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  1. I think his poor play calling is the majority of the Falcons problem this past year. Why don't they get some fresh blood in that department of the Falcons Organization???
  2. smilin, lookin sharpe there Dudes, decked out in the old Coach McCay hat.....great soviners. Falcons Baby... olehippy13
  3. I hear ya....join the banned-from-otherteams-board club....grin. It was a great game yesterday, a real nail biter for sure.....but yessssssss. Falcons all the way. keep smilin, olehippy13
  4. ya gotta a point there podnah......I see where you are comin from. Both would be a great combo......grin keep smilin, olehippy13
  5. I dont think I'd be putting stock in a saying like that.....do you remember who it was that beat the Packers at Lambeau Field?? The first team ever to beat them in their own house.......grin....it was the Falcons. Winning in the Dome is good...and I hope the Falcons never get beat there......but you know some hotshot team will do it one day......hopefully not in the near future.....grin. keep smilin, olehippy13
  6. Laughing.....thats a good one...... hmmm ask the Bux's coach today, who is the best NFC team....grin
  7. Laughing......I was on the edge of the sofa , thats for sure.....whew
  8. Who got the 'W'? If you are gonna do a trick play....at least do it right !! Go ask the Bux's coach who is in first place in the South Division. The Bux did play quite well,...but just not good enough today. We'll meet again in a few weeks.....we are gonna have to do something about Spurlock.....grin.....he has it in for the Falcons and those run back Kickoffs. keep smilin, olehippy13 ps....get the Bux's message board fixed....grin...I've got more pictures I'd like to upload....smilin
  9. its going to be a good game no doubt....I do think the Falcons will have to play smarter, harder, and always on the move. They are gonna have to curb any emotional play, and just play good no penalities football. Gonna be a good game again..... Thursday night. olehippy13
  10. It was a good game....Spurlock, mannn, he must have it in with the Falcons...we were the team he scored the Buc's first ever TD on a kickoff return.....and I'll be dang if he didnt do it again today. But..... A W is a W, no matter how the game was played....the Falcons did control every aspect of the game, but I think there is some much needed work to be done before Thursday night.....but I'm happy with the end results of today's game. Who sits in the numbah one spot now?? I ask this for the Bux's coach....grin. Turner had a great game, Matt had a good day.....the Falcons Won. keep smi
  11. Yes i was born in anniston, grew up in atlanta, basically around little five points. You, my friend have lot in common. Just click on my profile, and click on add as a friend.!

  12. grin..... NFL Football......Atl Falcons...... keep smilin, olehippy13
  13. Laughing....I'm glad to see you have a sense of humor, especially, over here on the Falcons board, ...oh, by the way, what happend to the Butts...er..ahh....I mean buc's message board??? I hope you can still laugh around 3pm Sunday.....grin..... But, I have to hand it to ya.....thats a good picture....still laughing. keep smilin, olehippy13
  14. how do I add you as a friend??

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