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  1. My son played this game for a couple months. He graduated to a real guitar and in just a few weeks is really doing some jaw dropping things. I'm amazed.
  2. I would call you a genious but if you think we made solid additions to our Oline last year I think I'll pass. The Oline was a complete turnstile last year. Especially the solid rookie additions you're speaking of. I bet my team with Redman behind Jake Long would kick your team's as with Ryan behind Bozo the Clown.
  3. OK I thought I'd update this for all the naysayers, Hawk haters and antagonists. The Hawks are now 7-3 in their last 10 games. 6-1 in their last seven. For those of you saying they aren't playing anyone they have beaten ORL, WASH, PHI and TOR over that stretch. The only loss in the last seven games was to a tough PHI team and that was a close loss. They beat them the next day. On the road. You boys need to give some credit where it's due. Here are a few rankings over the last 10 games: 7th in Points per game 9th in point differential 3rd in FG% 6th in assists 8th in assists per game differenti
  4. The "Morrow" of this story is when the light has been yellow for awhile it's probably gonna turn red shortly thereafter so don't be like everybody else on the road and try to jump it cause you're probably gonna get a ticket in the mail if you do.
  5. It's very hard for me to come to grips with that especially after watching our matador Oline for the last 10 years. I don't care if we draft Joe Montana if we don't fix the Oline he will get plastered just like Joey, Schaubby, Chrissy and everybody else not named Vick, who probably will be back on this team next year. Chris Redman behind Jake Long is way stronger than Matt Ryan behind Bozo the Clown.
  6. Ah **** I thought you were talking about the real Jamal Anderson. I was about to say you gotta be kidding me cause i saw his first game. He came in for Ironhead Heyward who twisted an ankle. He ran over, thru and around the Buc defense and Heyward never saw the field again. That my friend is the real Jamal Anderson.
  7. Most memorable Falcon play was definitely the catch Billy White Shoes Johnson made against the Niners. I've been watching football since the 60s and that's still the most unbelieveable play I've seen.
  8. -Chequers in Dunwoody -Longhorn -Publix Deli bread they use on their subs
  9. Don't you remember that Eddie Murphy joke when he pisd the waiter off and the waiter went in the kitchen and said "Me make a special wonton soup for you"?
  10. The Hawks are 6-4 in their last 10 games. That's only one game off the best record in the eastern conference over that period. Check out some of their statistical rankings over the last 10 games: 9th in points scored 8th in point differential 7th in assists per game 5th in 3pt FG% 5th in FG% They are tearin some as on offense son. Now if they can just play some defense and stay healthy they will make the playoffs and will cause either Boston or Detroit some problems. I don't think they would get swept.
  11. cheaptickets.com or call a hotel out there to see if they have any package deals. Sometimes they'll have discounts on airfare or will give you a room if you stay there and gamble.
  12. 1. Midnight Express - watched it tonight with my son who said Dad that's the best movie I've ever seen 2. Fatal Attraction 3. The Godfather 4. One Flew Over The Cukoos Nest 5. Star Wars 6. Empire Strikes Back 7. Predator 8. Groundhog Day 9. Napolean Dynamite 10. Ghost 11. Jaws 12. Cool Hand Luke 13. Animal House 14. Prince of Tides 15. Platoon 16. Die Hard 17. I'm Gonna Get You Sucka 18. Elephant Man 19. Body Heat 20. The Fugitive
  13. I was at Phillips Arena at the Hawks game when that picture was taken. I heard the tornado but had no idea it was that bad until I walked outside and saw the war zone. It was surreal.
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