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  1. Lol yeah it keep saying post didn’t go through so I thought it didn’t. Had to delete 2 of them.
  2. I think we should start calling this defense player of the week maker defense. If they still have any pride in them it might make them start player a bit harder.
  3. We were down 3 possessions because each time Ari had the ball they scored on their first 5 drives! Yes Ari defense is trash but the Falcons defense is horse manure. Between the 2 defenses who had to work harder to get their offense? Ryan or Murray?
  4. 1. If they only hand out to player on winning team then perhaps they should change the name. 2. Apple and orange. How valuable can you be if your team didn’t win the SB? But you can be godly on offense worthy of most offensive player of the week even when your team didn’t win. Your team defense and it ability to stop the other team should not affect how your offense is viewed. If anything the lack of defense should make your offense even more worthy because you had less opportunities on offense. BTW, offensive and defensive awards like player of the year are not based on team record so I don’t see why player of the week does.
  5. The award is offensive player of the week, not offensive player of the week on a winning team.
  6. Freeman played well but I think he definitely could also play better. He missed some holes inside by not following his blockers and thus got less yards than he could have. One glaring one was where he didn't follow J. Brown to the left and ended up getting tackle a couple yards behind where Brown ended up. Not sure if that was a vision or new to the offense issue. Hopefully it's the latter.
  7. Agreed. No single play will dictate the outcome of a game. It's a cumulative of plays that either win or lose a game. That's how it has always been and will be. Anyone who pins a win or lose on a single play is just not being objective.
  8. Ryan is also one of a few QB that has higher QB Rating in the playoff than regular season, which is how I think we define as being clutch, or should be anyway. Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Brady, P. Manning, Big Ben, T. Romo, Luck, Rivers, and so on... all have lower QB Rating during the playoff than regular season. Some by 10 points or more. Only Ryan, Brees, Warner, Montana and Starr have higher QB Rating in the playoff than regular season. I guess you can throw Flacco in there too, but both his regular season and playoff QB Rating are so low compared to the rest that it's not really worth mentioning. I saw a few people on this board compared Rivers to Ryan as being counterpart. Well Ryan increased his QB Rating by 5 pts during the playoff while Rivers dropped his by 11 pts. Then there is the asinine comparison of Ryan to A. Dalton who wet the bed during the playoff by dropping his QB Rating by 30+ pts and never got above 70 QB Rating in any playoff game. Dalton has 1 TD and 6 int and Ryan has 20 TD and 7 int in the playoff is all you need to know. It is unbelievable how good Ryan has been for this team, but because the rest of the team is not up to part he shares the burden of the lack of success.
  9. Not sure about SB, but for playoff Ryan is #3 in passer rating behind Bart Starr(1st) and Kurt Warner(2nd) and right ahead of Brees(4th) and Rodgers(5th). On the other hand Brady is 14th behind Mark Sanchez(10th) and Tony Romo(12th). Guess you don't have to play that well to win when you have a HOF coach and a good/great defense most season.
  10. He is not elite because he can't carry the team would be what people think. They won't bother to look and see a historically bad defense. Of all the year following the Falcons I think this is the worse defense I ever seen, and the sad part is I don't think they are devoid of talents.
  11. 5 sacks, 2 ints, 2 fumbles recover, and 56% 3rd down allowed in 6 games. Beside the 3rd down part that would make for a good stats line for a PLAYER.
  12. This team defense has 5 sacks, 2 int, 2 fumbles recover, and allowed 56% of 3rd down conversion through 6 games. That is abyssal and put so much pressure on the offense to go out there to try and score pretty much on every possession. There is literally no margin of error for the offense.
  13. These are players that DQ wanted, and beside Neal who is hurt, everyone else is pretty much healthy correct? Last year there were a lot of injuries and the defense played better down the stretch. This year everyone is relatively healthy and the defense can't stop anyone. This is with Quinn getting the full FA, draft, training camp, etc... to work with. I don't see any reason to think that Quinn can do better than what he is doing now beside being lucky. I mean it's not like he had a lot of adversity to overcome this year.
  14. Deshaun Watson also came back to Earth after his historic performance against the Falcons by throwing 1 TD and 2 Int against the Chiefs.
  15. Wilson contract is more per year than Ryan and Mahomes new contract will break the bank when he gets it so I don't know where people get the idea that the Falcons are hamstrung with Ryan contract. Ryan contract is right where it supposed to be, and other team can still put a decent team around their QB so I don't know why it's so hard for the Falcons. Beside, doesn't matter about the talent if you can't coach.
  16. Brady also has a HOF coach for his entire career. Remember, the year where Brady missed the entire season Belichick still went 10-6, and the thing about the Patriot D is that Belichick always find a way to improve it as the season went along. I mean the guy turned WR into CB to play defense for him. Who else does that in the NFL?
  17. Of all the clutch kicks Bryant has made for this team I had no problem whatsoever on today missed XP. This season has been a total crap, and with the way the defense playing there is no light at the end of the tunnel. So what if it's another loss on a crappy season is the way I see it. I mean it's not like the defense didn't get another chance to show up after the missed XP either.
  18. This defense make any QB looks like A Rodgers in his prime.
  19. Worse win on that list was still by double digits, most of them were blown out.
  20. I think Ryan had a 144 QB Rating today, which I believe is quite close to the perfect 158 a QB can have, but sure let harp on the 8 yards incompletion instead. Lord knows the Falcons is the only team that needs the QB to play perfectly to have a chance to win a game.
  21. Deshaun Watson 30/42 280 yards 1 TD 2 int today also. I bet every QB wish they could face the Falcons every week.
  22. Opposing QB are completing more than 70% with 15/2 TD/Int and a QB Rating around 120 vs the Falcons this year. Can we fire the DC? Oh wait...never mind.
  23. Falcons already have a qualify backup QB on the team. It's Mohamed Sanu.
  24. Haha not taking side on TD but love some of them nicknames you came up with.
  25. You always hear how bad of a shape football players are in after the stopped playing. Glad to see White and Jenkins look fit and healthy, especially White since he took some vicious shots when he played.