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  1. If Ryan is unable to win a SB before he retired then I think he will be 2nd on this list behind Marino. Ryan career stats, especially playoff will show that he is better than pretty much everyone on this list with the exception of Marino(regular season only). Heck Ryan 100+ QB Rating in the playoff and a near perfect SB QB rating should put him #1 on this unfortunate list.
  2. Welcome to Atlanta coach Smith. Don't know too much about you, but everyone deserves initial support and be judged upon their body of works here.
  3. Man this thread is even worse than the I”ll Ryan straight up for Jake Locker thread.
  4. Falcons seems to make history left and right under Quinn, not the good kind though.
  5. I believe that Mr. Blank is a savvy business man. That is why it puzzled me that he brought back Quinn. I do not like Quinn as a HC, and I would imagine that most Falcons do not like him as a HC either. The team under Quinn has been extremely frustrating to watch, and in just two games so far the season is about to be ruined again. This losing culture with Quinn needs to be change or there won’t be interest in this team.
  6. Hopefully we are 1 step closer to having a different HC. That is the lone positive I took from this week.
  7. Lost interest in this team already after 2 games. Well done Quinn. You did the improbable sir.
  8. What? Where did you hear that? Here is the reported number of test. No one will be saying US has 83 mil of COVID cases.
  9. Did you ever go to the hospital for a flu? I never have and don't know anyone personally who did.
  10. That was due to contamination from a specific lab in NJ. The company(OPK) who are performing these test figured out the issue and rectified it. It's a very good thing it happened now as oppose during actual season.
  11. I think Football Outsiders had Falcons OL 10th run block and 23rd pass block in 2016 so I think it just a matter of who opinion you value more. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/offensive-line/2016
  12. Some of you keep forgetting that Ryan has won a MVP and is on pace to be one of the top statistical QB in NFL history and HOF. Rich man version of Jake Delhomme? Game manager? Hard to take you guys seriously as being impartial when you make comments like that.
  13. It could be that. It could also be some people don't always follow logic or have a different logic than other. Me personally I like Ryan. He did many great things for the organization, and while he has not been able to help bring a SB to the organization, I don't blame him for that. I think most people who are reasonable would be happy with someone who did a lot of great things even if he or she did not do everything you wanted.
  14. Unlike tennis or golf wins and losses in football are not controlled by individual. For the life of me I cannot understand why people cannot grasp that.
  15. Did you look at Dalton stats and compare it to Ryan before you make that comment, especially playoff stats? Here let me do it for you. Dalton 4 GS, 88/158 55.7% comp, 218.3 YPG, 1 TD, 6 int, 57.8 QB Rating. Ryan 10 GS, 237/351 67.5% comp, 267.2 YPG, 20 TD, 7 Int, 100.8 QB Rating Not only that as falconidae pointed out Ryan has been a part of multiple playoff wins and a SB appearance for this organization when Dalton has none for the Bengals. Ryan is not more or less like Dalton in term of production or contribution. It's a shame that even some Falcons fans can't s
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