "superman" is a stretch at best. I would go with the least question marks, plus a player that has extremely high ceiling.
  2. What is the differentiator of when he plays well and when he doesn't? Typically, when he doesn't play well, there is a very specific reason as to why that is, and all things being equal, 95% of the QBs in the league would have the same outcomes. He is consistently in the top 10 in accuracy, and when you apply the pressure percentages to that, he is consistently in the top 5....and has been for the last 10 years. From a QBR perspective, since he has been in the league, he has been top 10 each year except for 2 (one of which he played through injury, 09). I understand the subjectivity with "
  3. Even if those said coaches are extremely good at what they do, and would help build a winner with any organization? The idea that any coach on a losing team has a losing mentality, or wouldn't offer any upside to a new team is extremely short sighted. With this logic, Bill Belichick should be selling insurance instead of coaching.
  4. An offensive minded coach, and one that is truly gifted with creating an offense based on the talents of his players, will work with any quarterback. Ryan isn't going anywhere because Ryan is still playing at a high level and is compensated as such, and it would be detrimental to the future of this team to part ways in the short term.
  5. When you look at both Ryan and Julio, they haven't seen much deterioration from a physical standpoint either. I understand the concern with Julio and the soft tissue injury, which could linger beyond this year, but when healthy has been dominant. Ryan's strengths have always been the cerebral part of the game, and not the physical tools, which is why he has the potential to play into his late 30's at a high level. I think what Mr.11 was saying was they made a mistake to move on from a QB that is still playing at a high level, and the organization let it play out that way.
  6. They went to playoffs in 2018 and 2019(winning the division), 2020 was wrecked quite a bit with injuries to their entire offensive line. They had better defensive talent than the Falcons, but not offensive talent by far.
  7. Don't get caught up in the rhetoric of that game, it's not like Fields was playing at a high level. Look at the total body of work, and what he brings as a successful NFL head coach. To say he "Quinn'd" it would assume he made these type of decisions for his entire tenure, which he hasn't. If you want to say he made a bad decision in removing Hurts, fine, but don't confuse that decision with him being a bad coach. I'm just saying with the coaches that are available, Pederson is "as good or better", and brings existing head coach experience with a superbowl win.
  8. Not sure I agree with this. It's obvious Blank is looking to have a specific GM that will control the scouting, drafting and cap. Not going to be that blurred line of a coach driving the personnel decisions, outside of the standard coach/GM relationship where scheme will dictate specific choices. Pederson is a really good X's and O's guy, and clearly can adjust his offensive play calling based on his QB and personnel.
  9. Surprising the folks who are clamoring for an innovative offensive mind as our head coach are not more on board with Pederson. He is a play caller with significant experience, and has been extremely effective. As a former player, and prior to this years debacle, he was very well like by his players. The dysfunction in Philly has a lot more to do with ownership and GM, then with Pederson. Not to mention, their entire offensive line was obliterated last year and this year with injuries. He is everything that most fans are asking for, he's just not a "sexy" pick...and that is an emotional an
  10. And what happens when you draft a QB in the top 5, and he clearly is being outplayed by the veteran QB? Totally agree it's about the future, but statistically a QB drafted in the 1st round is a 50/50 proposition on whether or not that QB ends up being successful. This scenario is exactly why you have to weigh drafting a player at a position you already have high level talent, and would that draft capital be better spent at another position.
  11. I would be all for the Falcons taking a potential starting QB at 26 in the draft. If we have a top 5 pick, trade back and acquire more picks to increase the odds of us hitting on multiple players. The value is having 3-4 picks in the first 2 rounds of 2021 or 2022 draft, while we still have a franchise QB on the roster that can win. San Fran, Minnesota and Chicago could come knocking, where we could move back to mid 1st round, and acquire 2-3 other picks in 1st/2nd of either draft. We're much better positioned for the new regime to make an impact, and keep salary cap in check.
  12. Totally agree Prime. I'm just saying we're in a position to stack the deck with a top 10 pick (perhaps top 5), that can lead to giving the new HC and GM more picks to in 2021 draft. Having more picks in the first 2-3 rounds will give us a better chance at finding good players that will contribute for the next 4-5 years. Ryan is going to be on the roster, his contract dictates that, but we also know that he is still a very productive player and can win games in the right offense. The "get rid of Ryan" fans would hamstring the franchise for years to come by trading or cutting Ryan with his c
  13. That's the thing, we don't know if there is a game-changing QB in the top 5. I wish it was that easy, but it's a 50/50 proposition....and how many franchises have pulled the trigger in this manner, to find out this truth. We very well could draft the next Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Mitch Trubisky or Dwayne Haskins. Not saying we don't need to look at the replacement, but it's not a do or die scenario in 2021 draft. Matt Ryan is still a very good and capable quarterback, that will be on the roster for the next 2 years. Is we are top 5, trade down and get some serious draft capital and even o
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