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  1. howdy yawl...I'm looking for a new bifold leather wallet. I've got one currently, but it's about worn out. I received it as a gift. I'm from Alabama, but was over in Atlanta today , went to the team store off 17th Street, thinking for sure they would have one.....but no. not even on their website. (I want a wallet with a place for pictures, also)... Does anyone one know where I can get an Atlanta Falcon brown bi fold wallet?? looking forward to seeing what is out there. I've been a Falcons fan since 1966....die hard. grin. thanks alot. olehippy13
  2. well, stranger things have happened. With a little luck and a wing and a prayer......that said........I'll still have to say, like I've said for many years in a row......NEXT YEAR. been saying that since 1966 , then 1998, then two years ago.....smiln......I'm a Falcon Fan since 1966, but it wears old after a while. Next Year for sure. smilin
  3. how do I add you as a friend??