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  1. I am flying to Atlanta to see the game on Sunday from Toronto. I am booked on the 7:30 PM flight from Atlanta airport on Sunday. The question is will I have time to make my flight (will take a Taxi after the game) or should I change my booking to a later flight that night (really late flight so wont be the best thing for me). I am not from Atlanta so I appreciate the help.
  2. Hoping for a good game. Edwards will not play, McClure and Peters are also out. Owens will get the start at CB.
  3. been a member since 2000/2001..... I don't post as much as before though and I lost most of my post count when the new boards were introduced.
  4. I remember that Juran Bolden was wearing 21 , he was a good CB
  5. I don't care though I am surprised Steve Young pick the Aints !
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