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  1. This is perfectly legit, and I agree with your line of action. It's with the fans who have purchased tickets, (PSL along with season tickets) that choose not to show up consistently. Before PSL's, just season ticket holders did the same thing, and the only time fans would consistently fill the arena would be during playoffs. I've spoken to a number of players who play against the Falcons, and they see the empty seats as well, and it's well known throughout the league.
  2. The fan issue isn't a 2019 thing. It has historically been this way, even when the product was good on the field. If you are a fan, be a fan, support the team regardless of the outcome. I understand the casual fan that can give or take it, but that's not what i'm talking about. Maybe my assumption is wrong, and the majority of our fans are casual, which may be why they consistently do other things than show up for Sunday afternoons.
  3. Why would McKay be let go? He doesn't have any responsibility for what is put out on the field at all. He has been managing a slew of other things over the last several years.
  4. Of course you can blame the fan base for not supporting the team. There are dozens of fan bases of NFL teams that show up, regardless of the situation the team is in. This has been thoroughly proven time and time again.
  5. This isn't the way professional athletes think, nor does it set any "tone" by management. It's not about rewards, as that is all related to their contracts, specifically guaranteed money. At this level, "sending a message" for the players benefit, has nothing to do with the coach.
  6. He will continue to grow and develop, definitely not giving up on him as a player.
  7. If you don't want the dead money for Freeman, you definitely don't want the dead money for Trufant. We have less ability to replace Tru than we do Freeman, i'm pretty sure Trufant will be on the team in 2020.
  8. Because of all the trolling related to Ryan's arm strength, it's hard to tell if you are serious or not. My question would be what measuring tools are you using that indicates he has less arm speed, or throwing it with less velocity than year prior? If you're just "eye testing", that doesn't really give you much of a leg to stand on.
  9. Like Kyle Shannahan? Bill Belicheck? Their schemes and game planning are at top of the list as coaching goes, and their ability to get results with less talent is phenomenal. Players matter, and finding players that fit your philosophy are important, but the scheme is the primary choice you need to make before getting players to fit that scheme.
  10. I think there is a big difference between inserting younger players to see their value, versus doing it to not be as competitive. I would have to see the evidence that specific teams did that in an effort to "tank". For example, if the Falcons were to put Schaub in place for Ryan, that would clearly be an effort to put a less skillful player on the field, with no value to learn if the backup player is "better". If we were to put Foye in place of Campbell, there is a legitimate question if Foye can be more effective.
  11. The dynamics of the NFL don't allow for "tanking", specifically because there is such a small roster of players to choose from. If Management started inserting backups, in an effort to not be as competitive, the starters and players who have contractual incentives for playing time, snaps, negotiated benchmarks for attainment levels would take the grievance to the NFLPA. There would be a huge legal issue there, and the Falcons would be on the bad end of it. Not to mention, you're setting a precedent to other potential Free Agents that if you come to Atlanta, and things don't go as planned, management would engage in this type of behavior. The Falcons would lose all credibility to those players, and lose out the chance to acquire good free agents prospects. The reason Blank is so forthcoming with giving contracts to veterans who produce, is to show players and agents, the franchise believes in keeping their own. From a player perspective, that is extremely valuable.
  12. What gymnastics? There is no way to quantify what was Quinn's leadership versus what was Carroll's "system" that lead to the Seahawks success. You are making it sound like Quinn had nothing to do with it, even though Quinn called the plays and set the gameplan, according to the players who were there. As far as 2018, there is no way you can't take the injuries into consideration, especially with what his defense did in 2017 and 2nd half of 2016. Again, I think Quinn will be let go, and rightly so, but to say his is inept in either position, with the evidence that clearly negates that, doesn't follow logic.
  13. He has shown himself to be ineffective in 2019 with this Falcons team, and there is no way around that, and I believe will lead to his dismissal. I'm a fan of the Falcons, and I want Quinn to succeed because he is our coach, that's the extent of it. I'm not defending the 2019 version of his defense, it has been terrible, but to dismiss what he has done as a DC and Head Coach prior to 2019 is intellectually dishonest.
  14. Not pointing the finger at you personally with the emotion, there are just a lot of folks on the boards that are looking at 2019 as the history of Dan Quinn as a coach. I'm not saying Quinn wasn't in a good situation in Seattle, but to give no credit to him as DC, when dozens of players and OC's that played against him do, it's hard to ignore. When he took over the Falcons, the roster wasn't in great shape, and he was able to bring in Shannahan, while building some very good players through the draft.
  15. I don't think there is any way you could say he wasn't responsible for it, on both instances. I understand the emotions of this year, and how it's played out, but don't let that that fool you. I don't think i'm missing the point at all, and when you hear NFL coaches and players confirm that, it holds a lot of weight. There is a lot of evidence that speaks to him succeeding on his own merits in both jobs.