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  1. If you're taking it that serious you need, "Boxing lessons... dancing lessons... and falling down lessons" - Muhammad ali
  2. They also don't know how it feels to have the largest choke on sports history. We just better gear the **** up next year or else we'll be handing the division right back over after 1 year, when they won it 3.
  3. Cam Newton said this after taking flak for his Super Bowl press conference. It hey it's true
  4. Not enough of a difference to really matter. Put Julio on the Bengals and you get similar results and vice versa.
  5. That comment would have made much more sense maybe 2 years ago. Maybe
  6. Why should mods ban people for having an opinion on a message board. That is kinda what its here for.
  7. Along with another pathetic knee jerk response. Again, I don't agree with every point made by the Original Poster, but its not 100% knee jerk to question if Matt Ryan is worth 100 Million dollars.
  8. I somewhat agree about Ryan. He's the kind of Quarterback where a LOT has to be right in order for him to be successful. There's no shame in that. However, he's paid like a QB where NOTHING has to be going right in order for him to be successful. If we put salary aside Ryan is a decent to good QB. (I always said he's BASICALLY Tony Romo) However, in the real world you CAN'T put salary aside because it could be used to pay multiple people who could help you. Anyway, people may say the OP is jumping the gun. However, you're guilty of the same sin if you can't see at least SOME validity in the statements made.
  9. He was indeed, in which case its fair to compare the QB's if they are paid the same. In fact since we're talking about Romo 2 things 1. Romo = Ryan 2. Its fair to compare ALL of them
  10. Matt Ryan is basically Tony Romo. These last two games the team had a chance to stay alive and what does he do? He basically trashed this season by himself to be honest. He's not a HORRIBLE QB by any stretch but he is a choke artist if everything isn't going right.
  11. I'm not debating the worth of a franchise QB. What I'm saying is that calling Romo a franchise QB is a very slippery slope. Believe it or not his playoff record is actually BETTER than Ryan's. Again, I know its a team game and people tend to talk about QB's like they are boxers with the power to KO the opposition by themselves, but QB is the most important position in sports. When I look at a QB's Playoff record and it bad I'm looking for MISTAKES that he made to lose it. As good as Tony Romo is during the regular season he has made some MONSTER mistakes in crunch time, and to a lesser degree so has Matt Ryan. Sure you pay Flacco 20 mil per season, and Manning......but to put Ryan and Romo in that conversation is again, a very slippery slope.
  12. Which is basically my point. Or, lets look at it this way. You can, but you can't come back and then say that in addition to giving Ryan a pass, you're also going to pay him MORE than Romo made (who was overpaid). That's complete nonsense.
  13. I'm with Donnovan on this one ("Wow really, with 1 playoff win?) so I'm not so sure Matt get a TON more if the front office is smart. Here's the goals for a franchise in order of importance. 1. Win a Superbowl 2. Win Playoff Games 3. Everything else Football is a team game but Romo and Matt have made crucial mistakes and ultimately are 2-7 combined in the playoffs....just sayin'
  14. Right, so, I'm going to do you a favor and let you get some rest, you've had a long day, lol. Flacco is just good and in the morning after you had some time to cool off you'll probably see that as well. I have confidence in you. This will be my last reply, for the night because you really do need to sleep this one off. Good chat.
  15. Never said you called me an idiot, but since you clearly can't read you just called yourself an idiot. I however, wouldn't be that harsh on you. You're not an idiot, you're just butt hurt that Flacco just won a Superbowl after you spend your Sunday evening rooting against him.
  16. Right because a typo is certified proof that a person is an idiot. You might want to step outside and get some fresh air. Put a little water on your face that isn't tears.
  17. There's a reason why pretty much every sensible Falcons fan is disagreeing with you. Give credit where credit is due. Its part of being a man.
  18. Of coarse he is because he plays for the Falcons. What idiot wouldn't understand that? lmao What's that? Flacco just won Superbowl MVP after a flawless run in the playoffs? who cares he's not a Falcon.
  19. Right, because how dare I use the word probably in your presence. You are not very smart, and I am sorry for you.
  20. Says the guy who refuses to actually read. I said regular season and I said probably better. But hey why read when you can just make straw man arguments, lmao.
  21. That third down pass to Boldin was classic Superbowl moment. Imagine if he had fumbled the snap.... just sayin
  22. MVP of the Superbowl Joe Flacco "Joe Cool" colder than ice.
  23. I am not implying that you said that the defense was garbage but I'm saying that the consensus seems to be that the defense was bad this year and it wasn't.
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