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  1. Watching some of his film, it's nice to see how fluid he is with the blitzing piece, as Quinn/Morris liked to do that with Tru. I'm would love to hear from some Gator fans if the rhetoric about him not being physical, especially in the run game, are accurate.
  2. Man, I think about this all the time. Not saying they don't know a thing or 2, there is just so many places we can bring resources to the table when it comes to the cap. We can't restructure many more deals, and leaves us with the draft and not much more. I like the moves they have made, but one injury to the CB, LB or DE positions and we have no room to wiggle.
  3. I agree, if the rookies pan out. As I mentioned, if the 5 players from 1st-4th make the team, they are replacing someone already on the roster, but not necessarily cheaper by 610K per. Lower part of our roster is already full of guys on 1st contract making mid 700's. The draft picks in 3rd and 4th will be roughly the same. But, even to get to our 51 for cap purposes, we need to make some adjustments and not a lot of places to move, other than what I advised in primary post.
  4. I guess my biggest concern is that we have no wiggle room to bring in any vets on 1 year type deals. We have a big hole at ILB, and would be great place to bring in vet at minimum to shore up the position. Not a lot of room to do it. But, I think what we've done up to this point has been very good, assuming Gurley can stay on the field and managed correctly.
  5. That would be great, maybe my math is way off, but just using last years averages for mid round rookies, assuming 1st, 2nd, 3rd and two 4ths make the team.
  6. I would agree that we're working off 2nd hand info, but looking at our roster, there just aren't a whole lot of places we can squeeze without cuts. That may be the plan all along, but we're getting close to "blood from a stone" when it comes to cap availability with both Fowler and Gurley without some moves.
  7. Tru's release does open up about 10 million in 2020, but you have roughly 12-13 mil for Fowler and another 5 mil for Gurley on the cap side of things. For us to get into a spot to accommodate the salaries, and the rookies, there will need to be more cuts.
  8. They couldn't sign anyone without making specific cuts to accommodate the new salaries. They did that with Tru, Free, Ty and Stocker; but now, with the new salaries coming online, there is more to be done and there are only a couple places where we can create cap relief.
  9. With the splash moves we've made, there are some cuts that will need to take place to get us ready for rookie deals, and going into season. With Tru being designated a June 1st cut, that gives us the wiggle room in the next couple months, but Fowler's contract will eat that up, so still some maneuvering has to happen. Assuming Fowlers contract is somewhere in the 15 mil signing bonus (yr 1: 8 mil guaranteed, yr 2: 11 mil guaranteed, 1 mil roster bonus, yr 3: 12 mil base with 5 mil guaranteed for injury, 1 mil roster bonus), and Gurley being 1 year 4 Mil guaranteed, 1 mil in incentives as long as he passes physical. Cuts: Bailey (Saves 4.5 mil), Schaub (saves 2 mil), Hill (saves 2.1 mil) I think Carpenter tweener, depending on if we find someone in draft, but post June 1 save 1.2 mil. Extend: Mack (2 year extension, where he gets 6 mil signing bonus: 1 yr-2 mil base guaranteed, 2 yr: 4 mil base 4 guaranteed, 3 yr: 6 mil base, 0 guaranteed) lowers his cap number to around 6 mil for 2020 With these assumptions and cuts, we are still not in a good place to account for rookie deals. My math puts us around 5 million available, when we'll need about 7 million or so for rookies, and no other $$ for vet minimum deals or any cash on hand for in season adjustments. The Falcons have made some good moves, but we are pretty much locked down, other than draft.
  10. Getting Fowler allows us some flexibility in the draft now. I think if Kinlaw is available, they take him at 16, (subsequent release of Bailey). If Kinlaw gone and assuming Okudah is gone, they could take CJ Henderson, but if a team is looking to move up from the low 20's, I could see us moving back and grabbing an extra pick in the 3rd. In that scenario, we pick up Patrick Queen or Kenneth Murray and look at CB in the 2nd, AJ Terrell would be a steal, (could even take the extra 4th to try and move up in the 2nd to get him). But, solidifying an edge rusher allows us to manuever.
  11. Hindsight here....It could easily be argued that if we went the route to get Saffold, and he broke his foot in game 1 of the 2019 season, the fans would be yelling we didn't build any depth. I see both sides of the question, and I think I would have gotten 2 guards for the price of 1 as well, hoping one of them stepped up and played consistently. Unfortunately, neither Brown or Carpenter stepped up, partly health and partly play. We're in the same boat for 2020 at LG, one of them needs to step up, or we draft an interior line guy early, which I would say isn't in our best interest with the holes on Defense.
  12. I think it all depends on value, and if we can retain Campbell on a market even deal. I think Dre will have options, but I don't think he will break the bank. He has played well in spurts, and the last half of the season, like our defense, he played very well. He has been able to stay healthy, and he brings better than average coverage skills as a 3 down backer. If we can get him on a 3-4 year team friendly deal, it would ease the fears on what Neal could bring to the table as a matchup to TE's. If we lose Dre, and Neal can't come in and be serviceable, there are 2 significant holes we have to replace after the draft and FA.
  13. No doubt we have to hedge our bets with Neal, and have a plan in place if he is ineffective. The safety market will have some good players available, without dropping a ton of cap space. Best case scenario is that Neal recovers fully and wins the job because he earned it. But, we'll have to find either a good run supporting SS as backup, or fluid LB/S hybrid that can cover TE's if Neal isn't where he needs to be.
  14. I don't think that's true, him being on a rookie deal cost structure, and being our #2 before he went on IR, he will go into 2020 as our #1 if Free is released. Even if we get a RB in draft mid rounds, Ito still enters as the #1 if free isn't here. He has good vision, and good hands, it's just about his durability. If we go by the RBBC plan, Ito is definitely in the plans.
  15. I believe we didn't hear any followups was because it wasn't a serious issue. The timing of the injury, and him being put in IR had more to do with the end of season, and they wanted another body on the 53. I think if that injury happens in week 2, he's back in 3-4 weeks tops. At this point, I think we enter the season with multiple guys, even if we get someone in 2020 draft mid round. I don't think we tender Hill, let him hit free agency, but sign him back at a lesser cap charge. I do think we re-sign Barner as return man, and emergency RB on game day, but he will be somewhere close to vet minimum.
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