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  1. Falcons already have a qualify backup QB on the team. It's Mohamed Sanu.
  2. Haha not taking side on TD but love some of them nicknames you came up with.
  3. You always hear how bad of a shape football players are in after the stopped playing. Glad to see White and Jenkins look fit and healthy, especially White since he took some vicious shots when he played.
  4. Last year Ravens game was the worse OL play I have ever seen by the Falcons and one of the worse by any team at any level. It was almost comical of how bad they played in that game. On some plays Ryan literally could not even finish his 5 or 7 steps drop before the rushes got to him.
  5. That looks like a screen pass to me. Lead him where? Further into the back field? Am I missing something?
  6. When I was growing up I was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. Matt Ryan must have been taught the same thing when he was growing up. I always thought that was a good advice. Too bad I don't hear that being reference much anymore though.
  7. Ryan has better playoff stats than Brady but his team is not as successful as Brady. Ryan had a 144 QB Rating and 0 TO in the SB which is almost perfect and still loss to Brady who had a 95 QB Rating and 1 Int. I think it's pretty clear which QB is winning more because on the team that he is on.
  8. You guys know who wants this thing to drag out as long as possible? Sean Payton. As long as people are talking about this non-call PI they will completely forget how Sean Payton mismanaged the clock and give the Rams enough time to tie up this game and winning in OT. Saints was 1st and 10 and Rams 13 with 1:58 sec left. Rams has 2 timeouts so if Saints ran the ball on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and kick the FG on 4th down then there would be around 1:58 - 5s(1st then Rams timeout) - 5s(2nd then Rams timeout) - 45s(3rd + clock run then Saints timeout) - 4s(FG) = 59 sec left for Rams and 0 timeout(someone check my math). Can the Rams move the ball and get in FG range with less than a min and 0 timeout? Absolutely, but it sure not going to be as easy as 1:41 sec and 1 timeout. That 1 timeout allowed the Rams to throw anywhere on the field as oppose to just the sideline.
  9. Agreed. Only having to endure the like of Billy Joe Tolliver, Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich, Kurt Kitner, Graziani, Doug Johnson, Danny Kanell, etc... can someone truly appreciate the greatness of Matt Ryan. Those QB I mentioned are just the truly horrible recent QB that Falcons fans had to endure. I did not include any of the earlier or the average QB like Steve Deberg, Bobby Hebert, Chris Redman, Matt Schaub, etc...when they played for the Falcons.
  10. Surely Saints fans cannot be surprised by that non-call PI. I mean they must be well familiar with them non-call PI watching Saints DB tackling receivers before the ball get there all season long.
  11. He was for about 5 or 6 years.
  12. Roddy was also a tough player who did not shy from contact. Matter of fact he rather enjoyed it. I seen Roddy took some vicious shots then got up and shake it off or laugh about it. Don't think we can said the same for Ridley though.
  13. Lol that's not fair. Roddy didn't have JJ and Sanu caliber receiver teammates when he was a rookie, and he had Vick throwing him the ball instead of Ryan. Not saying Roddy would have done better than Ridley this year when he was a rookie, but if the situation was reserve with the surrounding players when Ridley and Roddy were rookies then you might not have picked Ridley 10 out of 10 times. Roddy learned to be a pro the hard way on his own instead of from someone like JJ and Sanu.
  14. Falcons had 4 real drives in the 2nd half and the starting field for them were 20, 28, 1, and 20 yard line. That means the defense and special team didn’t do their job to give the offense better FoP. Then 3 of the 4 drives ended up in SF territory where they either turn the ball over or ended on down, 2 of which were already in FG territory and could easily be 6 pts. The 2 turnover are not something that the OC can control, and the drive that ended on down they had Harry Douglas wide open but he fell down otherwise he would have walked into the end zone. The only 3 and out was where the ball started on the 1 yard line which kind of limit how aggressive the play calling can be. So tell me again how DK is to blame for not scoring in the 2nd half? Also don’t forget that the offense also put up 24 pts in the 1st half where they scored 4 out of 5 drives. Could have score 3 of 4 or 5 drives in the 2nd half as well if they players have executed like they did in the first half instead of turning the ball over. Sometimes it is not so clearly if the coordinators are to blame or not, but clearly in this game DK is not to blame.