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  1. howdy yawl...I'm looking for a new bifold leather wallet.  I've got one currently, but it's about worn out.  I received it as a gift.  I'm from Alabama, but was over in Atlanta today  , went to the team store off 17th Street, thinking for sure they would have one.....but no.  not even on their website. (I want a wallet with a place for pictures, also)...

    Does anyone one know where I can get an Atlanta Falcon brown bi fold wallet??

    looking forward to seeing what is out there.

    I've been a Falcons fan since 1966....die hard.  grin.

    thanks alot.


  2. On 7/28/2018 at 2:42 AM, Slappywhite said:

    Hey Guys, just got back home from Emory Hospital after a week long visit. I'm afraid the news is not very good . They've deemed me incurable ,  my liver is shot and my kidneys are following suit. I've been sent home to finish up my life on Hospice , theyre job is too keep me comfortable.  I wanted to take this time to say Thank you . to each and every one of y'all, our discussions and rants kept me entertained since the noicsseason , had I known about this page , I would have been here sooner, I wanna say a special Thanks to the people Ive gotten closer too @SkerFalcon8710, @Knight of God, @James Powers  and a cpl freinds that , I cant remember their nics on here, but we've become FB freinds   Maria McDuffie and Charlndes Soles . Ive met so msny nice people on here , I cant namer a em all. @Vandy,

    Emmitt , thanks for all the laighs , Paytons Forehead , for all the knowledge , Just thank you all, , I appreciate you , And Go Falcons !!!!!!


    Agent Orange Randy.jpg