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  1. I was a little surprised that the Falcons didn't go after a rush-OLB type in the draft, like a Chris Rumph. Perhaps they liked some of those guys but felt comfortable that some of the existing players on the roster will and/or shine under Pees. Who do you expect, if anyone, to have a meteoric rise in play and recognition around the league?
  2. I could see it, but only if a Julio trade would seem inevitable. If not, I would prefer a trade down if anyone was interested. TF has alluded to getting players that can impact right away. He would be the 4th or 5th passing option on the team with Julio.
  3. I won't be upset with Javonte at 35, unless a guy like JOK is still there. Javonte is probably my favorite RB in this class, but I also think Trey Sermon is a perfect fit in ATL.
  4. I changed my mind.... any WR except Rod Tidwell. That guy has heart... and the kwan.
  5. An opposite thread of who do you want. Who would make you mad? Who would make you have to take some deep breaths and step away from the keyboard so that you weren't banned? At 35, If TF picks any QB not named Davis Mills, (and if he wants to go QB, I prefer trading down first.) Any WR.
  6. I'm expecting a trade down to add a mid-rounder. Would love to end up with Richie Grant or a starting edge or OL.
  7. We need to know his number so jerseys can be bought ASAP.
  8. Death, taxes, and Falcon fans pissed about who was drafted.
  9. I honestly can't hate on the guy who got us Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and was GM for the "winningest" era in Falcons history. He made mistakes, had his weaknesses, but better coaching in critical moments, and the Falcons would have a trophy or two.
  10. https://twitter.com/ZazzyJets/status/1383484896421629952?s=20 Fun #NFLDRAFT exercise: Draft a full 22 players. You can select 2x 1st round picks 3x 2nd round picks 4x 3rds 5x 4ths 6x 5ths The rest 6th or 7th rounders Indicate what round Offense QB RB LT LG C RG RT WRX WRY WRZ TE Defense EDGE DT DT EDGE WILL MIKE SAM CB FS SS CB
  11. Perfect spot to trade down a few slots and add a mid-round pick, then go BPA on board at CB, S, EDGE, or OL.
  12. Trey Lance QB North Dakota St. Davis Mills QB Stanford Jamie Newman QB Wake Forest Trey Sermon RB Ohio St. Rhamondre Stevenson RB Oklahoma Khalil Herbert RB Virginia Tech Jermar Jefferson RB Oregon St. Kenneth Gainwell RB Memphis Kyle Pitts TE Florida Alex Leatherwood OL Alabama Landon Dickerson OL Alabama Aaron Banks OL Notre Dame Quinn Meinerz OL UW-Whitewater Wyatt Davis OL Ohio St. Kendrick Green OL Syracuse David Moore OL Grambling Carlos Basham EDGE Wake Forest Jason Oweh EDGE Penn St. Jordan Smith EDGE UAB Charles Snowden EDGE Virginia Chris Rumph EDGE Kentucky Daelin Hayes EDGE Notre Dame Asante Samuel Jr. CB Florida St. Trill Williams DB Syracuse Richie Grant S UCF Jevon Holland S Oregon Jamien Sherwood S Auburn Derrick Forrest Jr. S Cincinnati JaCoby Stevens S LSU Grant Stuard LB Houston Tie breakers: A. TE, S, OL, RB B. 2nd C. 1st D. Safety
  13. In 2012 I really believe we win the SB if we get past SF. Falcons defense really played well against pocket QBs that year.
  14. TD has produced a SB winning caliber team. Not his fault that Shanahan and Quinn didn't bleed the clock in the fourth quarter.
  15. "Probably would have been available..." Based on what info? Media sites that were clearly wrong having Terrell as a 2nd Rounder? Terrell had fallen below his grade according to Sean Payton. Raiders wanted him at 19. This happens every year where X player was a reach but come to find out teams were higher on the player than the consensus of draft sites. Could the Falcons guarantee signing Hofrichter in Free Agency? They wanted him badly enough not to chance that. He will probably play longer for the Falcons than any other 7th rounder picked by TD, even Kemal Ishmail. I don't get why taking a specialist in Round 7 if he is your guy is a big deal given that the really good ones are going to be very high priority and the likelihood of position players sticking is slim.
  16. I realize that numbers are normally a shade better at pro days, but IIRC he added 5 inches to his vert and 9 inches to broad jump. Possibly one of those guys that just had a really, really bad day at the combine that didn't accurately reflect his athleticism. Reports from his pro day were that he looked much better and that would be my guess as to why he went Round 1.
  17. He did, because of speed. Had those three in Tier 1. Also talked about Dabo putting that man on an island most of his career.
  18. You weren't the only one. I called it, barring a trade up, but I also saw the reports of Terrell being much higher on draft boards than in the media. Chris Simms had a good take on why Terrell was a tier above everyone not named Okudah and Henderson. I know people see film and interpret it differently but I put more stock into people who played or worked in the NFL and those that coach football than media pundits. It was a great pick, IMO. I didn't do much research onto Marlon Davidson, even though the Falcons had expressed interest, so I was expecting someone like Neville Gallimore or Madubuike at 47.
  19. https://twitter.com/Andy_Benoit/status/1256224063963480064?s=20
  20. Played for Whitt in Green Bay. Whitt probably likes him and suggested him to Atlanta.
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