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  1. Hey guys trying to find a site to order Falcons checks and a checkbook. Someone said Suntrust bank offered them, but cannot find anything good yet.... thanks in advance
  2. I dont understand you guys! Since Smith has stepped in he has brought this team from garbage to one of the top teams in the NFL. WOW how spoiled can you get when after 5 seasons and no superbowl championship you act like times are horrible. If you want to blame Smith, go ahead he gets all the blame for the losses, but also the success.
  3. I am not sure what i am feeling! It is a good feeling mixed with a hint of OMG!!
  4. LoL you not too worried about this game i see. Lets wait until we have everything locked up before we start playing the back ups....
  5. then you have showed us all how smart you really are. Wow half the people on this board can step in and rush for 1000 yards this season? Man thats a bold statement!!
  6. Yea lets blame Smith for those 8 wins also!!!!
  7. We can not even respect each other or our team!! You guys are losing your mind over this teams first loss in WEEK #10!?!?!?! I am mad as heck, but as bad as we played today we still had a chance to win it in the end, and blew it. Remember this was a divisional game on the road in a very tough enviroment. Lets wait and see how we handle this team at home in a few weeks, before we burn down the dome. They got timid in the 1st half and the 3 and out showed it, but something i saw (unlike in the past seasons) we got back on track, and came back and did not lay down and die. If you feel at 8-1 this
  8. Not true! We beat ourselves, Saints were not a issue....
  9. So true!! I am mad as heck because we lost this game IMO we were not beaten by the Saints..... We had it and let it go......
  10. same old same old i see..... We will be fine, we aint going 19-0 so better to lose in November then in January.....
  11. The offense tighening up in the 1st half is what cost us. It was New York all over again
  12. Our offense lost this one sorry. He played scared late in the 1st half, and the 3 and outs showed it. Our defense played good vs the Saints IMO. I mean you are NOT going to shut them down 100%. Good sign we got it on track in 2nd half, for a while it was just like New York in the playoffs.....
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