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  1. Did you look at Dalton stats and compare it to Ryan before you make that comment, especially playoff stats? Here let me do it for you. Dalton 4 GS, 88/158 55.7% comp, 218.3 YPG, 1 TD, 6 int, 57.8 QB Rating. Ryan 10 GS, 237/351 67.5% comp, 267.2 YPG, 20 TD, 7 Int, 100.8 QB Rating Not only that as falconidae pointed out Ryan has been a part of multiple playoff wins and a SB appearance for this organization when Dalton has none for the Bengals. Ryan is not more or less like Dalton in term of production or contribution. It's a shame that even some Falcons fans can't see that let alone outsiders.
  2. There is also something to be say for rewarding hard work and dedication. As long as Ryan doesn't hang on too long when his skills have diminished to the point of detrimental to the team success(i.e. we are losing because of him) then I think he has earned the right to retire as a Falcons. Remember, before Ryan(and to some extent TD) this organization never had a back to back winning season. Ryan brought stability to the QB position along with winning and expectation where not making playoff every year is a major disappointment. Some year the expectation is even SB or disappointment. Not only that Ryan has also been a model player and teammate for the organization. Ryan never caused any embarrassment or controversy for the organization. Yes NFL can be a cruel business sometime, but sometimes you can also gain a lot more by rewarding some players who had done a lot for your organization as oppose to throwing everyone out when they no longer have any value to you. If nothing else it's just to give the perception that you are actually care about the players when the majority of the time you do not.
  3. So one minute the organization doesn't want him then the next it's unless something drastic happen he isn't going anywhere. That's like two end of the spectrum.
  4. Not sure if you quoted me by mistake or not but I wasn't concern about Ryan and his TO. Ryan can play perfectly in the first half of the season and the Falcons might win an extra game or two. Falcons didn't go 1-7 in the first half or 6-2 in the second half because of Ryan, and anyone who is being objective can see that. Ryan plays for the most part was pretty consistent throughout the year. If anything I thought he played slightly better during the 1-7 than 6-2.
  5. Ryan didn’t lead the league in int during the 1st half of the season. Crab legs Winston would never let anyone throws more int than he does. Besides, Ryan threw 3 picks against the Eagles and that was the only game the Falcons won so don’t talk about how Ryan int prevented them from winning. Most of Ryan int during that period was either miscommunication with receivers or late in game where he was taking chances because they were running out of time.
  6. This team was talented enough to go 6-2 and beat two 13-3 teams at their place. Oh yeah Ryan was the QB that leads them too. If it wasn’t for coaching or lack there of they would have made the playoff and had as good of a chance as any team to make it to the SB. Ryan contract, just like most other top tier QB in the game, has yet to hinder the Falcons from putting together a playoff caliber team. Only TD and DQ misjudgment of talents and injuries could do that.
  7. There isn't one that I can think of. Any past winning SB team has had at least a decent running game. Teams that rank near 30th in rushing usually don't make the playoff let alone winning the SB. On the other hand I can think of at least 1 team(Trent Dilfer and the Ravens) that might have had a bottom of the league passing and still won the SB.
  8. Chief didn’t win the SB due to QB plays. They won because they had a good team and their D kept them in the game. Put Maholmes performance onto the Falcons team and they would lose by double digits instead of won the SB. Ryan played almost perfect and Falcons still lost the SB so no chance they would have won with Maholmes plays in the SB.
  9. I think even some of Dan Reeves heavy TE drafts were better than that. That right there is ugly.
  10. The Falcons must have OC that hurts OL performance ever since they drafted Ryan then because it has been years since they had a good OL. Even under KS the line wasn't that good. BTW PFF had Falcons OL coming into the season ranked #22 and #24 by the end of the season so again only on this board do people actually think Falcons had a good OL with what they had coming into the season, 3 new starters, 2 of which were rookies.
  11. He either hasn't learned his lesson or that he can't admit he made a mistake. Neither one shines a good light on him.
  12. The narrative I have seen on this board is that the Falcons have a lot of talent at OL. One even suggested that they were a top 5 OL going into the season but because of DK that's why the OL played so poorly. That make me curious as to what exactly does an OL coach does if an OC has that much impact on the OL.
  13. It bothered me that KS said he doesn't believe that Falcons would have won that SB if he just called run instead of pass plays during those last few minutes of the game. That stubbornness and refusal to admit that he made a mistake does not make it any easier for me to let go of the fact that he and DQ toyed with Falcons fans emotion by showing us the SB then took it away. I did the math and had the Falcons kept running the ball after Freeman got stuffed then it would leave Pats with 2:18 sec or something like that with 1 timeout and being down 11(assuming Bryant made a chip shot FG). Could the Pats score 11 points in those time frame? Anything could happen but they would have to score quickly, get 2pts conversion, get an onside kick, and then score again. The odd of that happening is probably 0.01%.
  14. Ryan durability and consistency are what will get him into HOF imo. He is durable so he doesn't miss many games allowing him to rack up stats, and he has been consistently good every year which again allowing him to rack up stats. He also has some years where he was among the league leader in stats so on occasions he can be considered as the best QB in the game for that year. So he was good most years and great some years. To me that's a HOFamer.
  15. Better hands than Rice? I beg the differ.